Chapter 11:

A Bad Premonition

Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

It was now the end of June.Bookmark here

It was night when a person wandered around in Shibuya. He wore a hoodie, a face mask and a cap on his head to make him unrecognizable. His destination was by no means a place which should be found out by the public. Therefore, he nervously looked around to see if anyone was following him.Bookmark here

The person proceeded to walk stealthy into an alley in the shopping district of Shibuya. With no one following, he went on and turned after each corner as if he was in a maze.Bookmark here

After a while, the shady person finally arrived at his destination. In front of him was a small run down factory.Bookmark here

Still sweating nervously, he took one final breath to calm down and then entered it.Bookmark here

The interior of the building was also messy and dusty. There was a big graffiti of an owl at the wall which faced the entrance. Aside from the moon light, there was no other light source that would illuminate this place which made this place feel more ominous.Bookmark here

As he walked to the center of the building he recognized the presence of other people at the back of the factory.Bookmark here

There was a small group of persons looking like delinquents whose identities could not be seen due to the moon light not reaching their bodies.Bookmark here

Even though almost everyone was standing, there was one person who sat on a big couch alone.Bookmark here

“State your name.” a person from the group commanded.Bookmark here

Obeying the order, the shady person took of his cap and his face mask to reveal his face. With those removed, he made his dyed blonde slicked back hair visible as well as the nervousness on his face.Bookmark here

“I am Kirisaki Ken.” he stated.Bookmark here

“Kirisaki Ken?”Bookmark here

“Ain't that some big shot?”Bookmark here

“Who cares?”Bookmark here

Following Ken's introduction, many people in the group started to talk among themselves.Bookmark here

“Shut your mouths!” a person yelled.Bookmark here

“So, what does the next heir of the great Kirisaki Conglomerate want from us, 'The Owls of Tokyo'?” he continued.Bookmark here

With a now nervous grin, Ken made a demand to the group.Bookmark here

“How about a deal?”Bookmark here

Then, the next day at school.Bookmark here

It was lunch time when Kazuma decided to take a nap on his seat.Bookmark here

“Hey, wake up! Let's go grab something to eat in the cafeteria with Emma!” Yui said while shaking his shoulder to wake him up.Bookmark here

“Don't mind me. I'm too tired...” Kazuma replied with a sleepy voice before dozing off again.Bookmark here

“Geez... Fine, then! I will go with her alone!” Yui said with a pouting face as she turned her back on him and walked out of the classroom.Bookmark here

As an honor student, Kazuma had to pay attention to class and be diligent when taking notes. However, even he had some days when he was too exhausted from school so he would occasionally take a nap during lunch.Bookmark here

Today, however, he was even more exhausted than usual as he still was pondering about how and when he would tell Yui about his circumstances due to this matter being even more complicated to explain as Kazuma initially thought.Bookmark here

Even though weeks passed since Kazuma announced to her that he would tell her everything, Yui, who was still patiently waiting, did not pressure him because she knew it was a topic for Kazuma which required a lot of willpower to explain.Bookmark here

Every time, he tried to tell her, the words were stuck in his throat.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Bam.Bookmark here

With his classmates being too noisy, Kazuma got slightly annoyed and unintentionally slammed his hands on his desk as he stood up and walked out of the classroom with half open sleepy eyes.Bookmark here

“What's wrong with him?”Bookmark here

“Did you see his eyes?”Bookmark here

“Maybe his depressions finally hit after being rejected by Tachibana-san multiple times.”Bookmark here

Being startled by Kazuma who slammed both his hands on his desks and left attracting all the attention on him, his classmates started to gossip about him.Bookmark here

Yet Kazuma did not pay any attention to them and aimlessly staggered in the corridors of the school like a drunkard.Bookmark here

“Maybe the rooftop?” he murmured while yawning.Bookmark here

So he proceeded to walk to the rooftop hoping to sleep there without any disturbances.Bookmark here

When he arrived at the door of the rooftop, he realized that the door was already slightly open. However, he did not care about it and opened it.Bookmark here

The moment he opened the door, a gentle breeze caressed his hair and the bright sun shone at him as there were no clouds in the sky. When Kazuma's eyes finally adapted to the sun light, his eyes widened more as he saw a certain person already standing there and watching school ground.Bookmark here

