Chapter 74:

Chapter 74- Was Everything A Lie?

Sorrow Dayz

"I thought art was something only generated in my generation" Megumi said. "Hmm well your right, when the sickness occurred only the young were effected, but also you have a very small percentage of people who were also effected." "Nevertheless, they were cast away when the council caught wind of that" Siaki said. 

"Wait, wait so your telling me it is elders who were of the Wakai?" Megumi asked. "Indeed, no one knows if there still alive or not, but if you ask me I would say yes" Siaki said. "Do you think they have left the village?" Megumi asked. "Huh village…?" Siaki responded. "Our village sir" Megumi replied.

 "Oh, that’s right I’m sorry, why yes I think there are those who had left and some who didn't in-case of emergency to stay and protect the ones they love" Siaki said. "Why did you seem shocked when I said village sir?" Megumi asked. "Oh I’m sorry that is also something I’m not use to, we the elders do not know of any villages." "That is something that was put in place to change the attitude of this new world, to try covering up old past and wounds spread across the world" Siaki said. "What, so this wasn’t called a village what were we called then?!" Megumi exclaimed.

 "Are sure you want to know of these certain things, because if people do find out you know they will come for you or attack the ones you love" Siaki said. "YES, I’LL TAKE THE RISK!" Megumi exclaimed. "There are regions across the world of Restaria, excuse me Serenual to you all." "We are Region S’, S as in Sorrow" he said. "So are The Village of Divinity, and The Village of Thaumaturgy not really villages as-well?" Megumi asked. "Correct, but you can’t share that with others" he replied. "Also Divinity, and Thaumaturgy are borders of Region S" he said.

 "Borders so that means---." "Yes Divinity, and Thaumaturgy are our allies, and neighbors." "We are supposed to help them whenever they need our help" Siaki said as he interrupted Megumi. Megumi sat there and thought to herself, so they were telling the truth they knew nothing of what happened it was those evil witches. "Are you OK?" He asked. "May I ask you, do you know how my grandmother died?" Megumi said.

 "Why yes some elders in the Thaumaturgy killed her because they thought she was a witch" he replied. "Hey you better get going to check on your friends, they’re probably waiting on you at your home" Siaki said. "OK I will be back sir, I want to know more" she said.

 "OK I’ll be here waiting when you’re ready" Siaki said. Megumi shook her head signaling OK then she walked out the door. Siaki walked behind her, as he closed the door and looked out his window watching Megumi walk away. "I hope it won’t be a day when I have to use this again" Siaki said as he grimaced while placing his hand softly on the window he then closed his curtains.

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