Chapter 41:


Balancing the Scales: The Sage Hero's Story

Salamat coughed, "The pain has subsided for now, but you can't mend a break like this with a simple healing spell. Thank you though, for trying." He explained. Kaz stood up, "Saphana, can you help him into town? Drag him there if you have to, just make sure nothing gets in that wound, meet me by the church." Kaz said before running off down the mountain. He passed the corpses of several demons on his way down, he shouted to open the gate and to keep it open. He ran through town to the lumber mill, nobody was inside. He took several long wooden planks and dragged them outside, struggling to catch his breath he continued on to the church with the planks.Bookmark here

Salamat had already arrived by hopping along on three legs with his neck wrapped around Saphana’s for support. The others were doing their best to clean the area around the break. Kaz approached and dropped the lumber in front of them, he called Saphana, Tasi, and Zen to his side. He explained what he was going to do as he cut the rope off of a flagpole in front of the church. Lucia and the two kids came out to see what was happening, Kaz turned to Lucia with a serious look and told them to go back inside for the time being. Lucia hadn't seen Kaz act in such a manner before, nonetheless she trusted him and took Ezra and Zavi back into the church. Kaz turned his focus back to Salamat, Tasi wrapped herself around his wings binding them in place. Zen laid across Salamat's forelegs, pinning him in place. Lastly, Saphana sat by his head to comfort him. Kaz walked around to Salamat's head to explain what he was doing, "I’ve had a similar injury, I know we need to set that leg back in place for it to heal correctly. I'm not going to lie, this will hurt more than anything you've ever felt." Kaz told him, "Keep him pinned down you two!" He instructed as he washed his hands off in the nearby well. Kaz grabbed the protruding bone on his hind leg, Salamat was still well under control. Kaz readies himself and pushes on the bone, luckily it was a clean break. If he could get back in place he could use the planks as a splint. Bookmark here

As Kaz guided the bone back into place, Salamat was writhing in agony. His muffled cries echoed through the streets, with a loud, earsplitting crack Kaz was able to pop the bone back in place. "The hard part is over, now we just." Kaz’s words were cut short as he was sent flying backwards into the wall of the church by Salamat's flailing tail. With a loud groan Kaz gets back to his feet and hobbles over to Salamat, "I've got him this time, love." Tasi grunts as she grabs the thick tail with her upper arms, effectively tying his wings to his tail with her body length. Kaz pointed his finger at the open wound, luckily the bone was still in place. He uses his magic to spout a gentle stream of water from his finger to wash any dust or rubble from the scales around it. He then yells for Lucia, within mere seconds she comes bursting out of the church's front door. "Grab that rope." He tells her as he points to the length of rope he cut down earlier. Kaz places the wooden planks evenly around Salamat's leg, he instructs Lucia to wrap it around the planks and tied it as tightly as she could. As she does, Salamat lets out a series of low pitched squeals as she finishes tying the rope.Bookmark here

Kaz had set his bone back in place, he explained to Salamat that he can't put any weight on it until the bone fuses back together. Kaz just told him what the doctor had said to him when he snapped his arm in a similar way. Tasi releases his wings and tail, Zen hops off of his legs and Salamat uses his wings to prop himself back up on three legs. Just as they finish filling Lucia in on the news a guard approaches, "Sir Kaz, King Rayne, the knights, and the dragons await you in the banquet hall." He tells Kaz. Salamat laughs, "I guess it's time for a victory feast!" He shouts and begins to hobble towards the castle gate. Kaz runs to grab Ezra and Zavi from inside the church as well as tell the citizens that it was safe to return to their homes now. Kaz returns and follows behind Salamat with Ezra on his shoulders and Zavi in his arms. Telos caught up as well and joined them in the banquet hall. Bookmark here

