Chapter 1:

What did you do to my body?!

Couple That Can't Touch

The bell rang and I sat up straight in my chair. Everyone was on their way out while my eyes felt heavy. Why did I fall asleep? I slept the same as always, I thought.Bookmark here

When I opened my eyes and saw my arms and hands, I knew something was definitely wrong. My arms were tan. My body occupied less space on the chair and my view of the whiteboard was obstructed by the girl in front of me. It was then I realized that the people in the classroom weren't my classmates.Bookmark here

Something shifted behind my head every time I moved, so I pulled it in front of me; a red ponytail.Bookmark here

More sensations surfaced throughout my body. My chest wasn't flat anymore. I could see my tanned legs because I was now wearing a skirt instead of a pair of pants.Bookmark here

A backpack hung from my desk. It was green and bigger than mine, so I knew it was the backpack of the girl I was. I grabbed it and looked inside for a mirror. I found school stuff and things that assured it was a girl's backpack, but no mirror.Bookmark here

I took out the phone I found and lifted it in front of my face. Looking at my reflection on the turned-off screen I was shocked by the face looking back at me; I am the girl from the opening ceremony?Bookmark here

I had only seen her one week before when she gave a speech at the opening ceremony. Because of my previous high school, I thought that she was doing it because her family was important to the school.Bookmark here

I put the phone down on the desk, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. Am I dreaming? Did someone drug me?Bookmark here

"Rem! Su-chan!" a girl shouted.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes, but I was still trapped in that girl's body. What should I do now? I asked myself.Bookmark here

"Su-chan, you still asleep?" the same girl that had shouted asked me. She stood next to me, blonde and slender.Bookmark here

Is she a friend? She called me by a nickname I thought.Bookmark here

"Hello? Earth calling Kozue Suzuka," she said as she waved her hand in front of me.Bookmark here

"Yes! What is it?" I stuttered and looked up at her.Bookmark here

I remembered then. She mentioned her name at the beginning of the ceremony; I was inside Kozue Suzuka-san's body. Even my voice belonged to her.Bookmark here

"What are you waiting for? I'm hungry, but let's buy something low in calories," the girl next to me said. "Rem, what are you doing?"Bookmark here

She had called the brunette girl sitting in front of me Rem twice.Bookmark here

"Sorry. I'm replying to these girls that want me to do their makeup later," Rem-san giggled.Bookmark here

"You're getting more clients already?"Bookmark here

"All thanks to the beautiful Hashimoto Hisako!"Bookmark here

Rem-san called the girl next to me Hashimoto Hisako, but I doubted that was how they usually called her.Bookmark here

"Very true," Hashimoto-san smirked.Bookmark here

"But seriously, you helped a lot," Rem-san continued.Bookmark here

"No problem. Let's go, Su-chan," Hashimoto-san said to me.Bookmark here

"Yes!" I replied like a soldier. I followed her to the hallway and we headed to the stairs. I should do something before it's too late, I told myself.Bookmark here

I stopped walking and asked her, "Do you know K-Araki-san? He's the new transfer student."Bookmark here

I almost said my first name.Bookmark here

Hashimoto-san stopped and turned around. "I saw him once. He's quite good looking. Why? Have you fallen for him already?" she teased, her lips curling up into a slight smirk.Bookmark here

"I-I want to ask him something," I stuttered. She stared at me and stayed silent for a couple of seconds.Bookmark here

"Is it that something?" she remarked.Bookmark here

"That? I just want to talk with him—"Bookmark here

She leaned forward and whispered, "Do you like him?"Bookmark here

"What? No, I didn't say that!" I replied as my face got hotter. What did I say to make her think that?!Bookmark here

"You actually like him! I need to tell someone!"Bookmark here

Dammit I cursed. I should stop her before—Bookmark here

"Rem! Rem, you'll never guess who likes someone!" she shouted as she turned to run back to the classroom. Everyone in the hallway stared at her. It was already too late.Bookmark here

