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11 Kingdoms


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News Blog Article 1: [Announcement of a new game in works]

Sun City Herald

Maya Farnsdell

Nov. 18, 2064

The world is in awe one image has been leaked today from the world's largest corporation, Black Clover Industries. The image is simply a map of the world divided into 12 sections bringing up fears of the world still recovering from the War of Ideals, almost twenty years ago. When asked about what this is the Company Spokesman Gail Jeirade is quoted as saying.

"This map is part of a large upcoming video game release from Kinchrou Masaru, creator of the infamous game Blood pool which brought the company 350 billion to date in revenues. While much cannot be divulged at this time, we can say that the players of this new game will not only affect the video games world but also real-world decisions of Black Clover and its 127 subsidiary companies."

Upon the release of this information, the public gathering of reporters stood in shock from the statement. It looks like the company Black Clover Industries which stands as one of the largest economies of the world in itself is putting the future of the company in a gamble of sorts with their fan base in the video game industry.

Gaming Blog Article 1: [Title released]

16-bit Gamer

Freddie Paul

March 26, 2065

Big news gaming fans, the working title of the new Black Clover game by master game creator Kinchrou Masaru, Creator of the top-selling game Blood pool which let players go toe to toe with a mastermind serial killer is working on a massive RPG said to have real-world rewards from the Companies own bank account. The game will be tapping into a new mind wave-based control system and about what platform it would be for the maker declined to say, but rumors hold that they will not be using at launch their home-based Origin 7 system. What does this all mean? Well at this time the company is being tight on any information leaking out publicly, but they did announce in a recent press release that the game will be an MMORPG with the working title of "11 Kingdoms". Now taking the image released upon the first rumors of the game release we can see that what was originally conceived as 12 sections (see the image of BlackCloverWorldMapnov2064.jpg) of the world is in fact 11 with unpopulated areas of the world Blacked-out. We don't know what is going on but we can say it's going to be big and will change the way games are played, and maybe as the company states may just change the world.

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