Chapter 4:

The attack of the goblins

Waking up in a new world without any memories

After Taiki and his friends accepted this quest, they marched through the forest towards the village called Fuun. According to the quest this was the place where a goblin tribe invaded and kidnapped two girls. They wanted to ask the people of the village if they had any idea where the goblins had went and how many there were. The village was located on a meadow surrounded by the forest. From the guild house to Fuun, the walk was only ten minutes long, which the group managed without any problems. They saw the small, modest village, which had almost 30 inhabitants. Taiki's gaze first wandered to a stable, where the animals peacefully distorted their food. But suddenly he saw some houses that were torn down, collapsed or completely burned. "If this rank was classified as a bronze rank, how could these monsters cause such destruction?" Taiki wondered inwardly. 

Many people wandered their way to live out their profession, but they quickly realized that the mood in the village was gloomy. The first person they met was the mayor himself, who had been standing there all day, hoping that adventurers would finally devote themselves to this task. The mayor was a scrawny person with a black goatbeard and short, black hair. His almond-shaped, deep brown eyes radiated hope when he saw the group just emerging from the forest. "Greetings adventurers! My name is Shicho Nobuyuki! I am the mayor of this small village! We have been waiting for you. I suppose you know what your mission is. Search and find the goblin tribe that invaded our village three days ago, take them down and rescue my daughters from them. You will receive the payment from me personally after your success," said the mayor. 

"You can rely on us. But before we go to complete the mission, I'd like to know if you know how many goblins there were and in which direction they went after the raid," Ronin asked the mayor. "I was able to count at least ten goblins, although of course there could be more, as maybe some stayed with their dwellings. They all ran north. Since we unfortunately do not have guards or people who are somehow experienced in combat, we could not bring them back with our own strength. I beg you to help us! Hurry up and save my daughters! They are the only thing left to me after my wife's death! I would even sell my soul so that they would come back safely," Shicho said as he got down on his knees and started crying.

All of a sudden, Tsuyoshi stepped forward and put his strong hand on the mayor's shoulder. Although Tsuyoshi did not speak a single word, it reassured the mayor that everything will be fine. The stress and anxiety slowly left his body. It was as if Tsuyoshi had absorbed some of his worries. "We will teach the goblins a hard lesson!" Taiki said resolutely with his blade raised. In a heartbeat, the group headed in the direction where the goblins had went after the raid. As they walked through the meadow and re-entered the forest, Ronin directed: "Prepare yourself! Aimi! Preapare your healing magic!" Out of thin air, Gloin shouted beside himself, "There's a greasy goblin!" Suddenly, the dwarf jumped into the air and struck with his axe.

"One is dead. Let's move on," Gloin said. "Um... Gloin? You just cut a bush apart. Just because something is green doesn't make it a goblin," Taiki reacted first. "I shouldn't have done this betting with him yesterday. Nevertheless, he can still swing his axe," Ronin complained. They marched deeper into the forest until they heard  a distant sounds: "No! Let us go! Please! We didn't do anything to you!" There were two girls screaming desperately. "They have to be the daughters of the Mayor!" said Aimi resolutely, whereupon Tsuyoshi grunted approvingly. "Then let's go! Go in and win! Tsuyoshi you take over those goblins who are right next to the girls. Aimi! You hide in the bushes and apply your healing spells there! Also use a camouflage spell, so it would be even harder for the goblins to track you down, even with their good trace ability. Taiki! You take care of Gloin and attack other goblins with him if they want to hinder Tsuyoshi or Aimi in their tasks! It may be that Aimi could still be found by the opponents despite her hiding place and her spell. I will look out for the leader. so that i take him down, because he will be the most dangerous opponent in this battle. Moreover, I have the most experience out of all of us in sword fighting!", Ronin ordered, whereupon the group invaded the goblin camp.

