Chapter 1:

My Name Is Caleb


« Breaking News! Nations rally their forces in response to the United States new military plan concerning the inserting of genetic modifications in american soldiers all around the country despite the negati- »Bookmark here

« Caleb! why’d you close it!! »Bookmark here

« You guys should really forget about what’s going on in the outside and focus on your sleep it’s going be a big day tommorow »Bookmark here

Here i was, wondering why I had to be the one telling grown men to go to sleep. Since i joined the army last year pretty much all of my days we’re going like this: Train then eat then train then eat then sleep, without forgetting being picked on because of my frail body. Fortunately, being with Marco and Zayne made the routine less tiring. Having met Marco way back in high school days, i already had a great bond with him. I hate to admit it, but we probably clicked so well because he reminded me of the little brother i never had. Always needs advice, smiles so much it that it becomes annoying and i stopped counting all the times he got us in trouble, but i loved him. However, Zayne, was a much more recent bond. He had been in this division a couple years before we came and he taught me and Marco everything we know once we joined. Everyone around here respect him because of his skill and the charisma he has with it. If every soldier fought like he did, we wouldn’t need the crazy stuff our country came with.Bookmark here

My thoughts we’re interrupted by Marco’s bear-like snoring. I looked at him, smiled, and fixed his blanket back on his body before deciding to get some sleep myself before our deployment in Irak tomorrow.Bookmark here

4:30 amBookmark here

Our waking time was due in an hour and i still haven’t closed an eye. Tommorow would be my first deployment. I will probably see people die...cause people to die...or even worse...die myself. It doesn’t matter how many times i try to convince myself otherwise but, i wasn’t ready. I had to put on a hard face just so Marco wouldn’t notice it. His dumbass would’ve probably have tried to make me quit.Bookmark here

Anyways, It was way too late to be scared about the next day so i closed my eyes and confied my worries to fate.Bookmark here

« Wake up soldiers! »Bookmark here

Captain Kirk familiar shouting woke everybody up in a matter of a couple seconds. Fortunately, i suceeded in catching up on some sleep before it happened. Still halfway into another sleep session, i could feel my friends energy while we we’re gearing up.Bookmark here

« I can already hear the sound of my camaro’s roar » Marco said.Bookmark here

« Your stupid ass is probably hearing your snores from last night » Zayne repliedBookmark here

« Why you’re so tense pretty boy? Are you worried about what’s your girlfriend back home is doing in between mornings » Marco laughed off to avoid Zayne’s dirty look.Bookmark here

While i was putting my pads on, someone from another division started speaking to me.Bookmark here

« Big day, isn’t it?» he calmly said.Bookmark here

I took a second to analyze him. He was young man around my age but a little shorter than i was. Something felt odd about him but weirdly, i already felt comfortable around him. Bookmark here

« Yes indeed » i repliedBookmark here

« You’re shitting yourself right now, aren’t you? »Bookmark here

« Wh-Why would you think that? »Bookmark here

« I can tell by the way you forgot to put your flak underneath your vest,but don’t worry, it’s normal. »Bookmark here

« Who are you? » I defensively answered while fixing my equipment.Bookmark here

« Oh sorry i completely forgot, name’s Arthur » Bookmark here

« My name is Caleb...but why are you even talking to me?» i let go while shaking his handBookmark here

« I don’t feel like the most normal person here »Bookmark here

The captain’s orders broke the silence Arthur’s answer left then we started moving againBookmark here

« See ya, Caleb. » Arthur said while heading towards the ship posted by the coast.Bookmark here

This interraction left a bitter taste in my head while i was finishing with my preparations. What did he mean by that? I didn’t give it too much attention to it and proceeded to take three deep breaths before joining Zayne and Marco already sitting in the ship.Bookmark here

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