Chapter 5:

Chapter 5: Bruise on the side

-------'s Journal

“Hey guys—” Lily greeted while the two ran past.
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“Hey Lily,” Peter mumbled past her.Bookmark here

They both saw Sally siting in a table with Mark, on the table was a cold compress from the nurses’ station. Not the packet of ice Jake was hoping for, but good enough.Bookmark here

“Hey guys, what took you so long?” Mark asked, him expecting them to be there before they were.Bookmark here

Peter raised his hand, at the same time Jake pointed at Peter as he grabbed the cold compress for his eye, and said, “Nature called.”Bookmark here

“One or two?” Sally asked. Bookmark here

“Seriously?” Peter sighed.Bookmark here

“Did she stutter?” Mark responded. Bookmark here

“Two,” He sighed. Bookmark here

The three of them laughed thinking they were childish, completely forgetting about Jake’s eye. Jake was trying to put the thing on his eye without it hurting him too much while they were joking around. Anywhere he put it just seem to sting. Peter saw him struggling to put it on himself and decided to help. Bookmark here

He took the cold compress from his hand and said, “You know, if you keep flinching, it’s not going to stop stinging.” Bookmark here

Then he just gently held it against his eye, Jake flinched but since he isn’t the one that’s holding it, he couldn’t really do anything to stop it without further hurting his eye. Sally and Mark stared at the two thinking they would be cute as a couple.Bookmark here

“We should probably give those two some privacy huh?” Mark said to Sally.Bookmark here

“What? No, I want to see where this would go,” Sally responded, completely missing the joke but was actually curious. Bookmark here

“Screw you two,” Jake said while the four of them chuckled. “Give me that Peter, I can hold it now.” Bookmark here

“No master, I’m your loyal servant for the day,” Peter said while using his other hand to touch his cheek, practically setting up a kiss. Bookmark here

The four laughed loudly but once they saw the amount of people looking at them, their loud laughter went to a silent giggle. Sally buried her face in her hands trying to stop giggling so loud. Jake pulled Peter’s hand from his eye and grabbed the thing so he could put it on himself. Unfortunately, he was unable to control his flinching, and just asked Peter to put it back on. Peter grabbed Jake’s hand with the thing and was gently moving Jake’s hand towards the bruise, flinching as he went closer, but Peter was able to restrain his flinching. Bookmark here

Mark was just chuckling at the two as he said, “You two are really trying hard to convince us huh?”Bookmark here

Sally finally stopped Giggling and was finally able to breathe. She said, catching a breath while her face still buried in her hands, “You didn’t have to do much to convince me.” Bookmark here

After she said that she finally took her hands away from her face to look at them, she saw the two for a split second, both looking at her, with Peter’s hand holding Jake’s on his eye, she immediately buried her face again trying to stop her laughter from leaving her mouth. Bookmark here

Peter then removed his hand from Jake’s and said, “All right, that’s enough of that joke.”Bookmark here

“But was it?” Jake said teasingly while holding the packet on his eye.Bookmark here

“We should probably switch seats Sally,” Peter said while standing up. “before anything else happens.”Bookmark here

Jake grabbed Peter’s shoulder and said, “Come on, it’s just a joke.” Bookmark here

“Yeah, but I kept touching you where it hurts right? Do you really want me to seat next to you?”Bookmark here

“Fair point.” Bookmark here

As Mark and Sally finally came down, the four of them decided that they should probably start eating. They brought out their phones and picked from the school’s menu. Sally went for some sushi, a healthier choice from Peter’s Burger or mark’s slices of pizza, Jake just ordered his usual spaghetti. They waited for a few minutes talking and just laughing at the previous event. Bookmark here

As they were talking the server is on its way, tracking what path to go on the grid style cafeteria. Taking multiple detours as a few people got up from their seats and on its path. The server finally arrives at its designated table, next to Peter, on his and Sally’s side of the table. A rectangular flap, level with the table, opened on the server and a plate of spaghetti was pushed out with a piston and pushed in front of Jake. The piston then retracted, and his Burger was pushed out, barely extending the piston to slide the plate just in front of Peter. Then the bot moves to the right next to Sally and does the same thing to her and Mark. Like that the server has done its job and closed its flap, returning to the kitchen.Bookmark here

The 4 started eating while Jake was holding the cold compress with his right arm and the fork on his left. Bookmark here

“So, are we going to figure out where that came from?” Sally said before taking a bite from her platter.Bookmark here

“Oh, I forgot to say!” Peter said excitingly. “Jake was sympathy baiting from Lily!”Bookmark here

“Seems like you found a use for that bruise huh?” Mark stated while chewing.Bookmark here

“That’s the spirit, wear your battle scar with pride,” Sally said as she stood up and patted Jake’s shoulder. Bookmark here

Unfortunately, he was eating a strand of spaghetti, as she made contact, Jake realized too late what was happening and proceeded to choke on his food for a moment, but fortunately, it was only for a moment, as he was able to swallow.Bookmark here

“Whoa, are you ok?”Bookmark here

“Three out of five!” he proceeds to cough. Bookmark here

Peter sighed. “Three out of five what?”Bookmark here

“Three out of five people that I’ve talked to hurt me.”Bookmark here

“Mark, give this man a fourth,” Sally commanded jokingly.Bookmark here

Mark leaned towards Jake as he said said, “Yes ma’am.”Bookmark here

“Don’t,” As he flicked Mark square in the head. Bookmark here

“Take off my jacket and let me take a look at your shoulder.”Bookmark here

Jake took of Peter’s hoodie and unbutton the top of his clothes to show them and to see for himself what was hurting him every time someone touches his shoulder. It was a bruise, just like on his eye, but it was on his right shoulder, but it didn’t just seem to stop at just his shoulder, it seemed to stretch down to his back but he wasn’t certain. His left shoulder is clear of injury, but she was still unsure in what condition his back was in.Bookmark here

“You should go to the nurse,” She said once she saw what Peter saw.Bookmark here

“It’s that bad huh?” Jake said.Bookmark here

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