The element of surprise was on their side, as the Goblins had not expected the sudden attack of the adventurers. Tsuyoshi was instantaneous to the two girls lying on the ground in fear who were surrounded by four goblins. Both were already frightened by the monsters and their clothes were completely tattered. The two siblings held each other tightly in their arms. their bright golden hair was soiled. Her oval, oak-brown eyes stared at the monsters with fear. Tears ran down her cheeks. They hoped that someone would save them. And so their salvation came when Tsuyoshi smashed his fists at full strength against two goblins. The hit was so strong that their skulls exploded.

The other two goblins immediately wanted to stop the mighty Berserker, but one was thrown to the side by a powerful kick and the other received a knuckle on their heads from Tsuyoshi, so that the goblin had a dent on his skull. When Tsuyoshi then turned to the two girls, their limbs were shaking. They could not move because they could not properly handle what just happened. Taiki and Gloin were jumping on a goblin together, who tried to stab Tsuyoshi from behind with a dagger. While Taiki managed to cut off the monster's head cleanly, Gloin missed his target with his axe, which is why he rammed his blade into the ground. "Did I hit him?" The dwarf wondered, whereupon the young boy breathed a sigh of relief. Shortly thereafter, the two took over two more goblins who stormed into the fight. In the meantime, Ronin was watching the fight in a bush. He would intervene if his friends got into trouble, or if the leader of these goblins would show up. But somehow the leader of the goblins doesn`t show himself. It seemed as if he was either not in the camp of the goblins or he had fled shortly after the battle started. 

"He must be here somewhere! It can't be that he fled like a coward while his men die for him! There must be a leader. Goblins alone can't carry out a coordinated attack, so I wonder where he is!" Ronin said impatiently to himself. Out of nowhere, a giant emerged behind a tree. It was a large goblin wearing wolf's clothing as a coat and brown leader pants. His blade consisted of the bones of his already defeated victims. It was sharper than the teeth of a predator. After every step he took, the earth quivers. A monster entered the fray. In his eyes you could see the thirst for blood and the anger to smash his enemies. "Boost!" shouted Ronin, who out of the blue reached ten times of his normal running speed. He raced towards the leader of the Goblins. When a goblin wanted to stop Ronin, he simply cut off his head, which landed on the ground in a high arch. Immediately his body slumped to the ground and the blood splashed out. However, the Goblin leader did not let himself be deceived by the speed of the human and fended off the first blow. The opponents stood against each other. Their blades are crossed. Both tried to push back the other one with enormous force.

Taiki was cutting the throat of another goblin when he realized that the goblin leader sprang at Ronin. Gloin sped around wildly with his axe to hit the monster in front of him. However, since he was still a bit dazed by alcohol, he didn't make it. Suddenly, the goblin struck with his blade, which the dwarf could hardly fend off. The monster managed to slug Gloin's shoulder, which is why blood flowed from his shoulder. This allowed the dwarf to pulled himself up for a moment and split the goblin's head in two with a powerful attack with his axe. The cracking of the skull and the leaking blood could be heard when Gloin violently pulled out his axe. Ronin pushed away from the goblin leader and immediately hissed forward again to shred his blade on the goblin, who was able to fend off the attack.

"I am truly surprised that ahuman is so strong that he could last against me that long! I am Ranak, the leader of these weaklings! Someone has already told me that you will show up here! The same person told me to kill you!" said the Goblin leader. "What? But who told you that? And how? Why?" Ronin received thousands of questions. "I will certainly not tell you anything, After your defeat I was promised to rule this miserable village. Furthermore, she promised that i can do whatever i want to do with these two girls! And I long for my reward!" replied Ranak after crossing his blade with Ronin again. In the background, Taiki was killing another goblin.

