Chapter 72:

070.2 – When Eveything is Said

Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World

Not a sign of yesterday's rain was seen on its tomorrow. The roads have been dried by the early morning sun leaving no puddles anywhere. But the temperature has not changed even when the sky is clear. Truly, winter is approaching and soon, at that.Bookmark here

It has already been three days of the open event, and two remaining ones including today. There were fewer crowds yesterday because of the weather, but it was nonetheless tiring. My lost energy however came back after a long night's sleep. Thus, I left the house, ready for what is to come.Bookmark here

But I immediately saw Gin leaning on the wall of our yard, looking up in the sky with his mouth half open, as if in a daze.Bookmark here

"Something bothering you, Potato?"Bookmark here

"Kind of… I guess I'll tell you later."Bookmark here

"That's fine, then. We better go now."Bookmark here

"Nii? Nee-chan? I thought you guys already passed," said Anna upon stepping out of their yard.Bookmark here

"Let's all walk to school then."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Rumors have already spread from everywhere regarding what happened last Tuesday in our place of services. It was spread out enough that even Wisteria got the news, as what Mina had told me before we went back to work yesterday. She specifically quoted that "three principals of schools in Sector 527 humiliated themselves after underestimating a popup restaurant in Blue Ink High's Open Event". Because of that, Giotto's Mini had gotten more exposure positively, and in addition to that, the YouCube video featuring us also made us known. Hence, a large volume of people has come and gone to the restaurant for its first two hours. The crowd was so diverse that even people from Cotona PD suddenly barged in.Bookmark here

Gin's words, being a sous chef, can't easily be ignored when he had said that "this is almost like Giotto's in its prime time of the day". I called Hiro-nii as we were concerned if the main branch is losing customers; as much as arrogantly that sounded, we did not think like that at all. But in reality, the growth of Giotto's Mini was actually directly proportional to Giotto's South. They are starting to get shorthanded as two of their main cooks—Gin and Yuzuri-san are not present since they are minding their own works.Bookmark here

The open event has finally hit a three-hour mark, and the crowd thankfully died down considerably.Bookmark here

"Jean, go switch with Rin on waitering. While you're going out, please call G so that he can help."Bookmark here

Jean stepped in to the room and called me out and G. We were asked to mind the kitchen, and Jean took the notepad from me.Bookmark here

"Good work out there, G."Bookmark here

"Thanks. Where should I start?"Bookmark here

"Ah, skin the chicken, please."Bookmark here

"Roger.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I guess you called me here to talk about what happened with me and Yui? Did I make you curious?"Bookmark here

"Wha-" I uttered incompletely feeling that my voice was not heard.Bookmark here

I was greatly surprised. I did not even get a hint that something happened. I asked myself as to when, where and why it happened. But whatever it was, I think this was Gin's way of saying, "Listen to this, Rin," without uttering a word.Bookmark here

"Of course… Who would not be?Bookmark here

You deliberately opened your mind and entered my cognitive realm just to tell me that you confessed to Yui. You just up and said that and left to reality abruptly. There is no way that I can't be curious."Bookmark here

I guess… curiosity sometimes doesn't kill the cat.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

You see, I was planning on confessing to her at the end of the open event. But the timing was so unbelievably great yesterday that I had to seize the moment."Bookmark here

"Aside from that, more so… I don't know that you have already like her. I was still assuming that you were still under a transition of your feelings or infatuation, as what you said in the past."Bookmark here

"Even I thought of it like that. But ever since obtaining your memories, I always get dreams of that time when she went to this room and confessed to you. I know that I can't push my feelings to her, as she is seeing someone or some-you. But I was somewhat frustrated, even when I become aware that Yui was hurt for something that is reasonable. But I was more frustrated that I actually hated you for that, I will honestly say. Later I realized, the reason why she does not see me is because I barely even did anything worth mentioning.Bookmark here

