Chapter 1:

Affliction (cause of pain)

Elemental Solicter

Berland is a peninsular country in the Southern hemisphere. Their neighboring country was Manistersis with whom they shared their northern border. They had several wars due to land disputes between them. They would face tremendous losses. Berland was ruled by King Ledberd but Manistersis was under the rule of the military forces hence there was a conflict of their ideologies.

Berland had a larger area compared to Manistersis but Manistersis was a much-developed nation than Berland in every field. The rise in greed of land expansion lead them into several wars resulting in Berland losing 10% of its land every time and due to this Berland already lost 30% of its land constituting the whole northern province. Berland had only the advantage of population. The main cause of 'Fall of Berland' was discrimination faced by people, corruption, and many other. But, one day everything went silent due to a pandemic that spread worldwide. At first people were unaware of it but as soon as the disease stretch it's feet, the deadly nature of the disease was exposed. Many lives were lost. The virus was critical and severely dangerous for it causes eyes to turn red and have a burning sensation also attacking the heart and within 10 days a person would die.

Some people were immune to the virus, about every 10 people who were infected only 4 of them were hardly capable of surviving. Many people were frightened to step out of their house. It was a mess all over the world. This deadly nightmare continued for 1 whole year. Until each country came up with its medical assistance to rise again. Berland was also able to rise again and soon people started to assemble for its uprising. When everything had settled down it was discovered that 40% of the human population was wiped out due to the virus. A cluster of scarcely populated countries was reduced to less than half of its population.

Many powerful countries taking advantage of this crisis fought among themselves to take hold of lands. My country Berland due to a sudden change was shifted from Royal government to Military forces and attacks our northern neighbour  Manistersis. Manistersis manpower was shortened due to the apocalypse. The war was between a handful of soldiers and a whole squad. This time Berland dominated over Manistersis completely as a result it was a defeat for Manistersis and with this, the northern province of Berland was extended.

In the land of Manistersis beneath the ground around 30 feet, Berland soldiers found an unknown matter. It was a matter which was hard rock with a brownish-black colour. Due to its appearance, Berland soldiers assumed it to be coal and started transporting it to the mainland. Few researchers thought of researching it. They named this matter as Kernal. After researching it for some weeks researchers were astonished to see that by manipulating Kernal they were able to fabricate some of nature's elements (fire, water etc).

Researchers quickly reported the Chief Ledberd about these astonishing results. After receiving this information Chief Ledberd commanded all soldiers to clear off all of the Kernal from its source and bring it in, Berland. All soldiers moved on to carry out their duties in maximum secrecy. Some or other way, this news got spread among some group of thugs, who soon decided to get their hands on Kernal. This resulted in a battle in which Berland soldiers won but unfortunately those thugs were able to steal some amount of Kernal. And in no time those thugs too discovered the unique ability of Kernal after this incident they named themselves as "Hoodlums".

The game of greed continued as the Hoodlums planned on acquiring more of Kernal. So they started attacking Berland from all sides. Towns along the Berland border were being destroyed. Berland soon had to make a decision. After a week of intense research, some scientists working for the government of Berland found a way to channel the ability of Kernal and confer it into gloves which they called 'The Gages’. Among the country's finest soldiers 100 elite squad members were chosen and were handed over the Gages.

This squad of soldiers was known as ELEMENTAL SOLICTERS.

After the apocalypse was over, everyone was restoring for their losses but one thing that was never going to restore was the destruction of human lives. Many children lost their mothers, fathers and some even lost both of them. The people who did not find any purpose for living decided to end their life. In this muddled situation, a boy with his younger brother who lost everything was standing in the middle of the road immersed in his thoughts as the crowd of people was hustling and bustling around him. Until that one day, they both were out of all that bustling as they got adopted by a lady. The lady used to go with the name of Marlin Schwartz she was a physician in the military government of Berland. Marlin was living with her younger sister June Schwartz in a town with not much dense population, as it was only both of them she decided to adopt the boys. Marlin was introducing the boys with her sister "Come in here this is my sister June and from now on you, both are going to stay here". The elder boy with too much shyness asks Marlin "In your house, Mam?".

"It's now your house too, Jack. From now on we will live here together". Hearing that both of the boys were overjoyed and since then Marlin took good care of them parallel to her sister.