In front of him was Emma whose smooth blonde hair mildly waved in the air. As she turned around to see who opened the door, her ocean blue eyes met his hazelnut brown eyes.Bookmark here

“Eh, Kazuma-san?” she reacted surprised.Bookmark here

“Emma? What are you doing here? I thought you were going to eat with Yui.”Bookmark here

Not being able to predict such an encounter here, Kazuma's tiredness completely faded away and he was now more woke than ever today.Bookmark here

“Oh, ehm, well, I had to decline her this time. I had to think about something. And what about you?” she stated hesitatingly.Bookmark here

“I just searched for a place to slee- I mean, I just felt like visiting the rooftop, haha...” he said scratching his head.Bookmark here

Not wanting to give her the impression of him as a slacker, he gave another excuse.Bookmark here

“I see, haha...”Bookmark here

Both of them were currently on edge and could only give a dry laugh as the atmosphere was too awkward for them.Bookmark here

Then, Kazuma decided to change the topic but as social as he was, his attempt would be deemed as a failure again.Bookmark here

“Do you know where Kirisaki is? I haven't seen him for the past weeks.” Kazuma blurted out.Bookmark here

“!” she reacted to his name.Bookmark here

After he thought about it, he hit himself internally for being inappropriate.Bookmark here

“I don't know... I can't even contact him...” she answered with a hint of sadness in her voice.Bookmark here

“I-I see. Maybe he is just skipping school and is doing something bad again. I mean, why are you even worrying about such a scumbag like him? Thinking about him is not worth your time.” he tried to cheer her up.Bookmark here

But it backfired.Bookmark here

“P-please don't talk bad about him!” she raised her voice.Bookmark here

“H-huh?” he was token by surprise due to this being the first time he heard her raising her voice against him.Bookmark here

“Ken-kun is not a bad person... I knew him since we were children! So please don't talk about him like that...” she defended Ken.Bookmark here

"After all, he is still my fiance!" she proclaimed with a serious expression.Bookmark here

Kazuma could only stand there as he did not know what he do or say to her. Aside from being shocked, he was sad. He just tried to cheer her up and landed on a landmine. Hearing your crush defending another person would make anyone feel miserable.Bookmark here

He knew it was his fault for giving a rude comment about an acquaintance of hers. He tried to apologize for his behavior.Bookmark here

“Emma, I apolo-”Bookmark here

“I'm sorry. Please leave me alone for a moment.” Emma said and ran to the exit.Bookmark here

While she ran to the exit, she passed by him with small tears coming from her eyes.Bookmark here

As each of her steps echoed from an even more further distance, Kazuma's despair only grew bigger and bigger.Bookmark here

“W-what have I done? I'm such an idiot!” he berated himself.Bookmark here

Bam.Bookmark here

Venting out his frustration, he punched the wall beside the door.Bookmark here

“Damn, it hurts...” he commented.Bookmark here

The pain he felt did not come from the punch against the wall but due to the fact that he hurt Emma.Bookmark here

And yet, there was a particular fact that hurt the most.Bookmark here

“After all, he is still her fiance, huh? So she had feelings for him, haha...” he muttered as he wore a wry smile.Bookmark here

Even though the bell already rang indicating that lunch was over, Kazuma still was on the roof and leaned on the wall. He was too depressed to attend classes.Bookmark here

And just like that, the school day was over.Bookmark here

Hearing the students having fun with their respective clubs, Kazuma watched the sun set.Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

He decided to finally walk home after all the students went home and after the sun was nowhere to be seen.Bookmark here

During his whole time on the roof, he did not check his phone despite it ringing a few times. So he checked the messages now while walking.Bookmark here

[Where are you? Class already started.]Bookmark here

[Are you on the toilet?]Bookmark here

[Don't tell me that you are still sleeping somewhere...]Bookmark here

[Geez, I don't care anymore! I'll go home with my friends today!]Bookmark here

All the messages he received were only from Yui.Bookmark here

Not having enough energy left, Kazuma did not reply and put his phone back in his pocket.Bookmark here

At that point of time, a reply could still have saved Yui from the upcoming incident.Bookmark here

But he did not know it.Bookmark here

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