Chapter 1:

An Enjoyable Moment

The Past in The Present

While walking past the gate he notices the person he helped earlier walking into the school building. Soon, he heard the bell announcing that were to begin soon and began heading to class himself. Once he reached the door, he began nervously shaking but he continued walking in, nonetheless. He walked up to his seat to find someone else was sitting in it reading a book and walked past them as nonchalantly as he could.Bookmark here

Did we have a seat change last week that I wasn’t told about? Dammit why didn’t anyone tell me about this?! Should I just ask someone? No! No one here even knows me so asking them something like that would be way too high of hurdle for me to get over. Wait I can pretend to be a foreigner, that might get me some sympathy from them. No wait, they’d realize I wasn’t when the teacher comes…well, I guess I’ll just ask them.Bookmark here

He walked over to the person sitting in “his seat?” and stood still staring at her while trying to come up with what to say.Bookmark here

Should I ask for her name first and then ask why she’s sitting there, or should I just ask right away?Bookmark here

While he was thinking, the young girl noticed him staring longingly at her and spoke up.Bookmark here

“Hello?” Showing a confused expression as she laid down her book on the table.Bookmark here

His thought process came to a halt as he heard her question and instantly froze before tensing up.Bookmark here

“Oh…sorry, I was trying to think of what to say to you. Umm, that’s my seat, so could you…move.”Bookmark here

I don’t want to come off as rude, but I’m not gonna cave in to the first person I see today.Bookmark here

He nervously spat out those words while doing his best to maintain eye contact. He felt worried that he might have given her a bad first impression, but after taking a glance at her, rather than that she seemed confused by something, as if she were trying her best to remember the most insignificant thing in the world.Bookmark here

“This is your seat, right? I was waiting here because I was curious about if someone sat here because I remember it always being empty. Sorry about that. So, what’s your name anyway?”Bookmark here

Wait a second, why would she have been looking at my desk to begin with? Also, I need a way to get around that loaded question she just asked.Bookmark here

“Umm yeah this is my seat, but seriously, you had me worried thinking that there was a collective seat change and you all just happened to do it without me.”Bookmark here

“I’m really sorry about that, I didn’t mean to make you needlessly worry like that; it’s just that I’ve been really curious about this, so why haven’t you been here for so long anyway?” With an apologetic tone, she continued to push the question on to him.Bookmark here

Why is she asking me more questions, it’s not like I’m that interesting, and it’s not she’d believe me if I said she just can’t remember me.Bookmark here

As he was fretting over what to do, the teacher walked in and shouted to the class to get in their seats. With this, a sigh of relief escaped his mouth as he no longer needed to answer her, or so he thought, as he felt a poking sensation on his back and realizes that it was the girl that was just sitting in his seat.Bookmark here

“You’re off the hook for now, but I’m not letting you get away just yet.”Bookmark here

“I’ll be looking forward to that then.”Bookmark here

I guess it’d make sense that someone would get curious about a seat in front of them always being empty, not that I have any control of it.Bookmark here

The class then began, with an hour and a half-long lecture on history followed by a 10-minute break to go the next class, which worried him since there would supposedly be an interrogation of some sort right about now, and he turned around shocked to find that she, had fallen asleep.Bookmark here

Well, this is kind of anticlimactic, not that I’m complaining about not getting involved with someone any more than necessary.Bookmark here

With that, he waited a solitary 9 minutes before deciding to turn back around and wake up the sleeping beauty behind him.Bookmark here

“Hey if you don’t wake up soon then I’m leaving you behind to rot in this class.” Bookmark here

She lifted her head off the table with drool leaking from her mouth.Bookmark here

“Pfttttt…”Bookmark here

He covered his mouth, in an attempt to control his laughter. But failed entirely to properly do so.Bookmark here

“Hurry up or we’re both going to be late, we have the same next class too.”Bookmark here

“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier!? Now we’re going to be late.” She said with a semblance of anger as she wiped the drool on her sleeve and got up, while grabbing her stuff.Bookmark here

He had prepared for this when he noticed that she was asleep: he would wait until the last minute and take her there himself that way…Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

He noticed the lack of, any person, in front of him.Bookmark here

She left without me!Bookmark here

He picked up his bag and finally gave up on keeping a straight face now that she was gone. His face flushed, he placed his hand on her desk and felt his heart throbbing wildly.Bookmark here

I really am easy, aren’t I? Feeling elated just from talking to her.Bookmark here

He began walking out of the class as his vision became blurry.Bookmark here

Arashi Sensei
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