Chapter 1:

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"Blowing from the west, fallen leaves gather in the east." I said quietly.
We're in school, in Japanese class, my favorite subject. Here I am, saying a random haiku. Quick introduction of me, I’m a loser. From my childhood to now, I've never had friends, nor a boyfriend. Therefore, this afternoon, I'll officially make my debut as musician online. This is my only way to say my true thoughts. I don't really know how to sing, but I know how to use a keyboard to make some future bass like music. If only, I had my keyboard, I’d calmly touch every note on the keyboard to make a heaven like symphony...
"Kaori Karei!"
Eh? Who's that just now? Oh, that's my teacher.
"Stop dreaming and read the next part», he screams.
Calm down! I'll do it, just let me dream for a little while...
"I saw two seagulls. And a red bird in a tree. Waiting there for Spring” I said.
Happy?! Why won't the bell ring-
"Class's over everyone! Don't forget the assignment for tomorrow!"
Yeah, I understand Mashiro-senpai. Why can't the world have magic powers? It would be so much easier to live. Sadly, no.
Rushing to put things in her school bag, runs over to changes her shoes and...
"So, here we have Miss. Kaori. Did I ever told you that you smell bad? Sorry!"
Yasakawa really bugs me. Let me tell you a quick story. My given name means "smell" and my family name means "Magnificent". Yasakawa loves to call me "Kuso Kaori”, which means "Shit smell". I always run away because it's my only weapon that won't embarrass me. Trust me, the last time I ever tried to defend myself, I shed a tear and my words wouldn't even come out. Thus, I ignore from now on. I just wish I'd bump on a prince to save me...
"Oops! Watch where you’re going, Kaori-san"
And this is... Chakuro-san! Sadly, you may think that we might end up together like in a shoujo manga but you're completely wrong.
1. He already has a girlfriend.
2. He does that to everyone.
3. He looks like a bishounen.
And those are the reasons that he's not my prince. Aah! I'm spending to much time here, I won't have the time to finish my homework and make my debut! But the new manga "Mix-I" is on sale! Why do I have to make those hard choices... I'll just buy it tomorrow or read it online, why not?

Kaori runs away from school until she enters her living place. Her new apartment seems to small for 2 persons but can easily let 1 person live there. Her boxes are still there, waiting to be unboxed. Luckily, those are just random photos of her and her cat, Sawako that she named in honor of her mother who, sadly, died 2 years ago.

“Sawako! I’m home!”

Uh? Normally, Sawako responds when I scream her name. Well, she “meows”. It’s not as if I can’t work without her. Let’s just start the homework and we’ll get everything done. So, Nihonpogo page 225 starting at exercise number #4.
“Meow!! MEOW!!”

That’s… That’s Sawako’s voice! Why is she screaming? It came from the bathroom, so it must be there. Ah! She’s just playing with some water, I’ll take her to sit next to me.

“Now, Sawako, you won’t leave me, okay?”

I gently give her a kiss and go back to my work. Gah! I’ll just create my account now. I think the program is called MX Studio… Found it! Now installing is what it says. I can’t believe I’m really doing it. My debut is debuting now!

Akazawa Shun

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