Aimi used a healing spell to Gloin because of his injury on his shoulder: "Healing!" When Taiki engaged in a fight with another goblin, Aimi quickly applied a protective spell, to that no goblin can attack her easily, which is why a shield was created around her that could not be separated by a sword: "Wall protection!" A goblin that wanted to attack Aimi was raging, which is why he beat the protection madly. However, these attacks tugged at the endurance of the Elf, as this skill was not yet fully developed by her. After Tsuyoshi notices this, he rushed back and shredded that goblin from the side. The hit was so strong that the monster burst when it thundered against a tree. Another goblin tried his luck and jumped on Tsuyoshi. But at the last moment, Aimi used a spell: "Member protection!"

At the same moment, a bright yellow protective wall appeared in front of Tsuyoshi's back, slowing down the goblin in the air. Tsuyoshi took the chance and rammed his fist into the monster's chest, pierceing the creature and killing him in the process. "Thank you, Tsuyoshi! Go back again! I believe that Ronin will not be able to defeat the leader alone! Help him!" The elf said to him. Immediately, Tsuyoshi scurried back into battle. Out of thin air, Ranak struck with his broadsword. Although this could be blocked by Ronin, the force of the attack was so strong that he was thrown back, where he was caught by Tsuyoshi. "Tsuyoshi?" wondered Ronin. Unhesitatingly, Tsuyoshi whizzed forward and slammed his fist.

 Ranak parried the attack with the flat side of his blade. Shortly thereafter, the Goblin leader carried out another attack, which was blocked by Tsuyoshi with his fist. When he hit Ranak's blade again with full force, his hand began to bleed. The goblins leaders` power and blade are at such a high level that your berserkprince title can`t abide him!" Ronin warned his friend. But he struck further and further, so that the sword cut deeper and deeper into his hand. Suddenly, Tsuyoshi received a sword blow from the side, which he saw coming too late, which caused him to be punched away. As a result, he crashed into a tree. "Aimi! Heal Tsuyoshi! I will take on the leader again!" Ronin hastily ordered.

Ronin hissed forward and swung his blade at Ranak, who was able to block the attack. "I can already see it in front of me how your heads are attached as trophies on my throne, which I will then have built in Fuun! No one can stop me! I am Ranak, son of Gorgol and I am a powerful goblin who will now be your executioner!" Yelled the leader of the Goblins victoriously. "We'll see!" Ronin replied with great effort. He felt how little stamina he has left. He wouldn't stand up to the goblin for much longer if he continued like this. Taiki and Gloin killed the last two goblins of this camp, then they set out to help their friend. in the twinkling of an eye, Ranak shreded his blade at Taiki, who jumped to the side at the very last moment.

Gloin then hit the goblin with his axe, who jumped to the side, so that the attack would not hit him. Ronin took advantage of the opportunity, that Ranak was somewhat distracted, and hit the goblin, which allowed him to cut off his arm. Ranak screamed in pain. Blood splashed out of his arm. He desperately held his wound. But Ranak gritted his teeth and picked up his blade lying on the ground with his second hand. "Aimi! Give us a strength boost!" Ordered Ronin. The elf acted immediately and said: "Streangth Boost! Speed Boost! Attack Boost!" "I'm not going to let you maggots kill me!" Ranak shrieked angrily. It looked like that the adventurers would win the fight. However, they did not notice that a shadow crawled through the bushes and dove into the goblin. Suddenly, the aura of the goblin changed, which Aimi immediately realized.  

She was scarred stiff. She felt the same aura that she already felt in that cave yesterday. "Watch out! Something is wrong with him!" the elf warned her friends. All of a sudden, the severed arm grew back and the muscles of the goblin grew larger. His eye sockets flared up. Ranak let out a battle cry and sped to Taiki, whereupon he threw him away. Tsuyoshi wanted to intervene, but with a quick blow, he too was thrown away. "Ouch! What is suddenly going on with this goblin?" Wondered Taiki as he tried to get up, but he was immediately grabbed by Ranak and pushed to the ground. "The last time I failed to kill you and your friends, but now I will not underestimate you!" said the goblin furiously. "What?..... But we didn't...... The snake!...... Hebior!" Taiki was frightened when he realized that something controlled the goblin.

