Chapter 2:

Gathering Teams

11 Kingdoms

Report: Gathering of Teams

Accessing Camera Network: Onyx 47

Location – Washington DC, Crystal City

Alternative source: Personal Journal entry of Jamie Eve

Walking off the subway to lay eyes on what would be my new home, while the game was in production took me by awe. I along with a collection of other people I could only assume were also headed here by the look of the small white boxes on their necks, looked on at a towering complex a full city block long, Half the building looked to still be well under construction but the sheer size dwarfed the stadiums outside the city, built to house major sporting events. The largest point was a tower that overshadowed the DC skyline that was slowly rebuilding larger after the last war. The half of the complex that was completed over-shadowed the unfinished one by several floors. In between the two stood a structure of glass overlooking a massive indoor garden with a pool, café, and even basketball court and soccer field. The lower levels of the bigger tower, housed a grocery store, information desk, waiting area, and I swear something I hadn’t seen outside of pictures from my grandmother’s youth of a small arcade. Signs also lead to a pathway that reads clinic and security and a single movie theater. These all came as less a surprise, the theater easily could double as a massive meeting room, and with the number of staff living in the tower having both health and security services available would help aid in the needs of its new tenants. It was like someone took the United States capital and decided to segregate an entire city of people. I started to feel smaller when I looked up and soon lost track counting the floors, I could see somewhere around the lower twenty’s. I failed to take notice of the woman trying to gather new people and take them to their set suites. Before I knew it I was alone, with only a few people walking around with the sense of they have already begun to settle into this new life of theirs.

"Do you like to just stand around staring at our complex, huh?" stated a voice behind me. Startling me to the point where I let out a little squeal. "Easy there, new girl, I mean you no harm. Just want to make sure you don't get lost that's all." I look at a man who has a much older look, his wireframe glasses and blue golf shirt covered his now building mass of a stomach and slight hint of graying hairs on his ear line. A closer look shows his Nuro-link has what I can only assume are Hello Kitty stickers attached for some reason. "So new girl, I assume you're a new member of Team Onyx, do you have your group number.”

Looking thoroughly embarrassed I quickly drop my two bags and pull a slip of paper from my purse and read off the number. “Forty-seven!” I was glad to receive such a number, figuring it to be like most a form of ranking, and placing me well below the top ten people who would undoubtedly gain the attention.

“Forty-seven, huh well from the look of you I guess you’re Jamie Eve.” A shocked look hits my face as the strange man with a love for a cartoon cat knows my name without me even wearing a name tag.

The man knowing my name shocked me, and I started to step away from what I could only figure was a cyber-stalker of mine, out to imprison me and force me to cook for him on the Hello Kitty kitchen set. “How… how did you know?”

“My name is Rick Mathers. The team leader of group forty-seven, I am also an old friend of Bart Howser's." The name he stated didn’t come to me. My puzzled look must have been easy to read, as Rick could tell I didn't make the connection. "The Designer they had interviewed you, I worked with him in the past doing some of the coding for previous Black Clover titles. Anyway, I came today to meet you and another member of our team and see to it you two got settled in at the compound." Without asking he grabs one of my bags and starts towards the elevators. “Come on I will show you to our floor.”

"Our Floor?" I ask grabbing my other bag and trying to keep balance. As we enter an elevator and Rick pushes a button for floor forty-seven. Suddenly it finally hit me the number system wasn't ranking in the way I thought. It was the floor assignment.

“Yeah, each of the divisions are set to house teams of forty-five groups, of that each complex has about fifty floors, one floor per team. Our team while small at the moment stands as the team at the top point at this time.” For the second time in minutes of themselves shock hits me, and this time I almost faint. The placement could only mean one of two things, either I was at the bottom of the talent in the tower, or I was sitting on the top. Pain hit my stomach as the elevator rose and the concept hit me that the best always go higher. I am being placed with the best. Why me?

“Does that mean we are more important for some reason?” I nervously ask.

