Chapter 28:

Chapter 28- Turmoil In The Legendary Oskata

Sorrow Dayz

He replied. "Hey! "He did help us" Enjo said. "I did help, and tried to stop them" Yuuta said. "Humph your help is equal to just standing there and breathing." Tasyoukee replied. "Let’s take this outside!" Yuuta said. "Fine!" "He replied." 

They both went outside then Enjo followed them closing the door silently. As the sun was rising Yuuta and Tasyoukee were still arguing, and Enjo tried to tell them to both calm down they are going to wake the elders up. No one seemed to care but Enjo, so the two ran at each other still arguing, and Yuuta punched Tasyoukee. Tasyoukee returned the favor punching him in his gut. Then Yuuta tackled Tasyoukee to the ground they were rolling and turning punching each other in the face. 

Yuuta rolled on top of him punching his face over and over. Then Tasyoukee grabbed under Yuuta's armpits and took his left leg and kicked Yuuta off the top of him then Tasyoukee said "your pitiful you don’t even have art why the hell are you apart of this class anyway?" "I know you love Megumi, but you’ll never have her over me." 

"I know that’s how you trigger you art" Yuuta said. "Ohh so that’s how" Enjo said. "Shut up fool!" Tasyoukee exclaimed. "You want to talk about my art fine then I’ll show it to you." He said. "No you wouldn’t?" Enjo asked. "He wants to fit in with the tough guys, humph let’s just see how really tough you are." Tasyoukee said.

 So Tasyoukee closed his eyes and activated his art, then opened them and he had a pair of Cheetsow Ku Yai fighting gloves they were white. "Your tough c’mon show me" as Tasyoukee walked toward Yuuta. Yuuta closed his eyes and said "please Hushur lend me your strength." 

Yuuta felt this fiery strike up his arms, then then he felt the blood in his veins were boiling he opened his eyes. He had blue lines on his arms in the place anyone’s normal veins would be. Then shaped around  his hands look like blue Cheetsow Ku Yai gloves. Now it’s Yuuta who started walking towards Tasyoukee. "Wait you guys you don’t have to do this" Enjo said. "You both are very important to this group."

 "It’s too late for that" Yuuta said. Tasyoukee then took this very diligent fighting stance he’s been working on. He then lunged at Yuuta hitting him on the left cheek with a jab, then right cheek jab, and then uppercut to his chin. Yuuta's head flew upwards from the uppercut when he brought it back down his nose was bleeding. "You guys" Enjo pleaded. "That’s the best you got?" Yuuta asked. With a surprising right hook.

 He knocked Tasyoukee to the ground his lip had a little blood dripping. So Tasyoukee flipped back up and hit him rapidly left hand punch to the gut right punch to the gut, and he kicked him to the gut. Stumbling backwards Tasyoukee’s goes in for a knockout with another uppercut, but he missed. 

Yuuta's head down with his hands in front of his face his eyes looked at Tasyoukee, and he smirked. Next he side stepped Tasyoukee moving his left foot behind Tasyoukee’s foot and he punched Tasyoukee right in his jaw falling to the ground. 

"I’m still not impressed" Tasyoukee said. So Tasyoukee flipped up once more. This time he had a plan he ran at Yuuta and he faked a down low sweep kick, he indicated it by going down low trying to sweep him. Yuuta put his hands down low leaving everything else open for discussion. So when Tasyoukee swept down, he had his right arm down and he then tried to uppercut Yuuta again. 

He succeeded the plan worked, but had no effect Tasyoukee looked at Yuuta and he couldn’t believe it. His hand connected with his chin still there. Yuuta just cracked his neck turning his neck.

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