Chapter 42:

42 Final?

Balancing the Scales: The Sage Hero's Story

With the demons repelled life went back to the way it was before. Regular chaos ensued with Ezra and Zavi's sibling rivalries, Lapis grew like a weed. Within a few months she was already running around getting into trouble, she would sneak out often and run around town to explore. Every time Kaz and Saphana run around looking in a panic, only to have her returned later by one of the dragons in Rath after having caused a whole mess of mischief. Everyone knew Kaz and his family, they had become quite famous in both Rath and in the Capital of Vance. Salamat would often drop by to take Lapis along with him on his daily duties as the lord of Rath. Thankfully his leg had healed up nicely thanks to a steel brace Ferron had crafted for him. With the nonaggression pact made by Salamat and King Rayne, every so often Rath would have visitors from Vance, and Vance would get the occasional visitor from Rath. It was quite the spectacle, dragons were welcomed in the capital with open arms and free samples. Shop owners would all head outside to greet the dragons whenever they visited. Businesses expanded in both places thanks to the pact, relations improved, Salamat even visits King Rayne often just as drinking buddies. Bookmark here

One night Kaz was sound asleep in his bed when he was awoken by someone tugging on his sheets. He opened his eyes and saw Zavi in front of him with tears in her eyes, Kaz sat up, "What's the matter Zavi?" He asks as he lifts her into his lap to comfort her. She hugs her father, "I had a terrible dream. You left us and never came back!" She whimpered into his chest. Kaz wraps his arms around her, "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere, I promise." He whispers to her as he slowly lies down with her in his arms. The next morning Kaz wakes up with Zavi on top of him, he gently pokes her nose to wake her up as he carries her downstairs for breakfast. Zavi slithers out of his arms and takes her seat next to Kaz, Tasi was the last to join them at the table. She sees her daughter next to Kaz, and Lapis on the other side. "You sneaky little, you took my spot!" Tasi playfully growls and ruffles the top of Zavi's head. Everyone laughs, "It's fine Tasi, I'm not going anywhere. I promise." Kaz says with a smile as he looks across the table at his wonderful family.Bookmark here

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