Chapter 49:

Chapter 49- The Introduction of The Legendary Oskata

Sorrow Dayz

"Well"… as Kenta stood up and began to talk. "No" the two sisters interrupted "let’s start with him first" Cyree pointed. As they signaled Yuuta "tell us about yourself you seem like a very interesting young man" Wareeya interjected and said. 

Strangely enough Yuuta stood up and announced "my name is Yuuta Yoku’ the first of  Wakai to activate his art." "I lost my father to a tragic event and I am willing to go far as I need to go to understand why." "Also I will not stop until I find out why." At the same time Yuuta knew what happened to his father pretty much, but it was some things he still questioned in his heart and mind but he didn’t want the witches to catch on to exactly who he was. 

Mr. Howkuu sat there not really touching his food with his fist under his chin not knowing, wondering what Yuuta was going to say looked at him and slowly very slowly nodded his head. "Hmmm who was your father?" Cyree asked. "Yakeen Yoku’" Yuuta said. "Ohh my the miracle worker from the Village of Sorrow is gone, and he was your father I am so sorry" Cyree said. 

"So you know of him?" He asked. "Why yes everyone did pretty much he was a wonderful man a very smart person." She replied. "Just how old are you?" Yuuta asked sternly. "A woman never tells her age" grinningly she said. The other witches burst into laughter. "So what happened to him?" They asked. "That’s a long story for another time" he replied. "Well OK how about you next, pointing at Megumi?" Cyree asked. 

Megumi stood up "as most of you probably know by now." "I am the granddaughter of Michiko Ai, and my name is Megumi Ai." "My grandmother was trapped and murdered by someone, I don’t know who or what it was." "Still I‘m not going to give up until I find the answers on why and who did this to her." Felt with rage "I think I better take my seat now" she said. "All things considered that is very disturbing Megumi and all of us witches truly hope you find your grandmother’s killer" Suseenya said. 

Meanwhile, Kenta volunteered and stood up "My name is Kenta Baska." "Yes if you’re wondering or maybe already knew. "I am of the Baska family that is cursed." "My family was taken by this evil wicked curse, and I’m going to do everything in my power to find out what caused this curse and how to stop it" he said. "At this point we hope you will find out and discover the truth behind that curse" Wareeya said.

 Accordingly Mr. Howkuu stood up as he was next in line. "My name is Salul Howkuu I am a teacher in the Village of Sorrow for those of Wakai." "It is my duty to help these of the Wakai to make sure they are ready for life after the school, and prepared for anything" he said. "Do you have any relatives Salul?" Cyree asked. 

"Why yes I do, a brother from the Village of Thaumaturgy." "Before anyone interjects I didn’t see him when we there, and he would not have fore-taken in something like that." "So what does your brother do there then Salul?" Suseenya asked. "Ironically" he said "he looks for those who seem to show symptoms of being a witch." All the witches turned their attention to him like a heat seeking laser.

 "For what reason does he have for doing that?" Wareeya asked. "Well to help them I assume in to becoming another witch who looks over Serenual not one who terrorizes over Serenual" he said. "Hmm thank goodness we don’t want another person trying to manipulate or mutilate witches for their own being" Wareeya said. "Yes that is what started this feud or hate war between those 7 Deadly witches and Restaria" she said. 

"Presumably that is all I know for now" as Mr. Howkuu sat. "You next the mysterious one." As Cyree pointed at Tasyoukee. Tasyoukee looked at Megumi and the rest of the group. "Megumi do you remember when you first met Enjo and I, we helped you get Yuuta to your home?" "Then I told you that the story you wanted to know was for another time." he said. "Yes" she replied. "Well this is that time" Tasyoukee said. 

The group looked at Megumi then back at Tasyoukee. "My name is Tasyoukee Parrosuchi my parents died when I was seven years old I am left with my sister who is Aina Parrosuchi she is twenty." 

"After she graduated school she stayed back in the village to raise me." "My sister is four years older than me I am sixteen" Tasyoukee said. "How did you parents die?" Wareeya asked. "They died from a fire one day while going to get something to eat, inside of a building a fire started out of nowhere." "No bodies were ever found but later reports came out that they died of combustion" he said. 

The group looked at each other sympathizing with Tasyoukee, but only Kenta, Yuuta, and now Megumi could actually empathize with him. "My goal and intentions are to find what started that fire, and who done it" he said as he took his seat. 

"No doubt it’s a fire spewing behind your eyes" Cyree stated. "I guess it’s my turn" Enjo said. Of course he jumped up "my name is Enjo Hayate." "My father is Hachirou Hayate and my mother is Yukiko Hayate." "Together they are the best parents you could ask for, but they tend to get robbed very often by heartless criminals from the other villages every single time they go." 

"Usually my mother or father comes back home mugged beat up or simply my father." "It is my mission to find out why those criminal are robbing and beating up my parents". "My parents wouldn’t harm anyone, so to not only mug them but beat them is ruthless and I won’t stop until I get my answer" Enjo said as he sat back down. 

"Hmm so you’re not just the gullible member of the group, you actually have something you want to go after and achieve it." Well us witches give you our best wishes on finding out why" Wareeya said. "If you don’t mind me asking I know Tasyoukee already stated his age, but how old are you all?" 

"I’m fourteen" Yuuta said, "I’m sixteen" Megumi said, "I’m sixteen" as well Enjo said, "I’m seventeen" Kenta said, "and I am twenty-three" Mr. Howkuu said. "So you all are quite mature as well" Suseenya said grinningly.

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