Chapter 2:

Who is the crazy one?

Who will the Villainess choose?

I looked at the beautiful blue dress that I was wearing. I was adorned with sapphires and rubies, so that it would sparkle under the sunlight. A magical gemstone was crushed and its powder was sprinkled over me. I was shining like a Tinker bell and glowing more than a goddess. I was perfect in every way.Bookmark here

I was jealous to accept but Akira had all the looks and she was one of the smartest girls of the empire. So much so that her father had already trusted her with most of the work related to dutchy. Even when she was still in the last year of academy. She spent the rest of the time handling the matters of the business and her estate.Bookmark here

Everyone admired Akira and that had made her haughty. She had so much pride, and independence that she never behaved like those soft girls who cried when they got minor scratches and needed assistance for everything. Bookmark here

But this behavior had made her relationship with the crown prince strained. Since she did not give him enough time and never talked romantically. In fact, she had a hard time explaining her feelings to him. She was too rigid to be a girl and that is why the player took her place.Bookmark here

But now that I know about all this and what kind of girl the crown prince likes, I would be his perfect fiance. With that thought I gave myself a last look in the mirror and walked out of my chamber.Bookmark here

There was a vibrant smile on my face all the time in the carriage. We took the magical tower teleportation to cover the distance of two days in an hour. I was so excited and nervous while walking inside the grand palace.Bookmark here

Though I have been dating the crown prince for months and we were even about to kiss. It was a virtual experience, meeting him in reality would be far more breathtaking. I rubbed my sweaty palms on my dress and I walked towards the majestic door that led me to a vast garden which could cover a whole town.Bookmark here

The grandeur of the palace was 100 times more when I saw it in reality but not on the virtual screen. It was decorated with carving and painting with rare gemstones. I have never seen anything like that in reality. So I stopped and started marveling the paintings.Bookmark here

The men in the paintings were all robbed in luxurious clothing and looked so regal that I was charmed. I was so immersed in observing everything that I could not control my emotions. Bookmark here

All the maids and servants looked at me with surprise and with mockery. Bookmark here

“My lady, my lady, lady Akira '' my aide tried to call me multiple times when i finally realized that he was referring to me.Bookmark here

I must be looking like a villager who had first time seen such a magnificent palace and those rare magical gemstones that glow when we walked or helped in other things I did not have any idea about. I should have read the details while playing the game.Bookmark here

I cleared my throat and tried to mimic the haughty expressions of Akira, and then looked at the aid who had called me.Bookmark here

“What is it?” I asked in a sharp tone. I was elated when I sounded just like Akira or else I was sure they all would be suspicious.Bookmark here

The man shivered hearing my annoyance filled voice and bowed..Bookmark here

“No.. nothing, my lady. I thought there was some problem when you stopped in your tracks and started looking at the walls intensely. Is there something I could help you with?” he asked, trying to sound submissive.Bookmark here

“Of course, I was looking at the wall in astonishment. I could not believe that the walls of the palace were full of dust. I have not expected this much laziness from the staff of the royal palace. You really amazed me” my voice and words were enough to leave him dumbfounded.Bookmark here

I moved away, leaving the speechless man right there.Bookmark here

Tsk tsk.. What was he expecting? Shall i say that i was amazed with the grandeur of the palace so i was immersed in its beauty!Bookmark here

As I moved further, a maid bowed her head and greeted me.Bookmark here

“Welcome to the palace my lady, are you here to meet the crown prince?” She asked me politely and I nodded.Bookmark here

“Yes, i am here to meet my fiance.'' I replied with a blank face like always but butterflies were dancing inside my heart. I was having a hard time standing normally when all I wanted was to run and have my awaited kiss.Bookmark here

“Would you please come with me to the parlor room and wait there. I shall send the other maid to inform his highness that you are here.” I nodded at her words, since I knew it was a normal procedure.Bookmark here

Most of the time we need to take appointments to meet higher nobles since they were not at the palace all the time. And even if they were, they were mostly busy. I was so thrilled that I forgot that. Moreover I was going to be his wife, so this interference should not be much.Bookmark here

I was taken to a large room which was colored in gold and red. It had the roaring lions carved in the walls that was the emblem of the royal family. The mahogany furniture was also covered with gold fur and other things were leather giving it a regal charm.Bookmark here

I was on the sofa comfortably when a few maids entered with all sorts of food assortment and filled the whole table. The snacks are enough to feed more than 20 people.Bookmark here

I felt watery just by looking at the meal. My last meal was in the morning before dying with the truck. Since Clyde was going to take time, why not indulge myself in the food till then.Bookmark here

But then suddenly the thought passed my mind that the food was not real! After all, it was a game! So shouldn't the food be nothing but a holograph. But then the characters seem to be real..Bookmark here

I was in a dilemma but the hunger got the better of me and I decided to taste it first. I took the cup of tea with some hesitation.Bookmark here

The tea was warm just like it used to be. I took a small sip and it was the best tea I have ever had. The breakfast was sumptuous. With all the variety of bread, cakes, sweets, eggs, salads. Oh! How much I missed it.Bookmark here

All the three maids were looking at her with widened eyes. All the hairs of their body were standing. 'didn't Duchess always eat only a bit of food, that also very gracefully? Now she is wolfing the food like a person who is hungry for ages. And her hand movements were also very fast. Not only that the smile on her face was.. it was looking real'Bookmark here

I looked at the dumbfounded girls staring at me. Okay, I agree, I ate a bit fast but I was hungry. Would they keep staring at me, for everything I do now?Bookmark here

I was getting irritated but controlled my best and mustered a smile. But all the maids just blinked, like they couldn't believe their eyes.Bookmark here

Irritated, I frowned and they all gave a triumphant smile. 'And they call me crazy,' I exclaimed and cleared my throat.Bookmark here

They looked embarrassed when I looked back at them. And scattered around.Bookmark here

In the meanwhile I heard footsteps and looked towards the door. My eyes shone when I saw Andrew entering the parlor room.Bookmark here

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