Chapter 1:

My Favorite Otome game

Who will the Villainess choose?


I woke up screaming. All I could see in front of my eyes was a soft bed and a luxurious room. A place that was so different from my small condo.

"I… definitely"

Died. I had died.

I could still remember the pain that I had felt when the truck had hit me while I was crossing the road. My whole attention was on my phone. I was at such a crucial point where the male lead killed his fiance and decided to be with me.

Though I felt bad for the girl, she bullied me a lot in the game, so I was somewhat satisfied and delighted that I was finally going to get my destined kiss. I was so immersed in it. That I did not notice the truck at all. It hit me straight and I flew like a dried leaf in the air and fell at a distance.

It was a frightening and terrifying memory. I trembled without realizing, feeling the way my blood filled the streets, my death was full of gore. What was more was the feeling of fear. But how?

‘Was all that a dream?’ I thought but the pain felt so real. And I could still feel the pain in my legs. I looked down only to see a white silky nightgown, which I was sure I never owned.

I gently held it with a fearful hand and looked at my legs. There was a scar, a cut mark on the thighs where the tree branch had hit me. Then why was it here now? I was sure I never had any other incident to have a mark there.

Did that mean, I really had faced that catastrophe? But then where was i? It was not looking like the hospital in any form.

But what if all this is a dream, I touched the silk mattress, the touch definitely felt real. But to be more certain I pinched myself hard. "Aah". I felt the pain and the red mark formed on my fair skin. It was now certain that I am alive. But then where was i? And how was I able to move so easily?!

As I opened the white curtains of the bed, I noticed the carpet embroidered with a silver sword. I also saw a full-length mirror whose edge was decorated with silver with the emblem I will never forget. It was the same emblem that I have seen in the game for months.

Yes! That's when I remember it was the palace of the duke where antagonist Akira lives in the game! But what was I doing here?!! It felt strange yet familiar. I got out of bed and looked around.

Taking a deep breath, I approached the silver mirror that was shining in the sunshine. By looking at the face of the girl, to say that I was shocked would be an understatement. Her golden hair was curled down to her back and her green eyes looked back at me.

Obviously it was Erica, the villainess of the otome game whom the male lead had killed her to be with me. The girl who had died at the same time when I died. And I was even happy at her death! Then how in the world did I turn into her!. Her eyes, facial expressions and body are slightly different from what I remember about herself in my memory. It looks like she was a young version of the girl I remembered. Probably around 15 or 16.

I still could not believe it so I moved my hands, legs, I even tried to make various faces in front of the mirror. But each time the girl reacted in the same way as I moved. My happiness to be alive again went away like a deflated balloon.

I sat on the chair as I continued to look around and assess the situation further. So somehow, when we both died together. I took her place! Did that mean she took my place too! I shook my head as there was no way to confirm that. I am stuck in this otome game now! And worse i was the evil fiancee that would be killed when the main protagonist would come in the game!

I did not know anymore whether I should be happy that I was alive or should I cry that I was going to die again, that also more brutally!

How much time had passed when I heard the footsteps. A young girl entered and when she saw me sitting on the chair, her steps halted and she looked at me with a pale face and shocked eyes.

"Go.. good morning, my lady. I apologise for coming late, I did not know that you were already awake."

"Lina?" She was the maid that always followed the side character and became the cannon fodder of every incident.

I gazed at the brown-haired girl with wide eyes. So, all the characters that were in the game were alive too. And that also looks so realistic.

“I apologise, my lady. I did not hear you at all” her body was shivering and her face was pale. But I still could not believe that she was standing in front of me. She was! She was alive! She could speak like everyone! Like me!!!!

I moved unconsciously and pinched her cheek.

“Aahhh” the girl screamed but then her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with the back of her hand. Her eyes filled with tears and her skin turned red but she still kept silent.

I felt apologetic for my actions but I was too delighted to know that she was real. If she was real then others too.. Andrew too! I looked at walls and touched them, furnitured everything like I was seeing everything for the first time. Soon other maids come in hearing her scream. And I moved and touched them too. Someone’s hair, someone’s nose, one’s clothes, another's hand.. I continued to pinch and rub and touch a few times until I was satisfied that it was not a dream.

I could see the confusion and horror on their faces. They were even sure that I had finally lost my mind completely because of all the burden and work pressure.

But all I could feel was the fact that Andrew was real too and he would be nearby.

I was just about to kiss him when I died. Call me a fool but I still want that kiss! With that thought, the spark in me was born again and I stood up from my seat with new motivation.

“Lina, prepare the bath for me and take out my best dress. I want to go out.” I replied with a new energy.

"Ah, yes my lady, I apologise for my indolence, my lady." And with that, she bowed and scurried away.

I looked at her running and mused, If I would behave nicely to her now, would she be more suspicious.

Once alone, I looked back at the mirror, my skin looked fair and soft. That wasn't at all possible in reality with all the pollution and hard work I used to do. Akira was the most beautiful and alluring anime ever created and so was Andrew. That was why the otome game was so famous. They both were engaged but Andrew fell in love with the player that Akira could not digest, so she planned a mercenary attack on the player. Not only the player would be saved but Akira would lose her life by killing brutally.

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