"But how can you control him?" The young boy wanted to know, to which the goblin replied: "I can only control the undead, but I had the status values of this goblin increased tenfold. I can only easily hold him back from killing you immediately! The will to kill you is great in both of us. That's why I can talk through the goblin! Have fun dying!" "That can't be! I can't end up here! But his abilities are too powerful for me!" Thought Taiki in a panic. The goblin raised his blade to smash it at the young boy. Taiki wanted to do something, but the goblin held his arms to the ground. Suddenly Ranak slamned his blade on Taiki, but a shield stopped him that suddenly formed in front of the young boy.

It was Aimi who saved Taiki with a protection spell. "Ronin! Stop him! I don't know how long I can maintain the shield if he continues with such a force!" said Aimi frantically. Suddenly, the shield began to crumble. But then Ronin attacked the goblin and smashed his blade into the monster's back. Ranak didn't even twitch after the blade slashed through his flesh. Blood splashed out. Then came Tsuyoshi's attack, which gave Ranak a knuckle on his head which caused the goblin to briefly stop killing Taiki. "I had previously been titled 'Berserkerprince! But now I have the title "Berserkerlord", so a higher title than you have, Tsuyoshi!", Ranak announced, as the fists of the two opponents crashed against each other.

Tsuyoshi felt his bones yielded slightly. He can not stop now. No matter how strong he is, he must protect his friend. Out of the blue, an axe flew at the goblin, causing the weapon to get stuck in the goblin's left eye. It was Gloin who threw that axe and finally got sober. Nevertheless, the blood burst from his throat and also from his mouth. Suddenly Ronin was grabbed by Ranak. The goblin pressed him tightly. Ronin could not breath. Taiki was now able to stand up. He immediately jumped at the goblin. He rammed his blade into the belly of the monster. However, this did not help at all, whereupon Ranak beat the young boy away. Ranak held his blade to Ronin's throat, so that a lonely trail of blood was running down.

Suddenly, Tsuyoshi leaped up into the air and gave Ranak a punch in the face, freeing Ronin in the process. In the background, Aimi again applied a healing spell to completely heal Ronin, Taiki and Gloin. "This guy is pretty persistent! I hope we can beat him! I want to have my necessary portion of beer today before the next day starts!" said Gloin. "No wonder you can't get rid of that beer belly if you dump at least ten beer mugs down every day," Ronin said, coughing slightly. "I'll put myself on you right away if you continue like this," Gloin replied to the remark. "Can you please stop now and save these conversations for after the fight? Taiki jostled as he watched Tsuyoshi giving the goblin one blow at a time. 

Taiki realized that his friend was exhausted. Taiki was the first to rush to help again, ramming his sword into Ranak foot, causing the goblin to get down on his knees. Gloin followed and struck his axe against an arm of the monster, causing his weapon to be stuck. Finally, Ronin sprinted forward, knocking the goblin's sword out of his hand and stabbing the second arm with another quick attack and pinning it to the ground. Even if Ranak was made stronger, he also has a limit and an endurance that was completely used up during the entire fight and especially by Tsuyoshi. Ranak tried wildly to defend himself, but he lacked any strength. He has been too wasteful with that power. 

Tsuyoshi leaped up into the air with the last seconds that the boost of Aimi still gave him and smashed both fists into the skull of the goblin, whereby half his skull was shredded away. His claret burst out just like a fountain. A few moments later, the body of the goblin fell backwards to the ground, shaking the earth one last time. After Ranak was finally defeated, everyone breathed in relief. This fight was more difficult than they expected. The two kidnappe girl stayed at the exact same place where Tsuyoshi had saved them from the goblin at the beginning of the fight. He was the first to immediately go to them and gave them his black coat so they wouldn't have to walk all the way just with tattered clothes. The two were still frightened. Even if they were now out of danger, they will never forget this event.

