Chapter 0:

The Wearing of a Soul's Attrition

She Wants to Eat my Love?

"One does not need to look at the stars to discover grand questions of existence; all they need is a mirror. And through this mirror, as it would be obviously thought, is one's own reflection. But to the world that passes by mirrors so often, how is one to find the secrets to life when they have yet to find them so far upon every passing glance? The best questions many end up finding is whether or not their hair is done right or if they need to start hitting the gym.

"And to those who think that at their first glances at a mirror, I ask, 'Is that you that you see in the mirror?' Think about it. And no, I am not asking in terms of the random conspiracies on how the mirror shows a false version of you always and you can never really see yourself, this idea is rather pointless. What I am asking about is how much of that image can you remove, destroy, transmute, add, and all  the other factors and options for customization, before you stop being you. The answers will vary, but mine finds itself stagnant. 

"Be it from ignorance and pride or exceptional wisdom, my view stays the same, and always has been. And what is this wisdom? Well, it comes in two parts, but both parts are part of one answer. 

"The wisdom I share is of the definition of humanity; the soul and love! All things reduced, outside of the literal atomical senses, are reduced into one's soul and love. Every action taken was done out of desire, and every desire is out of a certain affection. Now, already right here, you probably already have you disagreements; but consider the flexibility of a soul and love and affection. One would say, in some hope to counter, that 'those who do wrong out of spite surely know no affection towards the act'. And to them I'd ask them about the origins of spite. Only from the perceived enacted degradation of something that is held under loving lenses can one form spite. Love is the source of all actions.

"But what of the soul; well, the soul is just our word for what makes us act and who we are. It is the logos, the diving script that all of us follow and that all of us have a copy of while we perform within the marvelous play of life. In essence, it is what makes us act; hence why love and the soul are near the same or possibly are. As all actions done by truly conscious creatures are actions done with love. Now one might think that this is some form of an appeal to purity; and they may be right, but creatures that do not exist at least within the realms of duality in terms of the ability to love and to hate seem hardly conceivable as characters—they are hardly alive. 

"And with these words landing upon your deaf ears, maybe at least my intent has reached you, and maybe through that you will be able to see this tale before your eyes. But every bit of cinema needs a screen to project, so clear your mind so nothing gets in the ways this tale. Let us find the balance between one's love and their soul—and everything else that is to fall upon them in such fortunate circumstances."

The tale begins with two friends discussing their own thoughts on humanity—and to that I hope they find insight to what will soon fall into their laps, and so I hope that they find themselves listening maybe even a little to my wisdom. But then again, it may not be wise, and it may not be of any importance. There is a balance between everything, and so you must weigh my words to be something of great importance, or as another anagram of words in the infinite beyond .

Word count: 658