I grabbed her arm before she could get too far and pulled her closer. "Hisako, it's not that big of a deal, I think a lot of guys are handsome," I giggled nervously. I stained Kozue-san's image, but I had no other choice.Bookmark here

"Huh?!" Hashimoto-san exclaimed and put her hands on her waist. "Come on, Kozue Suzuka. We've been friends since elementary, I know you haven't liked any guys. And to think the day you'd like a guy has finally arrived…," she said and brushed away the tear falling down her cheek.Bookmark here

Is it that unbelievable? I thought.Bookmark here

"But I don't like him, I just—"Bookmark here

"Hey, Suzuka," a guy with a deep voice called from behind me.Bookmark here

Hashimoto-san's eyes sparkled as if someone had just told her the secret on how to never gain weight. "It's Araki-san! And he called you by your first name! What did I miss?!" she whispered at me.Bookmark here

Araki-san? I asked myself.Bookmark here

I turned around and he approached me. I was standing in front of me. My voice sounded extremely deep. Did he exaggerate the depth on purpose? I asked myself.Bookmark here

"I need to talk to you alone," he said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Hashimoto-san.Bookmark here

"Hey!"Bookmark here

"Take your time! I'll see you in class!" Hashimoto-san grinned as I was pulled down the stairs. We went from the third to the first floor and entered a room next to the stairs. The person in my body closed the door behind us.Bookmark here

"Who are you?! Why do you have my body?!" I asked him.Bookmark here

"Have you done anything to my body?" he asked with a piercing gaze.Bookmark here

"What? No, I haven't. Wait, your body? That means you are…"Bookmark here

"Awesome! But I can't say the same," he grinned.Bookmark here

"You are Kozue Suzuka-san? You're in my—what did you say?" I shook her by her shoulders. "What did you do to my body?!"Bookmark here

She shut my mouth with her hand and shushed me. "Don't yell, they'll hear us."Bookmark here

I hadn't noticed that I needed to look up to see my face. Am I really that tall? Or is Kozue-san really that short? I thought.Bookmark here

"They? Your friends? You think they would spy on us?" I muffled beneath her hand.Bookmark here

Not even a second passed and giggles and murmurs came from outside the door.Bookmark here

"Don't they know that we can see their shadows under the door?" I wondered.Bookmark here

"Probably not," Kozue-san replied.Bookmark here

We remained silent for a while, but her friends didn't go away. The silence wasn't awkward for some reason.Bookmark here

"Can you move your hand? I won't yell anymore," I asked her.Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry," she giggled and moved her hand away. She then cleaned it on her pants.Bookmark here

We stepped to the other side of the room to stop Kozue-san's friends from listening. I finally got a moment to breathe and process everything that happened.Bookmark here

There were long desks in the room. Sinks, chemistry flasks stored inside cabinets with windows, and tools I hadn't seen before. We were in the laboratory. We had come here the previous week, but it was only to meet the teacher. We wouldn't be having class in here for another two weeks.Bookmark here

Kozue-san and I stared at each other saying nothing.Bookmark here

This is uncomfortable I thought, but she seems okay. "Why are you so calm?" I asked her.Bookmark here

"Why wouldn't I be?"Bookmark here

"Maybe because I'm inside your body and you're inside mine."Bookmark here

"That's a good point," she giggled and scratched her cheek. "But there's no reason to be nervous. It's already happening, right? We just need to get our bodies back."Bookmark here

I stared at her somewhat confused. She wasn't nervous at all.Bookmark here

"And how will we get them back?" I questioned.Bookmark here

We stared at each other again.Bookmark here

She has no clue I told myself.Bookmark here

Out of the blue, Kozue-san bowed and requested, "Give me back my body, please!"Bookmark here

"Asking for it won't work!" I yelled.Bookmark here

"Are you sure? At least we should try," she said. Bookmark here

The words I was going to say disappeared from my head. Well, she's not wrong I thought. It's not like all of this is normal.Bookmark here

