Chapter 10:

Chapter 10

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 2

Hachimitsu groaned in pain as she crashed onto an asteroid. She stood up as she was suddenly attacked by Nana. Hachimitsu quickly threw up her arms and crossed them to block the oncoming punch. The force caused Hachimitsu to crash through the asteroid before she flew further into the Solar System where she landed on another asteroid. She grit her teeth as she rolled onto her hands and knees. She looked up to see Nana standing on a pillar above her. Hachimitsu grit her teeth and shot Nana a glare.

Nana clenched her fists and started to scream. The roots of her hair turned blue as a red outline surrounded her body. She then erupted in a massive roar causing her hair to turn a dark blue almost black color as her skin had a red glow. The eruption from her power caused the entire pillar to explode. Hachimitsu’s eyes widened, she had never once seen a transformation quite like this.

Safe in Kaizou’s ship Yuta also gawked at this transformation, “Wh-What the hell is that…?!”

“I see,” Kaizou said, “She must’ve unlocked the God Buster transformation.”

“What?! God Buster?!” Yuta said,

“Yes. It’s a form that can be achieved through vigorous training. It gives us Planet Busters the strength to be able to take on one of the many Gods. I don’t think Hachimitsu can keep up.”

“She can! I know she can!” Yuta said as he looked to the screen, “Come on Honey, don’t give up now!”

Hachimitsu clenched her fists before she screamed and charged Nana. Hachimitsu threw a punch and Nana took said punch directly to her face. The shockwave traveled through space where it took a chunk off of Mars, sliced Venus in half, blew up Mercury, and caused a slight crater in the Sun before it quickly went away. Hachimitsu’s eyes widened before Nana grabbed onto her wrist before plowing her in the face with a massive punch. Hachimitsu groaned in pain before she screamed as she was thrown clear out of the Solar System before she rolled on the surface of the Milky Way Galaxy before she finally slid to a stop.

Hachimitsu held her side before she coughed up some blood. She gave a dull groan as she slowly got onto her feet. She wobbled back and forth. Her eyes widened as she saw Nana emerge from the Galaxy and stand on the other side of it. Hachimitsu grit her teeth as she painfully got into a fighting stance. Hachimitsu powered up to her strongest form before she and Nana charged each other. They flew at one another with enough speed to completely bisect the Galaxy before they started to clash. They clashed around the Galaxy causing it to finally come back together.

They continued to clash flying off even further into space. The two eventually crashed onto an Asteroid where they proceeded to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Hachimitsu threw two punches only for Nana to block, Nana then punched Hachimitsu downwards in the gut before she uppercuts her jaw. Hachimitsu groaned before she threw a heavy punch, Nana quickly grabbed onto Hachimitsu’s fist causing the asteroid beneath them to split. Hachimitsu panted heavily and threw another punch, Nana turned and grabbed Hachimitsu’s arm and threw Hachimitsu with her momentum downwards causing her to crash into the asteroid. Nana then back flipped into space where she quickly made a fist causing the asteroid to come back together. Nana then opened her hand causing the asteroid to up in a 10.53 ZettaFoe explosion before she shot multiple energy blasts into the dust resulting in a larger explosion.

Nana then flew into the dust and grabbed Hachimitsu by the ankle before she flew around and threw her into multiple large planets, she then flew deeper into space and spiked Hachimitsu into the heart of the Andromeda Galaxy. Watching this Yuta clenched his fists, “Come on Hachimitsu…” he said as they started to hear her heartbeat. As it beat it began to slow down, “Honey please…” He said as tears came to his eyes, “Don’t leave me alone…” It was that that moment that it went dead silent. Yuta’s eyes widened before he slammed them shut and smashed his fists onto the console in the ship.


“Yuta, wait!” Kaizou said, grabbing his arm, “She’ll absolutely destroy you!”

“I don’t care! I have to-“ Suddenly the lights in the ship flickered before it shook. The two of them looked up as the lights came back on, Kaizou then turned to the screen. Yuta turned and looked around the ship, “Hey...Kaizou, I’m not like you guys, and I doubt I can feel energy but...what’s that?” He asked as he walked back over to the screen. His eyes widened when he saw the Galaxy start to shrink and the lights vanish. It eventually converged onto one spot and gathered in a purple light. The light flickered and flashed before it grew to a massive purple Star the size of the Andromeda Galaxy. “What the hell…?” The Star made a loud noise replicating a jack hammer before it began to shrink, as it shrank it then began to take a human shape. As it did it made a high pitched noise sounding like dragging a mail across a chalk board.