“Well I don’t want to discuss the issue till the group is all gathered, but in a way, our group was chosen to build the capital of our division. In a way, we stand as the people who create the great ruling power for our division which houses the US East Coast, Caribbean, and all of Canada. You should feel honored." I don't I look down from the glass wall showing the outer skyline and keep telling myself I might survive the drop if I make a running jump.

“Wait but how did I get chosen for such a place, I thought I was just going to be a game designer for the environment and stuff. You know the starter stuff." I fight off a nauseous feeling as I belt out my words.

“Well I can say old bulldog Howser suggested it, and Master Masaru also insisted when he looked at your portfolio." As the halfway point is reached on the ride I begin to think maybe jumping to my death would be worth it.

"My Portfolio was seen by Master Masaru?" A sudden yet familiar pain hit me as my stomach cringes and I dropped to my knees on the elevator floor.

"Hey, are you all right?" He asks with concern.

"The master of video games requested I do this. He knows of me, Oh god I'm gonna be sick!" I hold back the convulsion building in my throat as the only possible place to send my sick is my luggage.

“Hold on there, Jamie, we almost are to our floor then I can get you to a bathroom.”

The elevator dings and my mad dash is made to a nearby trashcan while Rick pulls my bags off the elevator. Between the glimpse of the steel and plastic trashcan, I see a hallway that is lined in a glass view of the building of a nearby tower to the other half of the complex. The Hall I stood in has six doors for the elevators, and glimpse along the glass line two on either side leading to stairs and a freight elevator, a second hall that peers out from in front of where we stand, leads to a series of doors and a sign reads Onyx 47 Living quarters. On the sides of the current hall has a few other doors but I can't see any signs on them. One of the doors is open though and a small collection of balloons and a welcome sign that reads Team 47, with the smaller script below which is hard at this distance to fully make out, but I think I see my name in the listing of five others.

“Look, are you feeling okay or should I call for the clinic to send someone up here to take care of you?” He looks me over unflinching at the sight. Was this man used to dealing with people like me?

“It’s okay I just am having a panic attack that is all.” I let out in between the convulsions.

“Well calm down and take it easy. We don’t need to rush you into anything here, let’s take one step at a time.” Rick sets my things down in the hall and helps to calm me down.

“Thanks, you just kind of caught me by surprise there.” I try to reassure him and calm my mind down.

“Well I kind of thought you knew actually, I mean Master Masaru doesn’t look at any bodies work, you must have had some strong inside source to him.” I began to think who that inside source was, and could only think my professor was closer to Masaru than I knew and that’s how I got where I was. I began to ease up on my breathing through the calming exercises the doctor taught me, just as the elevator dinged and the woman giving me a disgusted look at my place of sitting, on the floor hovering near a trash can. This is the very woman I should have followed stepping out with an overweight young man, with thick glasses and a T-shirt claiming for the reader to talk Nerdy to him. From the looks, the shirt hasn't been washed in the past few days.

“Oh my, sir, looks like others have come to meet you.” I heard a faint wheeze from the young man as he stared at me. And Rick walked up to shake the boy’s hand. I stumble to my feet, from my sitting point on the cool plush carpet floor.

“Ah the second person I was expecting today, Mr. Gabe Jones. Welcome to Team 47, I’m Rick Mathers, your team leader and this is Jamie Eve, your fellow Graphic Designer.”

Another wheeze escapes his pasty white lips. As he breathes out his words almost run together. "Call me Lord Gavin Master Artist. Except you miss you can call me whatever you want." His labored breathing, through the shallow smile he bears. I get a sudden chill down my back and fear that I have to be living so close to this guy, I just hope we have separate bedrooms. But given the size of the complex from what I could gather, we could very well have separate swimming pools.

"Okay, Lord Gavin." Rick chuckles at the suggestion of calling Gabe by this title.

I cringe, smile, and reply in an attempt to follow Rick's lead. "Hi, Gavin."

