Chapter 70:

Chapter 70-Hmm Mysterious Elder

Sorrow Dayz

All the elders saw that Megumi was flying and they couldn’t believe it. The elders were bent down to the ground kissing it and praising Hushur. Megumi looked at the elders and wondered what was happening but she had no time to wonder so she quickly got Enjo to the Ishi. 

The Ishi came out and asked "what is wrong with him?" "I don’t know sir he fainted" she said. Megumi didn’t want to worry anyone from the village of danger. "OK comeback tomorrow we’ll keep him for an overnight stay" he said. Megumi walked out of the sanitorium and saw Mr. Howkuu. "Wow how did you get here so fast" she asked. 

"Well I was helping the others get up and come this way when---." "Excuse me are they injured as well?" The Ishi came out and asked. "Yes they are" he responded. "Well come on, don’t just stand there come now bring them in" he said. "OK I’ll have to explain later" Mr. Howkuu said. "I got it, I understand sir go on" Megumi replied. Megumi started walking over into the courtyard where the elders were kissing the ground and praising Hushur.

 She tapped one of the elders on her shoulder and asked "what are you all doing?" "Well we just received news on a betrayal to our village" the elderly woman said. "What news?" Megumi asked. "One of the beggars that roam our village walking to other villages found out that a person belonging to our village was found dead because of betrayal" she said. 

"Oh who was it?" Megumi asked. "You’ll never believe it child" she replied. "Who?" Megumi asked again. "The Great Supika!" The elderly woman exclaimed. "That rotten woman there is no honor in lying about who you are" the woman said. "What do you mean, what did she lie about?" Megumi asked. 

"They found out she was nothing but a big fraudulent witch" the elder said. "Who are you anyway, why do you have so many questions about this preposterous woman anyway instead of praising Hushur?" The elder asked. "I’m just curious of who was behind such treason" Megumi said.

 "I know, poor child we were all fools we should’ve known she had no relatives at all" the elder said. "Pardon me what is your name anyway?" she asked Megumi. Enraged with everything that was going on Megumi told her "my name is Megumi A---"  interrupted by another elder walking into her. "Excuse me" the man said. "Well look at that some people have no manners excuse him dear" the woman said. "Now go on what was your name?" She asked. "Pardon me, may I borrow her for some help I’m completely lost" the man said.

 "Annnh go on take her, she was asking me too many questions anyway" the woman replied. As the man walked away from the courtyard with Megumi, he told her "I know who you are" he said. "How?" Megumi asked. "That’s not important right now but do you really want to stir up trouble here, by telling them who you are?" The man asked. "That was my grandmother and they will not talk about her as if she didn’t contribute to this village!" Megumi exclaimed. 

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