Yuta grit his teeth as clasped his hands over his ears. He winced as he looked to the screen, the screen then turned to static before shutting off. Outside the ship the purple light burst showing an enormous gold and purple aurora. As the screen came back on in the ship, as well as the power Hachimitsu stood there glowing a vibrant purple, however her features seemed to be hidden from the blinding light. She looked over at Nana and began to walk. She stepped on the Atoms in space, each step shaking the very universe itself. Nana growled before she flew towards Hachimitsu and threw a punch, Hachimitsu raised her fist causing it to touch Nana’s before she moved it downwards. The shockwave cause space to shake before it eventually cracked and tore open revealing the fibers of the Space-Time Continuum that contain the Universe.

Nana was thrown back by this massive shockwave, she flew to nearly half way across the universe. She eventually halted to a stop as she crashed onto a massive planet. She groaned before she was then grabbed by the face and effortlessly pushed through the planet and eventually thrown into a massively large Star, resulting in the Star to go Supernova. The Supernova then resulted in a giant Black Hole. Hachimitsu then closed her hand causing the Black Hole to be sealed completely shut. She glared before she lowered her chin a bit as space started to flash numerous lights. The lights showed a silhouette of Nana before it broke and a massive hole in space was formed from Nana screaming and raising her power.

Hachimitsu smirked as Nana then charged her. Hachimitsu performed a backflip before she shot towards Nana at speeds far beyond anything calculable. They came the edge of the universe which Nana was smashed against. Nana groaned before she grabbed Hachimitsu’s ankle and tossed her aside, Hachimitsu grabbed Nana's hair and rolled with her throw before she slammed Nana’s face against the wall of the universe. Nana screamed as the very edge of the universe began to burn her. Hachimitsu then swung her arm behind her and let go, causing Nana to fly clear across the universe. A singular linear line was visible to show everything Nana had flown through. Planets, Stars, Solar Systems, Galaxy’s and Hyper Massive Star Clusters.

Hachimitsu closed the gap between them in an instant to see Nana lying down on an Asteroid. Hachimitsu looked down at Nana, who in turn looked up at her in fear. Nana then curled into a ball and covered her head, “I-I’m sorry….!” She said as she started to cry, “I’m sorry…! Don’t kill me…! Please…!” She then began to fall apart and sob, “It’s just so lonely…! I wanted to have a normal childhood…! I wanted it…! I wanted it so bad…! I have no friends…! I have no family…! I want them back more than anything but it seems I can’t even do that….! I’m sorry I took it out on you….!”

The purple light on Hachimitsu vanished as she stood there in her base form. “Do you not know what you did?” Hachimitsu said, “The pain you caused? In trying to get to me you killed so many people on Earth. I lost so many of my friends from High School and even some of the families of the kids I watch at daycare.” Hachimitsu grit her teeth as tears came to her eyes, “BECAUSE OF YOU I FEEL LIKE A FAILURE!!!! BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT OF YOURSELF AND DIDNT THINK ABOUT THE OTHER THINGS!!!! NOT ONLY THAT BUT I’M THE CENTER OF ATTENTION NOW ON EARTH!!! SOMETHING I’VE ALWAYS BEEN SELF-CONSCIOUS OF!!! SO NO, I DON’T FORGIVE YOU!!! AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED YOU CAN GO TO HELL!!!” She screamed as hard as she could before she raised her hand with a charged energy blast. Nana then shut her eyes being ready for her death.

Hachimitsu’s angry breathing became heavy. It was then that she noticed her arm began to shake, so she reached over and steadied it with her other arm. She screamed before she fired off the blast. The blast shot through space before it blew up another asteroid. She then fell onto her knees and started to cry, “Damn it!!!” She said as she punched the asteroid causing it to shoot down a few meters into space. “Why can’t I just end you?!” Hachimitsu said as tears floated from her eyes, “Why….?” She then lowered her head and touched it to the asteroid. Nana looked over to Hachimitsu and swallowed softly. She got onto her hands and knees and very painfully crawled over to her.

