Chapter 1:

The Van

Is it wrong to feel afraid?

My name is Kagui Itushima, i'm a 16 year old student at Tsusuki high. I live with my mom, Izura Itushima.

It was a day like any other, i was walking home from school when i see a white van pull up to a classmate of mine. Before i could think the vans doors were flung open, out ran two men dressed in black clothing and ski masks. My eyes widened as i realised what was going to happen. Before i knew it i had started running. With no plan at all. But i couldn't make it, they drove off. I pulled my phone up and dialed 110.

Operator: 110, whats your emergency?

Me: I just wittnesed a kidnapping on 2110 Fuku street. I saw part of the license plate. 
Operator: Officers have been dispatched, could you tell me the license plate?
Me: Uh, it was WLO6 and i couldn't see the rest please hurry!
Operator: Please stay on the line until the officers arrive.
Me: Yes, of course.

*Officers & Paramedics arrive at the scene*
Detective ?: My name is Kiri Isai, i will be leading this investigation. I have some questions for you.
Me: O-of course, whatever you need.
Detective Isai: Did you see what they look like?
Me: No but i did see the c-clothing they had on.
Detective Isai: What did they have on?
Me: Full b-black clothing and ski masks.
Detective Isai: Can you describe the van?
Me: it was a white van with, uh w-with, damnit why can't i remember?
Detective Isai: Its normal to not remember, well take you down to the station for further questioning.
Me: Detective Isai?
Detective Isai: Yes?
Me: Promise me you'll find her.
Detective Isai: I wish i could.

*The next day*
*turns on TV*
Reporter: Yesterday at 17:30 a highschool student named Miyu Kiara was kidnapped by an unknown orginazation, we advise everyone to stay inside during the night. If u have any information please call 110.

Kagui spent his day trying to get information about the kidnapping, since he was the only witness the information was limited to him. He started to feel like he was going insane. He went out to sooth his mind. He thought it would be a good idea to get some ice cream so he went to a convenience store, When he stepped inside a man in a ski mask was robbing the place, he managed to hide before the robber saw him. He dialed 110.
Operator: 110, whats your emergency?
Me: A convenience store is being robbed at 2210 Fuku street.
Operator: I'm dispatching units, stay on the line.
Me: Sorry can't do that.
*Line disconnects*
Kagui picked up a rock and threw it inside, the robber looked around suprised but saw no one. Kagui ran through the open doors and tackled the robber, the robber freaked out and pulled the trigger of his gun. luckily no one was hit. Kagui bent the robbers finger until it cracked and took his gun, he pointed it at the robber and fired the weapon. The bullet hit the robber dead in the middle of his head ultimately killing him. 

Kagui ran.
End of chapter 1 

Joe Gold