Chapter 9:

Chapter 9

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 2

As Kaizou said, it didn’t take long for Hachimitsu to heal. Once she was better however she seemed oddly depressed, and she became shy once more, being able to Barry talk to anyone. Yuta came over to her apartment and stood outside her bedroom door. “G-Go away….!” She said from the other side of the shut door.

“Honey, come on, let’s get back out there. I’m sure if you just do some training you can beat Nana!”

“I-I don’t want too...I’ll just lose again…!”

“Come on! I refuse to let you give up!”

“J-Just go away…!”

“Honey please,” he placed his hand on the door, “If you don’t stop Nana, then more people are going to get hurt. I know you can do it! If you won’t do it for yourself, will you at least do it for me? Don’t you want to be able to save and protect me?”

“How….? I was barely able to do it last time….I lost and you could’ve gotten hurt….”

“But I didn’t. Please Honey!”

“I-I’m sorry….”

“Hachimitsu….please. The world needs you right now.” Yuta sighed and rested his head against the door, “If you don’t….then who will? I’m not strong enough to defeat her...please. I need you right now Hachimitsu...I need my girlfriend to save the world….I don’t know what to do.” He stopped back suddenly when the door handle turned and the door opened. He looked up to Hachimitsu who looked as if she were about to cry.

“I don’t want to lose again…..I don’t want to let everyone down….I don’t want to let innocent people die because of me….”

“If you don’t fight, more innocents are going to die.” He took her hands and squeezed them gently, “Come on, you can’t let this get you down. Please Hachimitsu!” She then wiped the forming tears from her eyes and gave him a gentle nod.


“Thank you.” He said with a smile as he then wrapped his arms around her giving her a loving hug. “It means a lot to me!” Hachimitsu gave a weak smile before she wrapped her arms around him. “Hey….can I ask you something?”

“What is it….?”

“Do you prefer necklaces, bracelets, or rings?”


“Just thinking. You got me such an amazing gift on our anniversary I wanted to give you something in return.”

“Oh, you don’t have to get me jewelry….”

“But I want to,” he said looking up at her with a smile, “I think you’d look good in any one of those things.” Hachimitsu blushed lightly before she looked away a bit embarrassed.

“W-Well….I-I guess I like rings….”

“Then I’ll get you one of those! What size are you?”

“O-Oh...I-I’m a 32….”

“Perfect! I’ll make sure to get you something special!”

“Th-Thank you….”

“Now come on! Let’s go train and get you stronger! I’m obviously not going to fight you, so you can spar with your dad!”

“O-Okay…” She said with a gentle nod. Meanwhile in a different part of Japan, Nana sat on her spaceship devouring massive amounts of food. She then looked up when a light started to flash on the screen ahead of her.

“Hmmm….” She finished chewing and swallowed as she stood up and walked over to the screen. She grit her teeth as she growled angrily, “That bitch Hachimitsu is still alive! I need to get rid of her once and for all.” She then rubbed her chin, “Hmmm, but she’s likely gotten stronger, and perhaps will train and grow even more powerful.” Nana then smirked, “In that case I’ll do more training as well, I won’t let her get the best of me.”

3 Days Later

Yuta sat on the beach with Hachimitsu’s mother. A loud boom went off in the sky as Hachimitsu fell straight down from the sky, she caught herself and flipped onto her feet and flew backwards as Kaizou started to close in on her. Hachimitsu charged her father and struck him across the face with a punch. As the two clashed water would soar higher and higher into the sky. “Wow…” Yuta said with a smile, “She’s really super cool!”

“Yes, my daughter is quite impressive.” Hachimitsu’s mother said as she gently sat down beside him,

“Though...for some reason, I feel I’ve seen this scenario before...two powerful beings fighting on a beach before a showdown,” Yuta said as scratched the back of his head, “Eh, it's probably nothing.”

“So tell me Yuta, what’s that there?” She asked pointing to his pocket,

“Oh? This?” He said reaching in his pocket before he pulled out a velvet box, “Well...uh, I guess it’s a ring.” He said with a bit of a nervous laugh.

“A ring? Like an engagement ring?”

“Uh…” Yuta paused, “I can be, this is just an ordinary ring.”

“I see, what kind of gem is in it?”

“Oh, well, I couldn’t save enough for a diamond or anything like that. So I simply got a bottle of Ramune, after I drank the soda I broke the bottle! I grabbed a chunk of it and sanded it down and used a blowtorch-“

“A blowtorch….???”