“I’m sorry…” Nana said as she placed her hand on the back of Hachimitsu’s head, “Hachimitsu I am so SO sorry….! I know you don’t believe me...but I’m really sorry! I don’t know what else I can say...I guess, I forgive you, and I forgive your dad as well…”

“Just leave me alone….” Hachimitsu cried, “’ve done enough…” Nana went to speak again when Yuta was warped down onto the asteroid in a space suit,

“Hachimitsu!” He said as he ran to her side. He knelt down and placed his hands on her shoulder, she then turned and held onto him as her body began to shake and she started to cry. Yuta then turned to Nana and said, “I get where you’re coming from, but honestly you did a terrible thing. If you wanted answers you could’ve talked with Kaizou. Instead you killed innocent people, and even worse, you made the most important woman in my life feel like shit.” He then sighed as he looked down a bit, “If I had the strength, I’d kill you myself, but even if I had that strength I still wouldn’t be able to kill you. The reason Hachimitsu couldn’t kill you is the same for me.”

“Reason…?” Nana said,

“Yes,” he said, “You’re like us, you’re just lonely and heartbroken. I can’t promise we’ll bring your dad back, but if you need to talk with someone who understands what being alone is like then you can talk to me. I don’t want you anywhere near Hachimitsu.”

Nana looked down before she said, “I understand…”

“Good,” It was then when the three of them were warped back onto Kaizou’s ship.

Later That Night

Yuta and Hachimitsu stood in the fiery rubble of the city. Portions of it were still destroyed from Nana and Hachimitsu's first fight. Hachimitsu looked around before she knelt down and picnicked up a wallet that was in someone’s hand. She opened it up to see a picture of a man, his wife, and one of the kids she saw at the daycare. She covered her mouth as she instantly choked up and lowered her head. “Hachimitsu….I’m so sorry,” Nana said as she appeared in front of them, “I…” Nana sighed, “I’m leaving Earth...if not Earth than this universe.” Hachimitsu put the wallet down as she stood up. She went to approach Nana when she tripped and suddenly fainted.

Yuta’s eyes widened, “Hachimitsu!” He ran over to her and knelt down, “Hey! Hachimitsu! Wake up!”

“She must be strained!” Nana said, “When she powered up earlier! It must’ve used too much of her-“ Nana then gasped as a glowing red blade pierced her through the heart from behind. Yuta’s eyes widened when he witnessed this. Nana was then lifted into the air before she was spun and dragged across the ground before she was thrown into the base of a building. The ground she was dragged on went up in a sequence of explosions before the building she was sent into went up in a massive explosion. As Yuta opened his eyes he saw the person who attacked Nana. He was rather tall and he couldn’t quite make out his features. He turned to Yuta and had glowing red eyes. A dark and evil sounding mechanical voice then hissed,

“Death Cicada.”

Yuta’s eyes widened as he stood there in fear. He clenched his teeth before he laid on top of Hachimitsu, “D-Don’t come near here! You’ll have to kill me first!”

“Do not fear, Yuta.”


Kaizou’s Ship

Kaizou woke up to a soft alarm. He yawned before he got out of bed and went over to the computer where the alarm was coming from. He rubbed his eyes as he turned on the computer to see what was causing the trouble. He gave a soft groan as he saw it was the results from the scan he did on Yuta, “Let’s see,” he said, “Height is normal...weight is normal, eye color, hair color is normal…” He then paused when he saw blood type, “O-Negative…? That’s-“ he then paused once more, “Wait a second,” he zoomed into the screen to see the symbol of the Greek Letter Omega, “Omega…?” He then got another alert from a view of the city, he opened it and saw what was going on. He saw Nana get killed in the explosions before he saw the man, “My god…” He swallowed heavily as his eyes widened from fear, “It can’t be!”


“Yuta…?” Yuta said, “How do you know that name? How do you know MY name?!”

“Why wouldn’t I?” He then reached into his right arm and took something out of it, “I gave it to you,” Yuta’s eyes widened as the man’s strange form began to vanish. He stepped forward becoming more visible through the light of the flames, “Hello again my son.”