Chapter 48:

Chapter 48- 7 Deadly Witches' Power: Myth or Legend

Sorrow Dayz

"So you all don’t consider yourselves a part of the twenty witches anymore?" Mr. Howkuu asked. "Why no why would we, after what they did it was dishonorable to not only us but Restaria as well." 

"See witches hold a duty to protect people, we can’t uphold that reputation." "If we have some of our fellow sisters who cannot show restraint, then lashing out on innocent people." "We do not condone that, we wanted to make peace with The Seven Deadly Witches, but they were nowhere to be found" Wareeya said.

 "Well don’t you think they would come after you?" Yuuta asked. "Why he has spoken has he?" She replied. "Why yes we do fear sometime that they will come for us, but we just have to stay prepared at all times." "Those witches' strength alone could destroy Restaria, excuse me Serenual" she said. 

"So if they're stronger, how does that still compare to thirteen witches it’s thirteen of you and seven of them?" Enjo asked. "Well for starters those seven that stayed behind that night were the most courageous sisters we have ever seen, but also the strongest." 

"One of them are equal to four of us so, you have seven of them its thirteen of us." "Say perhaps if each one of them fought against us." "One witch alone has the power of four witches, so you take all seven of them and they would equal to have the power of twenty-eight against thirteen." 

"Also take in the fact that their brave, those witches would not fear us at all compared to demons" Wareeya said. Coming back in with the food was Cyree and Suseenya "well well well what are we talking about now."

 "Don’t quiet down because we are back now" Cyree and Suseenya said. "Nothing we just finished introducing ourselves" Wareeya said. "Wow this looks amazing!" Enjo exclaimed. "Why yes it does" Kenta added. 

Then Cyree and Suseenya took their seats, "well since were having dinner let’s get to know each other some more" Suseenya suggested. "Yes sister." Cyree replied. "Tell us about yourselves", something didn’t feel right to Mr. Howkuu and Yuuta as they looked at each other. 

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