Chapter 25:

The Journey South

The Children of Eris

After travelling south for nine days, David and Rebecca were almost at Cliff’s Edge, the village closest to the Shadow Tombs.Bookmark here

It lay less than a hundred metres from the steep stone steps up to the fabled ruin and was roughly fifty miles away from the city of Black Port. It wasn’t ideal, but it still made it the closest city to the Tombs for the undead horde to attack.Bookmark here

The journey had been all but silent and uncomfortable for both David and Rebecca. Bookmark here

David had hoped that Rebecca would have felt a little bit comfortable around him, so he could try and strike up a conversation with him and then he could befriend her. However, as David had soon discovered on their long journey, Rebecca was absolutely terrified of him.Bookmark here

If he looked at her, she looked away.Bookmark here

If he moved, she would flinch.Bookmark here

I really hoped that Rebecca would’ve tried to at least be a little friendly after I said she and Eva could call me Allaric, David thought. I mean, it’s not my real name, but it’s my name in this world. Then, David realised why Rebecca didn’t try talking to him. Bookmark here

The David that Rebecca had seen most was that of a ruthless, angry tyrant.Bookmark here

Of course she wouldn’t try to speak to me casually or try to befriend me! David screamed in his head. Bookmark here

When they slept out in the wilderness, Rebecca had always asked to sleep alone outside, but David had insisted that she stay in the carriage. Then, David teleported back to his bedroom to sleep and sent a few Machai through his portal to protect and monitor Rebecca.Bookmark here

When he woke up, he’d teleport back, send the Machai to the castle and then they’d resume their journey. Bookmark here

After a few nights, David had considered letting Rebecca return with him to the castle, but he didn’t want to make that offer just yet.Bookmark here

If Rebecca still has any thoughts about betraying me, then I’d rather that she tried to defy me early on in our ‘partnership’ so she could be dealt with right away. David thought. I want to be her friend…I don’t want to hurt her, but my and my family’s safety comes first. If she’s a threat to our safety, then she has to be dealt with. Bookmark here

However, Rebecca hadn’t shown even the smallest signs of rebellion nor had she tried to escape. Bookmark here

They continued their journey like that for nine days until the Raven spotted the village in the distance.Bookmark here

“Disguise me,” David ordered.Bookmark here

The Raven muttered a few words quietly to itself and then, an instant later, David’s appearance changed into that of Anthony Kelsey, a sight which made Rebecca’s skin crawl.Bookmark here

It had been the first time in their entire journey that Rebecca had actually looked at him.Bookmark here

“I take it that this is a very convincing illusion if you’re making that sort of face,” David said. Confused, he cleared his throat a few times. “My voice has changed?”Bookmark here

“Yes, your majesty,” the Raven called to him. “While it doesn’t last as long as Lord Mímir’s spells, this should keep your noble self disguised as Anthony Kelsey for the next four hours.”Bookmark here

“...I see.”Bookmark here

Four hours, David thought. If I have that much time, then I could get us a room at an inn and then go exploring the village for a while. I can go somewhere where no one knows who I or Anthony Kelsey are and actually take a break from being the Demon Emperor!Bookmark here

“How often would you be able to cast this spell, Raven?” David asked.Bookmark here

“Only once a day on other people, I’m afraid, your majesty.”Bookmark here

“…I see.”Bookmark here

Damn. I was hoping I could use this to go and relax in a city and get away from being the Demon Emperor for a while. He grunted and looked towards Rebecca. When isn’t it stressful being the Demon Emperor?Bookmark here

After building up her courage, Rebecca, for the first time in their long journey, asked David a question.Bookmark here

“…Your majesty, what happened to my parents?”Bookmark here

David broke his gaze from her and stared out of the window. Bookmark here

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the complicated, and pained, expression on Rebecca’s face.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Her tormentors, her parents, were dead.Bookmark here

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