As they enter they hear King Rayne call out, "Ah! The real heroes have arrived at last!" He shouts. Everyone cheers with their mugs of ale raised high above their heads, Kaz sits down and sees the knight he had pulled from under the tree sitting across from him. The knight removes his helmet and stands up, "I'd like to raise a toast to Sir Kaz and his party! I wouldn't be here if he and Miss Saphana hadn't saved me up on the mountain." He says as he raises his drink, then takes a swig as he sits back down. The entire room then watched in awe as a long train of silver carts full of food were brought out by the castle chefs. They laid out all the dishes on the long tables and swiftly vanished back into the kitchen. They reemerged moments later wheeling out massive beef roasts on platters equally as large. There was one for each dragon, twenty-five in total. The dragons all cheered as well as they tore into their supper. Bookmark here

Kaz had eaten his fill along with the others. Salamat had hobbled out and flown back to Rath already, only after swearing not to use his bad leg to Kaz. Just as Kaz was getting up to use the restroom a dragon bursts through the door calling frantically for him and Saphana. Kaz told the dragon to slow down and explain, its English was terrible. Saphana rose up and told it to just speak normal, "It's getting ready to hatch." It told them. Those five words sent Kaz and the others running outside, they dashed to the gate and quickly loaded into Kaz's car while Saphana flew off immediately. Kaz floored it as soon as the last safety belt clicked into place, the tires spun in the dirt for a few seconds before the vehicle sped off.Bookmark here

They made the drive back in half the usual time because Kaz had the pedal to the floor almost the entire drive. As they all piled out of the car the chunk of electrum that powered the car flew off and shattered into pieces due to the strain that had been put on it. Kaz paid it no attention and continued running, he threw the front doors open and darted upstairs. He opened the door to his bedroom and joined Saphana who had already arrived, wrapped around the bright teal colored egg. The others filed a few seconds later, they all sat down and watched as the egg began to shake ever so slightly. A small sliver flies off as a single claw penetrates through the shell. At that moment Salamat crashes into the outdoor balcony and slides in the door on his back with his injured leg in the air, "I'm not too late am I?" He asks and is immediately shushed by everyone in the room.Bookmark here

Bit by bit, chips fly off of the egg. The suspense builds as the egg continues to wobble back and forth, with one last wiggle a small blue membranous wing sticks out of the top of the shell. A claw pokes through the hole and tears a section of the shell away, revealing the infant inside. Everyone stared as a human female was revealed inside of the shell. As Kaz carefully pulled her out of the shell, small blue wings extended out of both shoulders as well as a stubby blue tail dropped down from her waistline. Kaz gazed at the child for a moment with a mile-wide smile, Saphana stood up and looked over the newborn as well. It appeared to be a hybrid, a mixture of both a dragon and a human. It had a human physique, but the tail, wings, hands, and small rounded horns protruding from its smooth little forehead, “A dragonkin?” Kaz thought out loud. To Kaz it didn’t matter, whatever his child was, she was beautiful to him.Bookmark here

Kaz wrapped the child gently in a blanket that was folded up at the foot of his bed. Saphana wrapped a wing around him and began to weep tears of joy. Ezra and Zavi both watched the whole thing with wide-eyed curiosity, Zavi jumped and hugged Tasi's waist "I have a baby sister!" She shouted. Ezra was trying his best to look happy, "I wanted a little brother." He grunted with his arms crossed in disappointment. Lucia flicked his ear with her index finger and stepped forth to see the child. She couldn’t help but feel jealous of the attention Kaz was giving Saphana, but she accepted it and moved on. After all, she had experienced the same situation when she had Ezra just under two years ago. Salamat cleared his throat, “Well?” He paused, “Well, what will you name her my boy?” He spoke quietly. Kaz was lost staring into the child’s azure-blue eyes, “Lapis.” Kaz replied without looking away. Lapis gazed blankly back up at Kaz as glowing blue lines linked her to both Kaz and Saphana, after she imprinted on them she giggled happily. She then burped a weak ball of fire right into Kaz’s face, setting his eyebrows ablaze. The entire room burst out into laughter, except for Kaz who immediately handed Lapis off to Lucia so he could pat his eyebrows out. Everyone broke into laughter as Kaz looked up again with his now naked brow.Bookmark here

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