"He's correct. Words aren't magical," a girl stated.Bookmark here

"Hey, I'm trying to be positive—Who said that?!" Kozue-san screamed.Bookmark here

We snapped our heads towards the voice. A girl with glasses and long, wavy, hair was sitting on the other side of the room at one of the long desks. She looked at us for a moment before looking down again, probably at her phone.Bookmark here

"Kawahara?!" Kozue-san screamed again.Bookmark here

I shushed at her.Bookmark here

"Oh, right. You're always here," she murmured.Bookmark here

"That's correct, Kozue Suzuka-san," Kawahara-san replied emotionlessly.Bookmark here

They know each other. How did we not see her before? I wondered.Bookmark here

Kozue-san pulled on my arm in an attempt to move away from Kawahara, but I resisted. "What are you doing?" I asked Kozue-san.Bookmark here

"Since we are done practicing for that play, we can go now," she lied as we headed to the door. "Sorry if we bothered you. You can forget we came here."Bookmark here

"No, you were not," Kawahara-san said as she stepped in front of us to block the door. She stared at us.Bookmark here

Dammit. What does she want? Did she hear everything we said? I asked myself.Bookmark here

"Class will start soon, we should get going—"Bookmark here

Kawahara-san ignored Kozue-san and stood on tiptoe to whisper in her ear.Bookmark here

"What?! I've never done that!" Kozue-san screamed. Her face turned red very quickly.Bookmark here

What did she tell her? I wondered.Bookmark here

"I understand," Kawahara-san said, "but if you're controlling his body, that means"—she turned towards me—"you're controlling Kozue Suzuka-san's body."Bookmark here

My heart skipped a beat. I recognized her gaze. She was analyzing my reactions to find out if I was lying. But I had dealt with such scrutiny before.Bookmark here

"That's absurd. Something like that is impossible. Right, Kozue-san?" I replied with a poker face.Bookmark here

But she didn't respond.Bookmark here

I looked at her. Her eyes twitched as she stared at the floor.Bookmark here

Just what did she tell her? I thought.Bookmark here

Kawahara-san sat on a stool and put her hands on her knees while looking at us. "It might be scientifically impossible, but I would not discard a phenomenon before corroborating it."Bookmark here

Did she just call us a phenomenon? Maybe she's crazy too. How can any of this be real? I told myself.Bookmark here

"You would believe something this crazy?" Kozue-san asked her.Bookmark here

Kawahara-san stayed silent for a few seconds.Bookmark here

"Did you realize that Kozue Suzuka-san called you Kozue-san? Also, you have been acting as if you've known me this whole time when we've just met."Bookmark here

I clenched my fist. I couldn't believe that I didn't notice something so obvious.Bookmark here

"But you still need to convince me. Tell me what happened," Kawahara-san stared intently at us.Bookmark here

"What happened? That's the problem, nothing happened! We just swapped bodies," I replied. "And why would we need your help?"Bookmark here

"I believe you are still clueless about the cause and how to reverse the effect. I am used to experimenting and finding solutions. Unless you want to risk your mental health being questioned, I am the only person that can help you."Bookmark here

She wasn't wrong. Everyone would think we were crazy if we told them-which is why I thought she was crazy too.Bookmark here

"Good point," I replied.Bookmark here

"I'm glad that you agree," she said. "Did you interact with each other before you swapped bodies?" she asked.Bookmark here

"No, we haven't…" Kozue-san stuttered. Her eyes and smile twitched. She was bad at lying.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?" Kawahara-san questioned. Even she noticed it.Bookmark here

"Something did happen this morning," I said.Bookmark here

My face suddenly felt warmer. I looked away from them. Why did I blush? It was a bit embarrassing, but nothing to blush about!Bookmark here

"Interesting. Please tell me about it…," Kawahara-san paused. "I don't know your name."Bookmark here

"Araki Koji," I responded.Bookmark here

"Araki Koji-san, please tell me about the incident."Bookmark here

"…Sure."Bookmark here

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