The blood and the fear of death have burned into their souls. Nevertheless, they were grateful to survive, which is why they looked at their heroes with golden and cheerful eyes. Tsuyoshi was even kind enough to carry the two girls on his back so she didn't have to walk in the first place. Despite the strange incident with the goblin, Taiki did not investigate the location of the incident, as he wanted to spare his friends the unnecessary stress that Hebior was still after them. Befor the group headed back to Kaishi, they picked up the remains of the goblin bodys.

The black snake meandered in the darkness and pursued the adventurers. He would wait for the opportunity to bite and finally kill Taiki. "Unfortunately, the trap didn't work. Too bad Ranak didn't make it. Maybe I need some help from my enemy to kill Taiki! He must not gain power! The prophecy of my mistress must not come true! He must die before he destroys us!" The dark serpent in the shadows spoke to himself as he continued to pursue the group of adventurers. A short time later they reached the village. The rescued girls gained new strength as they have seen their Father. They immediately ran to their father, who holds them tightly in his arms. "Father! We were so scared! Please! Never leave us again!" One of the girls cried. The father was grateful that they managed to bring back his daughters. 

"Thank you very much! Thank you! Accept your payment! Here!" said the mayor before throwing a sack of coins to the Group. 13 silver coins were in this sack. "We wish you a nice day! But we need a break first," said Ronin. After that, the group walked back to Kaishi, where they wanted to exchange the goblin remains for money. On the way through the forest, the group heard fighting sounds, after which they followed those sounds. It didn't take long for them to arrive at the spot in the forest from where they heard the sounds. As soon as they realized that Grindol and his other four dwarf colleagues were attacking a monster that went down pretty well against them. The creature was a bull that could stand upright.  Two horns jutted out from his head, with one of them broken off. In addition, in his eyes, the fighting spirit of a monster ignited. His lower half was that of a gorilla and he also had a tail that looked like an ordinary snake and also attacked the dwarves. In addition, the muscle-bound monster held a reddish iron axe in his hand. It seemed as if the being had already killed or at least injured a lot of people

The group watched the fight intently. Taiki was amazed at the power of Grindol, who is also one of the strongest fighters in this country. They fought with an iron fist against the monster. Ranak, on the other hand, was a joke when they compared this fight to theirs. Sometimes the dwarves and the monster were so fast that you could not even perceive them with the naked eye. Aimi, on the other hand, froze with fear because she knew exactly which being they were fighting against. "Guys? What kind of monster is that?" Asked Taiki. But Gloin and Ronin seemed to hold the grips of their swords so that they were prepared for anything. Aimi was the one who replied to the young boy's question: "This is a Desoboringa and exactly this animal that the dwarves are fighting against is the pet of the Demon King who rules the neighboring country." "Demon King?" thought Taiki. "But if it's the demon king's pet, couldn't it cause trouble if the monster dies?" He pondered. Then he was torn from his thoughts when the Desoboringa made a loud cry that pierce marrow and leg. The ears hurt.

It was as if they were bursting. The dwarves also powned the screaming, which is why they went to the ground. Taiki wanted to rush to help, but something stopped him. It was the reverence for this monster, as he knew full well that he had no chance against the cattle, no matter how hard he would try. However, the monster used its powerful roar not to attack, but to escape, which it eventually did, which is why it quickly fled into the thicket of the forest. "We must not let him escape!" Grindol ordered his people, who then hunted down the creature. When the dwarves were out of sight, Taiki and his friends exhaled in relief. "I would also like to be as strong as Grindol and his companions. Then everything would be a lot easier. Then we could have defeated Ranak more easily and probably not lost so badly against this undead," Thought Taiki.

