Chapter 10:

A drunkard's plan

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

For the next week, things were surprisingly smooth for Koshiro (if compared to the first day at least). Sure, people started commenting about his relationship with Sumyie behind his back, and every time he met with Takayama she hit, kicked, beat, punched, smacked, or struck him..., and he didn’t think of anything good to write, and, in the nights he played, he had to endure the humiliation of being a bad player… But not everything was bad! Koshiro, Koshiro...Bookmark here

Koshiro’s days were basically 1 - get woken up by Sumiye and Scar, 2 - fail to think of something, have breakfast, and head to school with Sumiye, 3 - at school he would watch his classes, get harassed by Takayama, receive dozens of club invitations (seriously, Sumiye wasn’t joking, he received an invitation from choir club, soccer team, basketball team, theater club, shogi club and shogi team (these were apparently different things), food club, Ikebana club, ice cream club (Koshiro didn’t understand why this was separate from food club), club club, and many, many others! Koshiro would also look for places to eat his obento alone (he didn’t want people seeing that it was made by Sumiye, since the food always had a big “Made for Koshiro-kun, by Sumiye Suto.” on it)Bookmark here

“I haven’t seen Sawada since that day… that’s probably because I haven’t eaten at the same spot.” Koshiro thought to himself on the lunch break of the seventh day, “Or maybe it’s just because I’m not around Kuma-chan…” he was also avoiding the school’s mascot since the rumors of a freshman into inflatable bears was spreading out pretty fast.Bookmark here

He finished his obento and headed to the stairs, that day he was eating at the roof, so he needed to go down two floors. The boy was just a few meters away from his class when he saw something odd and dangerous: a flushing Sumiye talking to Yasutake, Hirata, Takayama, and Shimizu. Bookmark here

“This can’t be good.” Koshiro murmured to himself as he started to skitter, but before he could do anything about it…Bookmark here

“Kochiru Koike! I mean, Koshiro Koike! Please come to the principal’s office! Repeating… Kochiru Koike! I mean, Koshiro Koike! please come to the principal’s office!.” Katayama-Sensei (the school’s principal) interrupted Koshiro via speakers.Bookmark here

“This guy never learns, huh?” Koshiro sighed and turned around, being forced to hear things like:Bookmark here

“Isn’t this the one that was called last week?”Bookmark here

“He’s some type of delinquent?”Bookmark here

“He’s the one that comes to school with Suto-Sensei… I’m pretty sure they have an unchaste relationship.”Bookmark here

"Hey, eating bread with banana isn't weird!"Bookmark here

"Yeah man, Banana bread is a thing!"Bookmark here

"You're not understanding, he puts an actual banana inside a normal bread!"Bookmark here

"Oh..."Bookmark here

"Oops, looks like I overheard something that I shouldn't have. I better hurry to the principal's office."Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“Katayama-Sensei?” Koshiro called after knocking on the door.Bookmark here

“Come in!” the principal invited from his room.Bookmark here

“Excuse me.” the boy entered the room and then sat in front of Katayama, “What is it Sensei?”Bookmark here

"Wait a minute, let me just... catch this one here!" Katayama-Sensei was playing on his phone.Bookmark here

"Okay..."Bookmark here

"Damn it! He escaped!" the principal hit his desk, startling Koshiro. "Argh, anyway." he crossed his arms and made a serious expression, "I believe you know why you're here this time."Bookmark here

“Hmm.” Koshiro considered the possibilities, “Maybe it is because of me and Sumi… I mean, Suto-Sensei?”Bookmark here

“Exactly!” he shouted while getting up from his chair and putting his hands on the table, “It’s about you and Suto-Sensei! I’ve heard some DISTURBING things about you two.”Bookmark here

“Sensei, I swear that she’s just like a sis…”Bookmark here

“How can you allow her to show up drunk in the mornings when you come with her every day??!”Bookmark here

“Huh?” the boy tilted his head.Bookmark here

“Yes! That’s the obliviousness preventing one of our best teachers from doing her job correctly!”Bookmark here

“So, you’re not here to talk about some type of unchaste relation between student and teacher?”Bookmark here

“Why would I do that? She’s like a sister to you, right? And she’s quite attractive so you are a lucky bastard for being able to sleep with her.”Bookmark here

“Sleep in the same house as her.” Koshiro corrected quickly.Bookmark here

“Details!” the principal shook his hand as if pushing away those “details”, “Don’t brag about your women for me, boy!”Bookmark here

“Hmm... eer..." Koshiro looked for words. "Anyway, Katayama-Sensei. I’m sure she doesn’t drink at my house, which means she’s drinking here at school.”Bookmark here

“Is that so?” the man held his chin and pondered for a minute, “If that’s the case I’ll have someone look into it.”Bookmark here

“Okay, so I can go now?”Bookmark here

“Of course not! We have to talk about you now.” he stared at Koshiro’s eyes, “Aren’t you the one always behind Kuma-chan?”Bookmark here

Now I really don’t know if he’s talking about me or Sawada.” “Hehe, I don’t think so, Katayama-Sensei.” Koshiro scratched his head.Bookmark here

“Okay, but be on the lookout for it, we can’t let Kuma-chan be sullied by some filthy man!”Bookmark here

“So a woman is okay?” “Count on me Sensei…” the boy smiled awkwardly.Bookmark here

“You are a good boy Koiko-kun.” Katayama smiled, “You can go now.”Bookmark here

“Okay…” Koshiro got up, “Excuse me then.”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“Koike-san, what do you like to do?” Hirata asked, not concerned about they being in the middle of class.Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“I know that you like playing, but your hobby is still writing?”Bookmark here