That's why I changed gears over the past months and took a new approach with her. And then everything happened yesterday. I was extremely thankful… that I was given a chance to be with her."Bookmark here

With the way Gin spoke his words, it seems that even he had no idea. The only way that he knew of it was perhaps just because of G talking to Kuro last night in a dream.Bookmark here

"Does that mean, G…" I chimed in, "Did Yui agree to you courting her?"Bookmark here

"Pretty much…"Bookmark here

"Then that means-" Gin wondered. "For that to happen, I would assume that you had to tell about you being an existential coincidence?"Bookmark here

"Otherwise, she will turn me down, so yes."Bookmark here

"Then maybe… You can do something that Potato was not able to do.Bookmark here

Perhaps you can be the one to make Yui happy."Bookmark here

Hearing that, G happily looked at Gin and landed an elbow on his side.Bookmark here

"I don't know, but I just felt so happy hearing that."Bookmark here

"Hahahahaha. Hahh… Does this mean we're quits, G?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. I didn't have too much hard feelings anyway. That's just how it is when you see the memories of the person that the person you like likes."Bookmark here

"You just made that last sentence confusing."Bookmark here

"Well, I'll do my best to court her so that she could sincerely move on over you. Now that things have come to this point, you're basically a pain to me right now."Bookmark here

"Ahahahaha…! Really glad to hear that!" and they both aimed for a fist bump.Bookmark here

Yes, I am proud to say that this club has a really weird hash brown.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Ehhh. Why are you doing a reunion here out of all places?"Bookmark here

G excused himself from the kitchen as he was tipped by Jean that the customers might be someone he knows. He then walked in and went to their table.Bookmark here

It was his friends outside Blue Ink—namely Iura, Nico, Guren, and Shuri.Bookmark here

"I guess you guys already had your orders. Well, I'll go back to the kitchen. Just don't forget to shout 'moe moe kyun' when your orders have been served."Bookmark here

"Haha. Don't mess with us."Bookmark here

"Oh, G. Is Gin around?"Bookmark here

In the time that he was walking away while waving, he was suddenly called out from the door. He recognized one of the two, as it was Kei, and Shiina with her.Bookmark here

"Didn't expect to see you here, Kei. He's busy in our kitchen so you can't say hi to him. Have a seat, anyway."Bookmark here

"You know, that woman is actually really beautiful. If that's Kei's girlfriend, I'll have a hard time believing it."Bookmark here

"But well… Yui is getting there."Bookmark here

"Why in the world am I reminded of the shark…?"Bookmark here

But while he was thinking of that, his friends had one question that they openly asked themselves.Bookmark here

"Ginji… do you guys think that he had changed so much?"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Uhh, Rin. Is the reception handing out the surveys? I kind of forgot about that."Bookmark here

Potato asked, as he was talking about a survey form to be handed out to customers before they step out of the room. Its content is simply asking what their opinions in our service are, and they are of course free to not answer it.Bookmark here

At this point, we have stopped looking for what is the end result, and just focused on the conclusion of the open event.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

October 11; the last day of the Open Event.Bookmark here

The time has come by fast for the week, yet it felt so long as we have been doing constant work for already the fifth day. But even if it is the last, we took a modest approach and did not set up something surprising to the customers. That is because we ourselves believe that it is surprising enough to see people patronize this very small service we give.Bookmark here

I have seen it in many particular fictions, but seeing the people with face of delight up close was very uplifting on its own. I have not profoundly thought of how and why I make food for people, and so I didn't get Gin and Jean's visions much. But finally seeing what they wish to see was enough for me to truly understand what they mean, especially if it was seeing a blissful expression from those you love.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I have to go back to work!"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Afternoon.Bookmark here

The room has become significantly silent. The tide of people had lowered down, so much that Giotto's Mini had become something like a serene restaurant.Bookmark here

But I thought, this place might get noisy again in a few. And I was right.Bookmark here

