Chapter 1:


The shadows of the 8 Million Gods

I, the subject Aki Tsukiakari, report to you:

“Here is a story which to the gods I bear witness that it happened in truth. Like every legend, it had a beginning and this one I will tell you plus the rest of the story told by its protagonists will be. Now then, I will start".

It all began in a small town, a small town with few inhabitants plus a dark and tenebrous past hidden. There a great and noble family ruled everyone, its name was Akae and with an iron fist controlled everything.

Men and women lived in normal houses, but this noble family resided in a great temple. Temple to all the kami, temple of respect and prayer. Receiving offerings from all the population even the great emperor of our entire nation.


This story takes us to a full moon night, a winter night....

In the sky there were no clouds, all were stars and the imposing moon. But it was not just any night because someone would be born who would change everything. Shizu, wife of the Kane priest Akae rested on the ground while great pains ran through her body.

The light of that imposing moon illuminated the entire colossal temple and all the people of the village that surrounded it waiting for news of the great priest Akihiko, head of the Akae family and lord of all the surrounding territories.

As the tradition of this family commanded since they began to rule, the common people at the gates of the temple would wait for news to be received.

While the people were waiting for news, Shizu stood with her husband. A great couple they appeared to be, they never argued, never fought but that a black and sad truth was hidden from everyone.

Kane, as the husband he was, held his wife's hands tightly, crying out of concern for what might happen to his wife and baby. On the other hand, on the other side and staring at her with a grumpy air was the great priest Akihiko, who, despite being 70 years old, still maintained all his physical and mental faculties, which allowed him to continue to perform his duties as leader of the Akae.

Like all of them, he had white hair and blood-red eyes. The only thing that set him apart from the rest of the blood members of the family was his ability as head priest, as he was able to talk to the spirits of the other world, or at least that is what the legends told.

A scream startled and alarmed everyone in the room. Akihiiko himself, so distant and insensitive, became worried for a moment. Soon both priests began to say prayers to the gods of health that Shizu and the baby would be well. It was to be Kane's first child and neither of them wished for any misfortune to happen.

Such was the cry that echoed throughout the temple until it reached the entrance where all the members of the village were concentrated. These people upon hearing the magnitude of the cry did not hesitate to pray to the gods so that she would be well because they knew that if Akihiko got angry bad things would happen to everyone.

Returning to the room where Shizu was, in which now reigned a deep and complete silence, one could barely hear the sound of the candles being consumed by the flames. However, this comforting silence did not last long as another scream from Shizu invaded the room.

Kane, already desperate because he did not know what was going to become of the life of his wife and son, knelt and began to pray even more prayers to the gods, such was the surprise for both because the gods had heard him.

A great cry began to invade the room mingling with Shizu's cries of pain and suffering. The child had just been born.

Kane and Akihiko quickly helped the child to come out from inside them, but the big surprise that neither of them expected was that it was not a boy, it was a sweet girl that had been born.

Akihiko was horrified to see that it was not a boy but a girl and began to curse to the heavens as he went to his personal prayer temple. While this was happening, Kane was holding his newborn daughter who was still unnamed.

She, like all newborns, opened her eyes and, Kane upon seeing his daughter's eyes was shocked, so much so that screaming he said:

“Father! Please come here!

Akihiko, startled by the shouting decided to go back into the room to see what was going on.

“Kane, what's going on!”

“Father, is it true that in our family only men inherit our eye color, right?”

“Yes son, why do you ask?”

“Look at my newborn daughter, I beg you!”

Akihiko without understanding what was happening, he looked at the eyes of the newborn, and without being able to believe it, he said: "Impossible!

“Impossible, this is impossible, she is a woman, she is a woman, and she has inherited the power of the Akae!”

“Father, what should we do?”

“Son, before us we have something that has never happened since our family line began, I need you and your wife to take care of her as best you can, she may be the great future of our family.”

“Yes father, if you wish I will”

“Tell your wife to give her a name, a unique name.”

So, Kane approached Shizu who was resting on the floor and whispered in her ear and asked what name his daughter should have.

“Shiori, her name will be Shiori.”

“Great name dear, now please rest, I will take care of our beautiful Shiori. And as for you, Father, I hope the name will be to your liking.”

“Worthy name for my successor, now yes, I retire to pray for your dear daughter to find a husband worthy of her position and to achieve something in life.”

And that was how the legend began... But this last thing I have just told you may not be true because I have only written what other people have told me. Now yes, the legend has just begun....

Joe Gold