“I guess so…”Bookmark here

“Kazuhiko is very good at drawing!” Yasutake chimed in.Bookmark here

“Oh, there’s no need to exaggerate Erity-chan.” Hirata scratched his head. “I’m not that good.”Bookmark here

“Yes, you are!” Yasutake grabbed Hirata’s notebook, “You could even go pro if you wanted.” she showed some of his drawings on the last pages of the notebook, they were incredibly diverse (from various inanimate objects all the way to demonic creatures), and somehow the quality was constantly beautiful, especially for a boy sketching rapidly during classes.Bookmark here

“Wow, these are actually pretty impressive, Hirata.” the glimmering in Koshiro’s eyes was almost visible. "Wait, is there also a sketch of po..."Bookmark here

“Thanks, Erity-chan!” Hirata looked at her, “But you know, you’re pretty good at singing too.”Bookmark here

Yasutake started blushing. “T-Thanks Kazuhiko…” she murmured and unintentionally dropped the notebook.Bookmark here

“Huh?” Hirata tilted his head, “Are you alright?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yes,” she said while turning around. “Let’s pay attention to class now.” Yasutake ended the conversation.Bookmark here

“Hmm, why are they talking this?” Koshiro pondered for a bit, but ultimately, decided to let it go.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Koshiro was one of the last students to leave his class that day, he started walking to the stairs but was stopped by a dangerous figure:Bookmark here

“Heey, Koshiro-kun!” it was a flushing Sumiye.Bookmark here

“Oh no.” Koshiro took a step back, “Are you drunk right now?”Bookmark here

“Heey! Hic, I’m not... hic drunk… hic” she said.Bookmark here

“Aargh.” Koshiro sighed, “Katayama-Sensei called me in today because of that.”Bookmark here

“Wasn’t it hic because… hic I was kinda hic drunk in some mornings?”Bookmark here

“Well, yeah…”Bookmark here

“But now… hic is the afternoon! And I’m not… hic drunk anyway.”Bookmark here

“Hmm, you’re kinda right…” “In the afternoon part at least.”Bookmark here

“So, come… hic with me!” the woman said as she started marching to the stairs leading up. “I have the… hic solution to your problems!”Bookmark here

Koshiro hesitantly followed her. “So, you’re gonna help me create a story?”Bookmark here

“Not... hic exactly, but it’ll… hic, help!”Bookmark here

“Hmm…”Bookmark here

“Don’t you… hic, remember what I told you… last week?” Sumiye asked while going up the stairs.Bookmark here

“Hmm…” Koshiro searched through his mind, “Something after school…?” “Is it about clubs?”Bookmark here

“Bingo!” Sumiye raised her hands in celebration, “And it can... hic solve your girl problem... hic as well!”Bookmark here

“Girl problem?”Bookmark here

“Yes! The one you have with that… hic Hayami-chan.”Bookmark here

“Hayami? Does she mean... “ “Takayama? The fake girl? Devil? Octopus head?”Bookmark here

“Yep!” Sumiye stopped for a moment and turned to look at Koshiro: “What about… hic the last one?” she asked while smiling.Bookmark here

“My last problem? Maybe people thinking that I’m into Lolis? Or Bears? Or maybe the fact that I’m probably not very attractive? Hmm…”Bookmark here

“Oh, I’m sorry! It isn’t really… hic your problem…” she resumed her walk.Bookmark here

“What it is then?”Bookmark here

“Well… hic it’s the… fact that... hic we’re in Chapter 10... and we’re still basically… hic in the introduction…”Bookmark here

“Oh, that’s true.” Koshiro’s face was that of a person who just realized something very important. “Do you think it’ll end soon?”Bookmark here

“Hmm...” Sumiye swayed through the corridors of the fourth floor, delaying her answer until they reached a door. “Yeah… hic, it’ll end… pretty soon!” she exclaimed while opening the door. Bookmark here

“Huh?” Koshiro tilted his head as he looked at the empty room.Bookmark here

“Oops... it’s this one here!” she took a few strides to another door and opened it.Bookmark here

Koshiro looked through it: “Are you sure that’s the place?”Bookmark here

Sumiye looked at the room, it had a huge ice cream machine and some students lounging about while enjoying the frozen dessert. “Oh... hic I’m sorry for interrupting you, Ice cream club!”Bookmark here

Sumiye closed the door and walked to another one saying: “Now that’s... hic definitely the one!” the woman stopped before it, ready to open it when:Bookmark here

“Are you alright?” Koshiro asked after Sumiye put her hands on her mouth.Bookmark here

“It’s… okay…” she said with the face turning green.Bookmark here

“I think you should go to the bathroom.”Bookmark here

“I don’t need…” she started, but a sudden retch interrupted her. “Excuse me… just open the door and be nice to them.” the woman bolted out of the place.Bookmark here

"She never learns." Koshiro sighed and smacked his head. “Hmm, she said something about being nice to them?” he looked at the door before him. After staring at it for several seconds he finally decided to go in with an “Excuse m…” no, Koshiro stopped midway, finally understanding what Sumiye was planning.Bookmark here

“Huh?” a girl looked at him with puzzlement.Bookmark here

“Hey, Koike-san!” a boy greeted him cheerfully.Bookmark here

“K-Koike-k-kun…” a shy girl said his name.Bookmark here

“Aargh, this scumbag really came?” a fake girl complained.Bookmark here

The four pairs of eyes observed him as he stood at the threshold of the door thinking: “I’m definitely killing that drunkard.”Bookmark here

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