All at once, both our families walked in to the Art Room—that is, even including Shiina and Hiro-nii. What a fluffing coincidence, I screamed. It was like a get-together. Not only are our families here, but the number of people multiplied. Enter Ai-chan, Haru-san, Yuka Alex, Ken, Makoto, Akira, Dr. Kagetora, Naru, Mina, Erika, Yui, the three from Anew, and even Yohan "Mizuno" along with Ryota and his mother is here.Bookmark here

It all happened when we were reading the feedback of the customers through the survey we handed out. We have indeed seen responses that people were genuinely blown away by this place. But seeing almost all of the people that we met in these two years were the amazing thing that made us the ones that were blown away.Bookmark here

I momentarily looked out, and saw that there are now so few guests inside the schools. For the most of its parts the majority that was seen are just students. It does seem that the open event truly is reaching its conclusion.Bookmark here

I finally realized why our families did not have dinner together just this past Wednesday. It was most likely to give way to this day where we can enjoy ourselves together in this great time. With that in mind, we sat on where our families are at.Bookmark here

"…You're in a daze again, Potato."Bookmark here

"Yeah… I was just hopelessly imagining how this Open Event will be like if Eijiro was here. I don't know how it will be like, but it seems like it will be just as fun."Bookmark here

"Fufu. So you really had fun?"Bookmark here

"Of course I had! I would be surprised if you haven't."Bookmark here

"Ahahaha. No, no. I might have found it more fun than you."Bookmark here

"No, I had it more fun than your 'more fun.'"Bookmark here

"Whaaat, are we competing now?"Bookmark here

"Lol."Bookmark here

At this point, it might sound like I'm just bragging with how much fun I had felt, but it was of course a finite time, as they bid their goodbyes to us, while we unexpectedly began cleaning up for the final event.Bookmark here

The sun had sunk down to the horizon, and in such a rare time, the sky showed its greatness. It was not every day in Orio that you see the sky in colors of orange, purple and dark cerulean. And as it still grows darker, a broadcast sounded all throughout the school, instructing everyone to close all of the lights.Bookmark here

It has gotten extremely dark in the school but another broadcast echoed with the words telling to do a countdown from five to one.Bookmark here

And so we did.Bookmark here

"Five!Bookmark here

Four!Bookmark here

Three!Bookmark here

Two!Bookmark here

One!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

In an instant, orange ambient lights illuminated everywhere, as lanterns were placed everywhere in the school, including the classrooms. Instinctively, I hurried out of the room and ran towards the century-old tree after passing by a line of illuminations on the hallway.Bookmark here

I was right to follow my hunch, as I stood in front of it as I watch the falling leaves get illuminated by the lanterns that have been generously hanged on its branches. It was so much of an indescribable feeling that I fell to a trance, only to be pulled back by a hand that held mine.Bookmark here

"Mind if a carry you?"Bookmark here

"S-Sure…?Bookmark here

Wait, are you actually going to leap when there are other students around?"Bookmark here

"It won't hurt to do it while it's dark. Do you think so too?"Bookmark here

"Hahh… Have it your way."Bookmark here

I closed my eyes as I was honestly frightened. I felt the air pushing down to my face, and so I held tight to him. When the things have calmed down, I opened my eyes, and saw the entire school being warmly illuminated by the orange light. It was dim, yet it was bright. It was in an instant that I was just on the ground a second ago, and now I am seeing the school through a bird's eye view, as if I am floating in the air.Bookmark here

Guess what I did next.Bookmark here

"…!Bookmark here

Hey… that's the second time that you kissed me on my cheek…"Bookmark here

"Hehehe. Just because."Bookmark here

Slowly, we began losing altitude vertically while Gin attempts to fight the gravity and landed softly back on the ground in the middle of Nacchi, Shiro and everyone.Bookmark here

"Th… That was…Bookmark here

That was so mind blowing…!"Bookmark here

Dear Tenth…Bookmark here

Wherever you are here in school, we would like to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

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