Chapter 7:

Countdown to the Interhigh (Takara)

Special Fighting Club

„Everyone gather around! I have a few announcements.” Manami-san says. “It´s one week till the interhigh, so practice will change a bit. A few of our schools other sport teams agreed to have practice with us. From today on we won´t have any fighting practice, the chances of getting injured are too high and I need all of you to be in your best shape. The bicycle club was so nice to give us two of their spare bikes, the ones riding them will do a 40 km course and the rest will run 20 km. Today after school we´ll be having a short game against the baseball team, tomorrow´s the volleyball, then basketball and so on. You should be thanking them.”
Hisagi-sensei hands out papers. “Please let one of your parents or guardians sign these waivers. I need them back until the end of the week, or else you won’t be able to compete.”
Manami-san continues. “I´ll announce the starting members at the middle of the week, that´s when you´ll get your uniforms. Takara, Taiki you take the bikes.”

The game against the baseball team was fun but we obviously lost. And so a few days go by until Manami-san awaits us with Kei, Hisagi-sensei and a big box.
“We have the schedule. Our fist opponents is the Hihibaboon High school, they shouldn´t be the hardest to beat but don´t get cocky regardless. Now the uniforms. Number 1: Takara, Number 2: Taiki, Number 3: Inoue, Number 4: Mizuki, Number 5: will stay reserved for our ace, Number 6: Tousen, Number 7: Kyousuke, Number 8: Kyoya, Number 9: Suou, Number 10: Suzuki, Number 11: Hiroto, Number 12: Nura.”
Our uniforms consist of a white top with a blue stipe down the right side with red lettering and a pair of blue shorts with red stripes on either side.
Manami-san smiles. “Are you excited?”
Everyone nods.
“Good. For the starting line-up: Fujima Takara, Kyousuke Kenta, Fujima Taiki, Inoue Leiko and Tousen Chiko.” He continues.
“So what about the team we´ll fight against should we win?” Kat-kun asks.
“Akaryuu, they will be difficult but we´ll worry about that when we´ve actually won.”
Hisagi-sensei also has something to say: “We´ll be leaving at 7:30 am on the first of June, please come to school, we’ll drive to the venue together. The fist fight stars at 10.”

Friday, the captains of the bicycle and baseball team surprise me in class.
“Good luck.”
“Thanks, oh and thank you so much for helping us out.” I say while bowing.
“Nah, don´t worry, Takara-chan, we wouldn´t have helped if we didn´t want to.”
“Good luck to you two too.”
We all give each other a hand.

1st of June, early morning, the weekend flew by fast.
We all take our seats in the club bus. Taiki and I sit next to each other with Kei right in front of us. Aka-kun sits down next to Kat-kun, who looks unimpressed while the first year girls giggle behind them. Lei-chan and Na-chan are next to each other, just like Ke-kun and Ren-chan. Chi-kun is already asleep in the back. Hisagi-sensei´s behind the wheel, we´ll be driving us today.
“If you want you can sleep a bit.” Manami-san tells us.
Taiki and I take his offer and are sound asleep before we even notice.

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