Chapter 12:

Kasumi has a hat now.

Former Magical Girls and their Daily Lives

The Lemons rode the crowded train to their school. The train sped to the station that was closest to the school and halted at the stop. The girls had to fight their ways to the outside of the train and they tripped over each other at the very end and made a lemon pile on the floor. The train left hastefully.Bookmark here

"Why are there so many people on this Earth?" asked Kasumi, getting off of the pile. "Things would be easier if there were fewer people."Bookmark here

"That may be true, but I don't know if I want to take a risk where I don't exist. I think a bigger question would be your fashion sense. Why are you wearing that hat?"Bookmark here

Kasumi touched her hat. It was the hat the Hat Lady gave to her and the hat was one of those wool hats that had those balls hanging off the sides.Bookmark here

"For your information, I like this hat. It was given to me as a gift. Why didn't you say anything when we were at the house or on the train?"Bookmark here

"My personal reasoning for that is nonexistent. The real reason is that the audience wasn't watching us when we were home or on the train. Anyway, we have to go to school."Bookmark here

They started to walk to the school.Bookmark here

"Look, I was wearing this hat the whole morning, yet you didn't comment on any part of it. Frankly, I thought that this hat was magical and you couldn't see it."Bookmark here

"How do you know that I can see it now?"Bookmark here

"Because you are the one who brought it up. That's why."Bookmark here

"Anyway, as I was saying, I think the hat fits you."Bookmark here

"Then why were you dissing it?"Bookmark here

"Because it reminds me of an annoying vlogger, but other than that, the hat seems to fit you. It's childish and cool that way. I don't know how to explain it. The difficulty of explaining the reasoning of the hat. It's like how you are usually serious yet no one can take you seriously."Bookmark here

"You don't have to go that deep. Just say it's cute or something. I doubt you have to understand all of the facets of my personality and character to see why I like this hat. Sometimes people can like things. I doubt there's any symbolism in this hat. What does the alien represent how I come from a faraway place? And the pink part represents that I'm not what people expect from an alien? Wait, that actually seems to work."Bookmark here

"You aren't an alien, Kasumi. You are a normal girl. Maybe being a magical girl changed a little of that, but you are still a normal girl."Bookmark here

"Do you really think so? I don't think that I'm completely normal." Kasumi turned away from Risa and looked forward. "It should be an understatement that Magical Girl life affected me, and... Wait, is that a rabbit?"Bookmark here

There was a rabbit in the middle of the sidewalk. It was white like milk and had a cute pink nose. It looked confused like a magician just pulled it out of his hat.Bookmark here

"Aw, that's so cute!" exclaimed Risa. "I want to take you home. Get over here!" She ran to the rabbit and the rabbit ran away, but Risa was faster. She grabbed the rabbit, but her arm just phased right through it. "Huh?"Bookmark here

"I see that you are interested in that rabbit, little girl," a man in a suit and top hat said. "But it seems like you can't grab him."Bookmark here

"What's going on?" Risa asked.Bookmark here

"I'll tell you what's going on. That rabbit doesn't exist." He pointed at the rabbit with his cane, and the rabbit disappeared. "What you actually saw was a hologram. And as you can tell, it's very realistic, and it can do anything. Let me show you."Bookmark here

A couple dozen of rabbits appeared around Risa, and they all started doing tricks: doing flips, rolling around, throwing each other into the air, stacking themselves on top of each other, and other tomfoolery.Bookmark here

The man tapped the floor with his cane, and the rabbits disappeared.Bookmark here

"Don't you see. These holograms are great, and you can have them for 100,000 yen."Bookmark here

"Wow," said Risa, "Hey, Kasumi, can we-?"Bookmark here

"Nope, out of the budget. Let's go." Kasumi dragged Risa out of the salesman's sight.Bookmark here

"Why do you have to reject it so bluntly? It looks cool."Bookmark here

"It may look cool, but we don't have 100,000 yen to waste. We have to make good financial decisions. Anyway, something about those holograms seems sketchy, but even if they are completely legit, the price is way too high for some high school girls like us. Do you really like them that much anyway?"Bookmark here

"I guess. We could have some rabbits in the house."Bookmark here

"Eh, you can't even touch the rabbits. So, you lose any cuddling or petting you would have with a normal rabbit. Also, I bet that he was only talking about one rabbit. It's probably 100,000 yen EACH."Bookmark here

"Well, technically there shouldn't be an issue since holograms should be able to show almost anything it wanted to. It doesn't have to be only one rabbit."Bookmark here

"I guess you could be right. Either way, I wouldn't doubt that he would try to squeeze as much money as possible from you."Bookmark here

"You said that the technology might be sketchy. Why don't we ask the person who knows a lot about technology?"Bookmark here

"Who's that?"Bookmark here

Risa held her answer for dramatic effect until they got to the school. Kasumi was confused why she suddenly stopped talking but was glad for the change in pace and continued to drag her.Bookmark here

"Megumi!" she yelled out when they inevitably passed Megumi.Bookmark here

"Hi, Risa," Megumi responded, "What's up?"Bookmark here

"Hey, you know all about the newest technology, right?"Bookmark here

"What makes you think that?"Bookmark here

"Because you play a lot of video games."Bookmark here

"Oh, no. I don't really care about technology. I couldn't tell you about new stuff computer-related."Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"Well, I guess I know more than the average person, but frankly, my computer is a 10-year old potato. It doesn't run too well, but it's enough to run the games I like with ease. I don't care for the picture-perfect graphics and the high processing power. If it can run Demon Killers III on low, it's NASA to me."Bookmark here

"So, you aren't the person to ask about technology."Bookmark here

"I guess so. I'm also not good at sports."Bookmark here

"Don't worry. I figured that out."Bookmark here

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