Chapter 25:

The Gears Begin to Turn


A city in drought

A team in despair

A franchise that can only hope

Can only yearn

Can only wait for a draft

Can only wait for new talent

Way, way, down the line

As the gears begin to turn.

A young man from the Far East

Arrives in an unfamiliar land

Lacking in height

Lacking in strength

Can only trust his heart

His hard work

His work ethic

Can only hope to make it into the big league

As the gears begin to turn

A raging flame of talent

Loaded with pride

With conceit

Overflowing with vanity owing to his talent

Known all over the nation for his skills

Finally gets his first taste of reality

As the gears begin to turn

A kid with a troubled past

With a history in prison

Was saved from spending his life in lock-up

Getting a second chance at life

Makes full use of it

Develops his skills and builds himself up

And takes another step towards the big leagues

As the gears begin to turn

A veteran athlete

Disregarded by the league

A vocal leader

Whose leadership is seen as poison

Christened “Cancer”

Finally offered a chance by his friend

The new coach of a team

A team in despair

Hopes to finally win them a championship

To lead them to a championship

As the gears begin to turn

A child who loves the game

But can’t even score the ball

Meets a gifted athlete

Who teaches him the basics of the game

Following a bitter humiliation in academics

He almost gives up on his dream

But destiny has other ideas

He gets back into the game

Makes a spot in a team

And proceeds to chase his dreams once again

He must overcome society

He must overcome family

He must overcome regressive minds

Regressive ideals

He must overcome fate

To reach his destiny

As the gears begin to turn

A team in want of a face

A franchise player

A game changer

The spiel starts to make itself seen

And the pieces start to assemble

As the gears begin to turn…