Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Stay with me until it stops hurting

Another cloudy morning? Bookmark here

I thought as I was storing my camping equipment in my magic bag. I haven’t seen a hint of sun since I left on my journey, what a waste. I finally decide to go out and enjoy life and it’s now that the gods are in a bad mood?Bookmark here

I put on my black cloak, tied my hair with a red ribbon (that Ori gave me) and started my long walk towards our neighboring kingdom, the kingdom of Augustin. Bookmark here

It was Ori that proposed I went on a journey. He noticed that I wasn’t feeling well for the past months, it seems that I had lost the joy that adventuring brought me.Bookmark here

« Go on a journey, come back when you find happiness Hendrix, it pains me to see you like this. » I remember him saying with a sad face.Bookmark here

I decided to go as he requested, since he is my best friend AND the king of our kingdom. That was about three months ago, and man, I haven’t found a bit of happiness! I stopped in countless villages, helped them with their problems but NOTHING! I was really starting to give up.Bookmark here

As I was reminiscing, I sensed magic, fire magic. I hurried in that direction where I met a magic wall, a very weak one. Magic walls are usually used to hide demon villages since the demon speacies are hated by humans. Shit! Some dumbass human must’ve broke in. I went through the wall, walked a bit to see a small village burning to a crisp. Bookmark here

Fuck! Please be alive! I thought as I was activating a water magic circle over the town. That fire magic was quite powerful, you don’t see magic this strong usually, but fortunately, I was able to extinguish it. I ran through the streets of the village yelling if anyone was alive. No response. I continued running until I heard sobbing. Bookmark here

I entered the small house where the cries came from. I saw a small demon child crying over two dead bodies covered with wood planks. I guess those were his parents. All I felt was pity for that demon. The kid finally noticed my presence and started hissing at me, he had big yellow snake-like eyes with tiny red horns. I ran towards him and held him in my arms. Bookmark here

« Its gonna be alright kid. »Bookmark here

He seemed surprised by my actions but he held me back and started sobbing harder. Bookmark here

« We have to get out of here soon. » Bookmark here

« But.. my parents.. » Bookmark here

« Its alright, wait for me outside. »Bookmark here

I threw the planks away and carried both his parents out of the house. I laid them on the grass near the village and started to bury them . Bookmark here

The child was standing far away from me so I signed him to come in front of his parents graves. I started praying and he did the same. We placed flowers on top and said our goodbyes.Bookmark here

« Hey, what’s your name by the way? » I asked.Bookmark here

« Oh.. my name is Demian sir, and you? » Bookmark here

« Im Hendrix, it’s nice to meet ya! »Bookmark here

…I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have some company.. Bookmark here

« Say Demian, would you like to follow me on my journey? »Bookmark here

Demian still seemed cautious of me but he accepted my proposal.Bookmark here

« Alright then, I’m happy to have you partner!»Bookmark here

[end of chapter 1]Bookmark here

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