Chapter 57:

Chapter 57- Are The 13 Sisters of Akuma Back On Their Heels..

Sorrow Dayz

He slowly looked at her and looked back at the witches. Then Abstalean looked at the other witches and told them "attack now." All of them begin casting spells and were about to attack, Yuuta told them "STOP!!" "If you attempt to harm another person in this room I will not forgive any of you." 

"How dare you talk to the Sisters of Akuma as if you know us" Wareeya said from the ground sitting up. Yuuta started giving this demonic grin. Then the witches continued casting spells, so Yuuta acted on what he said or he knew Hushur would. Yuuta raised his arms this blinding blue light appeared and then the witches started feeling rushing wind fast wind they have never felt before only they were feeling this. As if it was targeted directly upon them sweeping them up in the air like plants. 

The witches were screaming still trying to cast spells so Yuuta continued what he was doing. Also, you could see the witches’ veins begin showing up on their bodies. The wind was drawing up their blood, and their breathe was being snatched from their souls. Then moving forward towards them he began breaking his fingers each finger was accounted for, each finger would stand for one witch. Ten fingers ten witches he broke each and every last one of his fingers. 

However it did not kill the witches but broke a certain bone in their body. Still he had three witches to deal with and that was Cyree, Suseenya, and Abstalean. "How dare you!" Abstalean said. She rose her arm and started chanting something very creepy aloud "PUMZDA ALKALO TO PROTECT THE AZLAO WE NEVER WILL FORGIVE UMLAO" she said. Then this square yellow barrier rose from beneath Yuuta's feet trapping him inside of it. 

Then Suseenya walked up to the barrier and placed one hand on it and started chanting something as well with her eyes closed. "ASKUL YOU, BONTA, EPEL, LUSE TO, STRA." Then vines started coming from inside the barrier and wrapping itself around Yuuta tightening every time he moved. Next Cyree stepped in front of the barrier and she looked Yuuta dead in the eyes chanting. Everyone looking and shaking with fear. "ASTUL, EESCON, TOSESCLIN, INSTANINE, FORLUSH, TISCIN." Cyree said.

 Then this dark black spear appeared in her hands with a 7 near the top of the spear, and at the bottom of it was a lot of carved writing near. She then prepared herself to go inside of the barrier. Once she entered inside she started talking to Yuuta. "What are you doing finish him now!" Suseenya said. "I will when I get ready" she replied.

 "Now I’m going to find out who you really are" she said. The spear in one hand as she started walking towads Yuuta and then when she finally reached him she placed her other hand on his head. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as well as Yuuta's. 

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