Chapter 53:

Chapter 53- Struck By Certain Illness

Sorrow Dayz

Furthermore, they were walking up the stairs and noticed creepy paintings, some nice and unique. At this point Yuuta knew it was going to take a while before they got to their room it was a lot of stairs. Walking and walking started to become exhausting to Tasyoukee as he started to sweat, and he looked nauseated. 

"Are you alright child?" Abstalean asked as she turned around from hearing him cough so loudly. "Yes, I’m fine" he replied. It’s no cut on him so Enjo can’t heal him Dammit what is wrong with you Tasyoukee? Mr. Howkuu wondered to himself. The more and more they walked he got more and more exhausted. Tasyoukee started slowing down he started stumbling and then he almost fell backwards and tripped over the stairs, but Mr. Howkuu caught him silently before anything happened. 

Mr. Howkuu looked at Yuuta and shrugged his head towards Tasyoukee signaling help. So Yuuta got behind Tasyoukee side by side with Mr. Howkuu and put a hand on his back and that helped center his body to look like he was walking straight forward.

 Wiping his forehead and the sweat off of him Mr. Howkuu saw that Tasyoukee was only getting sicker, and they needed to get medical attention right away. Then Abstalean turned around a few more stairs up, and Mr. Howkuu whispered to Yuuta "it’s more" he said. They started to feel Tasyoukee’s body turning to dead weight as if he was dead, and started very slowly changing colors, you would have to look very closely to notice. 

Finally, they reached the top of the stairs to their room. Yuuta and Mr. Howkuu walked up very close with Tasyoukee with his head down as he walked past Abstalean "excuse us he’s very tired" Mr. Howkuu said. "Is there a washroom in this room?" Yuuta asked. "Why no just down the hall why is there a problem?" Abstalean asked. 

"No mam" he replied. It was six mats on the ground, for each of them. They entered and behind them Abstalean switched the light off and closed the door "good night everyone." "Good night." Megumi replied. Mr. Howkuu went and stuck his ear to the door, "I think she’s gone for now" he said. "What are you guys doing?" Enjo asked. "We can’t stay here any longer something is not right" Yuuta said. 

"What are you talking abou"--. "LET HIM FINISH AND LISTEN!" Mr. Howkuu interrupted Megumi and exclaimed. "We have no time to explain right now, just look at Tasyoukee" Yuuta said as he pointed at him. "Tasyoukee oh my goodness what is wrong with him?" Megumi asked.

 "I don’t know" he replied. "Maybe I can help" Enjo suggested. "No there are no cuts on him anywhere something is badly happening to him" Mr. Howkuu said. "We have to get him medical attention from the village" Yuuta said.

 "No, we can ask one of the Witches" Megumi said. "NO, WE ARE NOT TRUSTING THEM WITH ONE OF OUR OWN!" Mr. Howkuu exclaimed. Megumi got up and opened the door and shouted "ABSTALEAN!!" Yuuta couldn’t stop her, everything was happening in slow motion. 

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