Chapter 73:

Chapter 73- The Truth Behind Art...

Sorrow Dayz

"Where was I?" He asked. "You were talking about the history of art" Megumi said. "Oh yes that’s right" Siaki said. "He talked to you all about the five triggering affects didn’t he, and how to activate your art?" Siaki asked. "Yes sir" Megumi replied.

 "Nevertheless he didn’t explain what art is or how it could kill you, maybe even hurt the ones you love." "It’s a dark history behind all of these lies that have been told, family secrets that will shared." "Furthermore a lot of things that will hurt you emotionally, and maybe physically are sure you want to go down this path?" Siaki asked.

 "Yes sir they killed my grandmother and I WON’T LET THAT GO!" Megumi exclaimed. "Just as feisty as your grandmother ahey" Siaka replied. "OK let me get serious, for one it is boundaries to art" he said. "Wait boundaries what do you mean?" Megumi asked in aw. "Look at your feet and tell what do you see?" He asked. "Well I see my shoes on my feet" she replied. 

"NO tell me in detail what do you see not just your shoes" Siaki said. "OK I see my shoes my socks on my feet then the bracelet around my right foot that I wear" she said. "Good, you see the boundary between your foot and your shoe?" He asked. "Think of that as the boundary of your art" Siaki said. "Wait was that the boundary with art?" She asked. 

"OK before art, one cannot activate his/her art without having a signature" he said. "A signature?" Megumi said. "Yes a signature as in something, that person will or would be known for doing." "Your signature of your art is your skeletal abilities the more you activate the more you’ll learn about your signature" Siaki said. "Also the same thing goes for the rest of you friends, and see the unique thing about you all, the first of the Wakai." 

"Is that you all activated your art before your signature was even shown" Siaki said. "WHAT?" Megumi responded. "Ha, is this too much to take in?" Siaki asked. "No sir this has all caught me by surprise that’s all" she said. "Oh and I cannot forget the biggest factor, that tiredness you feel after your art has deactivated is your destined emotion." 

"Destined emotion what is that?" Megumi asked. "Destined emotion is what your art feeds off of and it allows you to conjure up art from the emotion that is the strongest in your body at the time of an occurrence." "Then the more and more you focus on that emotion your art eats it up, but be careful of how much you use it." "Now I am not one for legends, but legend has it if you use that destined emotion too much it will vanish from you" Siaki said.

 "What, I can’t believe Mr. Howkuu didn’t tell us anything about this" Megumi said. "Now wait just a minute before you go blaming people maybe he didn’t know" Siaki said. "Also your destined emotion focuses on your mind, the more you concentrate on that emotion the stronger you art will be." "You might have noticed that your art was the strongest as it ever was when your first activated it."

 "Oh I know you have learned more abilities with your art or further enhanced capabilities." "Furthermore that falls more on your signature don’t confuse the two" Siaki said. "What please tell me that is all there is" Megumi said. "No one more thing when one truly has become one with his/her destined emotion and signature he then becomes his/her Profound Design" Siaki said, "Profound Design?" Megumi uttered.

 "Yes that may be the biggest legend of them all." "Profound design was said to be the most dangerous thing ever, and when I say ever I mean forever." "You have to take in the fact of those who believe in Hushur, Witches, and many other things" he said. "Impossible!" Megumi said. "Unless there is something more powerful than those ha ha" Siaki said. 

Megumi thought to herself that he didn’t know they had came in confrontation with the witches, so she kept that to herself. "Why no sir" she said. "How do you know so much about… art?" Megumi asked. "Well I was around your grandmother for a long time, and she truly was The Great Supika that is fact, she also knew a lot of things" Siaki said. "Well excuse me sir, but that still doesn’t explain how you know about art." Megumi said. 

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