“Yep! Afterwards it came out looking like a diamond!” He then opened the box and showed it to her,

“Wow, it really does look like a diamond. Where’d you learn to do that?”

“I saw some guy do it on the internet,” Yuta said as he put the ring back into his pocket. “It seemed easy enough so I gathered everything I needed!”

“I’m curious as to how you got a blowtorch…” She said softly before she sighed. It didn’t take long for Kaizou and Hachimitsu to fly back down to the beach. Yuta’s eyes widened as his face turned red and steam blew out his ears. Hachimitsu was wearing a sports bra as well as some tight leggings which really showed off her figure. He swallowed heavily as a drop of blood slid from his nose and down his face. “How was it?”

“Everything was fine,” Kaizou said, “Our daughter seems to be back at full strength!”

Hachimitsu nodded and said, “Yeah! I’m feeling great!” Hachimitsu then turned to Yuta and smiled at him. Yuta’s face boiled to an even darker red before he started to overheat. Eventually some clouds began to form over the beach blocking out the sun. The wind then completely stopped. Yuta suddenly snapped to attention as he turned to look in the same direction as everyone else.

“What was that?” Yuta asked,

“She’s here.” Kaizou said as Nana’s ship came down from the clouds and landed on the beach. Yuta swallowed nervously as he stood up and walked over to Hachimitsu and grabbed her hand. She turned and looked down at him,

“Don’t be afraid,” Yuta said, “You’ve got this.” Hachimitsu gave a soft smile before she turned back to Nana’s ship. Nana then walked down the ramp of her ship as it lowered to the ground. She then looked up at everyone on the beach and released her power causing the sea to part as well as the clouds. She grit her teeth when she saw Kaizou standing there with his arms folded.

“This is between you and me,” Hachimitsu said as she then stepped between her father and Nana, “I’m the one you want.” Nana growled as her hair started to stand up a bit from being rather irritated. Hachimitsu clenched her fists. Nana growled before she let out a roar and flew towards Hachimitsu. Hachimitsu raised her left arm and blocked Nana’s oncoming punch with her forearm before she punched Nana in the face redirecting the original blow with twice the force. Nana slid backwards on her feet before the two charged each other. Nana threw a punch which Hachimitsu blocked before Hachimitsu raised her elbow and struck Nana in the side. The two continued to exchange blows as they flew into the sky.

Massive concussive blasts went off in the air, each one more powerful than the last. “Come on! Let’s follow them!” Kaizou said as he ran into his ship.

Far off Hachimitsu and Nana continued to exchange quick and heavy blows. Nana screamed and threw a punch hitting Hachimitsu in the face, Hachimitsu took the hit and growled as she looked down at Nana, “What the hell…?” Nana said as she pulled her fist away from Hachimitsu’s face and went to throw another punch. Hachimitsu grabbed Nana’s arm before she spun and threw Nana over her shoulder causing her to crash into Mt. Fuji. Nana grit her teeth before her eyes suddenly widened when Hachimitsu closed the gap between them and punched her in the gut. The two crashed through Mt. Fuji, “Samn if, she’s gotten stronger since last time! But what did I expect?!” Hachimitsu screamed and punched Nana once more, sending her flying through the other side of Mt. Fuji.

A faint light flickered from Mt. Fuji before it went up in an explosion. The magma swirled with a massive continuous pillar of Hachimitsu’s power. She was now in her first transformation where she bulked up her muscles. Nana gawked at this as her eyes widened, “I’ve never once had to transform in my life! Heh! Now seems like a good time!” Nana clenched her fists and screamed as her muscles bulked up before the two flew at each other. They each threw a punch causing their fists to collide. They each pushed against one another causing each other to spin in the opposite direction of one another before they then clashed a few more times.

Hachimitsu screamed as she delivered an uppercut to Nana’s gut sending her flying and not the air. Hachimitsu used immense speed to appear above Nana in less than an instant before she clasped her fists together and struck Nana in the back. Nana started to spike towards the ground, she quickly flipped and barely landed on her feet, the sheer amount of force caused Japan to sink momentarily before it regained its place from Nana taking off. “I can’t cause too much destruction,” Hachimitsu thought, she looked up before looking back to the charging Nana, “Alright, let’s see what you’re made of!”