"Anyway, we have no choice but to get up and move on. If you don't do anything and complain, you can't achieve anything. That's why we have to work our way up bit by bit to be on the same level as the dwarves at some point." Ronin explained. "Luckily, this creature didn't see us when we hid behind the bush, otherwise it would have attacked us immediately. This monster can see and recognize the status values of each living being on the spot. If it sees one who is weaker than him, he will attack him immediately, regardless of whether he is being attacked. I guess the Desoboringa realized towards the end of the fight that he had little chance of winning. Presumably, during the fight, the data of the dwarves increased by a minimum, so that the monster realized that the fight would end with its downfall if he would continue fighting.

These monsters should not be underestimated. In the old war, they were known for eradicating entire cities without any problems. This Desoboringa, which we saw against the dwarves, had survived the fight at that time and then apparently survived over the years. Until strong adventures had managed to kill a lot of those Desoboringas. After that the army of the elves and the man were able to defeat the demon kings army. However, it seems that the Demon King survived. The more disturbing it becomes when you think about the fact that this monster is the pet of this ruler and made the long way. You can recognize him by the reddish axe and his broken horn. Because the axe he uses has the skill "Vampirism". It sucks out the life points and transfer it to the user. In addition, it turns a living man killed by the weapon into a willless undead who follows the monster's orders. However, if the weapon kills an undead, the user gets damage. I'm just wondering what that monster wanted here?" said Gloin. "I would say the show is over and we should make our way back." Ronin commanded. 

Aimi was still in a state of shock as she still perceived the aura of the Desuboringa. His aura was pure fire for her. When Ronin noticed this, he took her in his arms and reassured her: "Everything is fine again. The being is gone and not one of us has been hurt." "I just hope that Grindol and his people get out of it safely. I think I have less to worry about them, especially after seeing how strong they are," Taiki said. Then they all went back to the guild house. Once there, they saw Leiko and Leika complaining to the guild woman: "We wanted to accept this stupid assignment with the Desoboringa!" "I'm sorry, but someone preceded them, so I can't do anything anymore." The woman replied, whereby one can see from her that soon her patience would burst. 

When Ronin and his group walked closer to the reception and Leika noticed this, she plucked her brother's robe and blasphemed: "Look, brother! Cockroaches have entered the house. It's time that we left this disgusting place." Leiko then looked to the adventurers for a moment and grinned diabolically. "How right you are, sister! This house truly has a vermin problem!" The elf quipped. Taiko and Ronin had to suppress their anger. They clenched their fists. They hoped that the elves would soon leave the building. But the opposite was the case when Leiko and Leika turned to Aimi. "I can't believe that a congener works with such lower creatures! One who never speaks a word, a fat dwarf, a lean weakling and a leader, where I unfortunately have to admit that he has at least some comba abilities! Come and join us! You will only be abused for healing! If they're strong enough, they'll throw you away because you're just their tool! You are so weak! Why did you want to be an adventurer again? Oh! I remember! You wanted to be an adventurer because of your sister....But how are you ever going to bring her back with your measly abilities!" Provoked Leiko. 

Ronin's anger burst out of him, which is why, out of thin air, he gave the elf such a solid blow that he flew out of the guild house and landed on the ground. Coughing, Leiko rattled himself up again. Leika, on the other hand, gnashed her teeth with anger and screeched, "You will pay for that!" Suddenly Tsuyoshi interfered, who repelled the attack and hit Leika in the face with his other fist, who then also flew out of the guild house. "You're going to atone for that!" yelled Leiko, whereupon he drew a sword and hissed towards the group with an abnormal speed. Leiko tried to attack Tsuyoshi. The elf was so fast that the berserker could not react properly. He had to watch as the blade came closer and closer to his face. He was in shock and even his friends couldn't believe what was happening. Out of the blue, a bolt of lightning careened between Tsuyoshi and the elf, spliting his blade in two. "Enough is enough! In this house you will never again provoke a quarrel or I will deprive you of any rank you have gained through the guild!" Scolded the woman at the reception, who was also responsible for the lightning spell.

