Chapter 9:

Interlude: Dwellers of Darkness

Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Date: 5/14/991; Time: 22nd hourBookmark here

The light of Ethos shimmers and illuminates the dark room, revealing a man in a black cloak standing in front of two others that are clad in red.Bookmark here

A creaking sound can be heard and a door opens, revealing yet another man. This one had a much less ominous appearance: a tall nobleman, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and dressed in a black suit. The man attempts to turn the light on but is stopped by the black-cloaked man.Bookmark here

"Leave it off, we of the dark prefer to stay there. We can't be too cautious," he said in a raspy voice.Bookmark here

"As you wish," answered the nobleman.Bookmark here

"Our meeting shall not take long," commented the dark-cloaked man.Bookmark here

The ominous-looking man looked over at the two dressed in red cloaks, and said, "Mana and Nana, I want you two to go to the Emerald Jungle. The commanders are too busy with other matters. You should consider this an honor because few are privileged enough to serve the Blades of Malice in such a capacity. Do not fail me."Bookmark here

The two got on their knees and bowed. Nana, the female red-cloak, replied confidently, "You greatly honor us Commander Dios. The Emerald will be in our grasp shortly."Bookmark here

Mana, the male red-cloak, nodded in agreement and said, "All who stand in our way shall be purged. We will be the stepping stones to lead the Blades of Malice into the future."Bookmark here

"I see your men are quite zealous indeed. May you succeed, for all of our sakes," replied the blonde man with skepticism in his voice.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, Servio, you will live to see the day Gamma falls, and the crown of Charon is restored to its rightful rulers," said Dios as he chuckled.Bookmark here

A moment later, footsteps could be heard in the distance, and they were getting closer. "You'd best leave," said Servio in a worried voice.Bookmark here

"There is no reason for us to stay," said Dios. The three cloaked figures walked towards the open window and jumped out, falling from the 2nd story.Bookmark here

The bewildered aristocrat ran over to the window and looked outside. He was greeted by the sight of three unharmed and hooded figures walking away from the castle.Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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