 Leiko realized the situation he was in, so he re-indrew his broken sword and left the guild building as soon as possible. Taiki didn't understand at the beginning why Leiko was so afraid of this woman but now he understood. "Please forgive my freak out, but with this pair of elves the thread of patience just breaks! I can do something like that for you," The woman immediately turned to the group, who then put some parts of the goblins on the table. Ronin then said: "We would like to accept another quest, please." "You did a good job. I'll give you the money for the remains right away. And since you even defeated a Goblin leader and saved the girls, you all rise by one adventurer rank! Congratulations!" The woman announced, whereupon the troupe fell into a jubilation.

"But why me too? I only completed two tasks?" Asked Taiki, to which the woman said: "If you are part of a group, you will rise much faster and on the other hand you have defeated a strong Goblin leader. That was the hardest task today that could have been done as a bronze rank. In other words, the task could have been given as the lightest silver. And Tsuyoshi was able to increase his title as a berserker through this fight. He no longer has the rank "Berserkprince", but "Berserklord" She explained. So she took out 15 silver coins from a drawer and a silver badge for each one, which showed their ascending rank, which she handed over to the group next. The friends admired each other with the new badges. They have managed to ascend. "And now i`ll present you a task that just came in. It is on the silver rank and has been classified as medium. Do you dare to accept this assignment?" The woman wanted to know. "Tell us what it's all about," Ronin insisted. 

"Sure. It's about scouting out a ruin that is said to have suddenly just appeared. If there are monsters there, you can kill them, but this is not mandatory. You should only report from that place so that it could be accepted for later quests. You can also encounter monsters that you've never seen before and maybe no one has ever seen." Explained the woman. "We accept this assignment, don`t we guys?" Ronin then turned to his comrades, who cheered in response. Out of the blue, Taiki received a severe headache. It was as if someone was constantly ramming a knife into his skull. The darkness surrounded him. Pictures appeared in front of him that he had never seen before. He saw a crying wife and two children. It was a girl and a boy and both were afraid. A man stood in front of them with a bloody knife. The woman was already smeared with blood with the two children. The lifeblood dripped away. The woman's desperate cry echoed endlessly in his head: "No! Please don't take my children from me! You're welcome! They're so young!" The agony did not stop. He felt something that he felt in the cave just before he passed out when Hebior attacked them.

He no longer felt his heart. It was as if it had stopped beating. The man laughed at the suffering he did to the three of them. With a quick sting, he killed the woman first, then the boy and finally the little girl. Empty eyes stared in the direction of Taiki. He himself was numbed. He was like the lonely observer. Voices whispered to him: "Release him! Let it run wild! You can't stop it! He will come!" Taiki had so many questions that he couldn't get answers to so quickly. "Who are the people who suffer so much and who is the perpetrator! Should I know them? Was I the murderer! Is losing my memories the punishment for this? I understand nothing? But I feel the suffering of the people and the pain! Please stop it!" Pleaded Taiki in his thoughts as the images and shouting boomed more and more brutally and louder in his head. 

Aimi was the first to realize that something was wrong with Taiki, which is why she was frightened, as the aura of the young boy changed rapidly. Suddenly, Taiki kneeled to the ground, whereupon Gloin and Tsuyoshi immediately tried to help him. "What's going on, laddie?" The dwarf inquired worriedly. "I don't know. I... I..." Taiki wanted to explain when the gruesome pictures disappeared in front of him. The agonizing shouting inside his head also stopped. "I am alright. I think I only had a sudden feeling of faintnesss. Let's take a short break and then deal with the next quest." Taiki said with a forced smile, as the pain caused by the pictures has not yet completely evaporated. Aimi watched the young boy with great fear, even as his aura returned to it`s normal state. What the elf could perceive before was no longer her friend Taiki, but a monster who even hell would want to spit out. They didn`t realise that there was snake hidding in the darkness, spying on them. "That's how it started." Thought the shadow snake.