The woman walks past us and down the hall towards the Living Quarters. I get a better look at the hall and what I took as a simple white wall proved to be a glass that had a white layer of plastic under it, and every few pillars were dry erase markers and erasers.

“The company wants to promote the group to write and draw out ideas along the floor, so the halls are lined this way so people can enact their creative views both in, and outside of work. The hall near the Elevators houses the computer storage, a private network system, supplies for your group, offices for off-site employees, and a meeting room.” I imagined the meeting room to be the one that the sign and balloons came out from. “The central hallway here leads from the business section to the living section. Mr. Jones will be in Room 47-G, Ms. Eve 47–A.”

I interrupt the woman from her directions. “Shouldn’t the team leader be in room A?”

"I live off-campus with my wife and daughter," Rick replies. “Perk, of being an old employee of Black Clover.”

Suddenly the Hello Kitty stickers make a lot of sense, along with the growing waistline, and ability to handle someone getting sick. He must care for his family. At least enough to proudly let his daughter display her love for the cartoon cat on her father's Nuro-link.

“I do have a small living space in my office though, for when I have a long night to watch over you all.” Giving me the stern looks of an experienced father then suddenly breaking from it into a wide smile. I go ahead to follow the woman to a door reading Onyx 47–A, and a small currently blank nameplate with a piece of tape and my name written in marker along with a mail slot. As I walk up to the door I notice a key in the door lock, as well as an electronic thumb lock in case you’re too drunk or lose your key. I turn to open the door to a large apartment. Walking a short hall passing a small closet and a walk into a small kitchen complete with all the needs for a person to make the basics of any recipe, I can look in through a small opening and look at a living room and three other doors. Two of which are open. Walking out into the living room I can see the first of the doors leads to a full bathroom with a small laundry machine and possibly the largest bathtub I have ever seen. Passing the closed door I walk into the other room this being the bedroom, which from the looks stood larger than the room I had growing up. Closet space ran along one wall and a door leading to the same closed room I had passed between the bathroom and bedroom. I open it to find it housing something I remembered well. There standing in the room was the equipment we used in my divisional sculpture classes. The Dentist chair that looked to be designed by the Spanish Inquisition and the single wall that didn’t house a door to the other rooms held a giant monitor system. The chair has a collection of straps that line up along the arms and legs that close when the chair is active to keep the user from falling out and hurting themselves, or the very expensive equipment. Missing from the chair was the Nuro-Link, but a quick brush of my neck revealed that to be right where I knew it would be. "It's quite a setup, isn't it? There is even a little deck for you to walk out and enjoy the freshest air our capital can give. I suggest you keep it closed unless you want to choke on the smell of politics and news media from Downtown. I also don't think your bags will quite fill the room." Rick states as he places my bags down.

“I have stuff in storage, and at my Mom's that will fill this place up. Thanks for helping me." I crack a small smile as I run my hands along with the chair's frame.

“Hey no problem, I have to look out for my team after all. Just take it easy and when you're ready to, head-on by the meeting room, I have some welcome gifts for you all. Oh, and Moses should be getting back from where ever he went off to." I stand this time puzzled because Rick mentioned that he was waiting for Gabe but I didn’t think anyone else was already living here.

“Moses?” I question.

“Moses is a programmer for our group, well my understudy so to speak. He is the only other member here so far, though our last member should arrive later tonight. They have him staying in room D and the last member Ms. Brough will be next to you in room B. I tried to make sure the guys gave the girls some breathing room with room placement. My office is next to the Meeting room, and I made sure to leave my contact info in everyone's room should something be needed that the staff downstairs can't handle. Oh, and it's a company policy that I need to do a roll call each day to make sure you all are doing okay and are still alive.” He cracks a smile and a quick laugh, but it makes me feel even more uneasy after having spent the last few weeks reading up on earlier work/home environments other companies did, that also housed high suicide rates. Was that my fate? I mean I was already considering the jump on the elevator coming up here. I stare back at Rick in a shocked puzzled look when shouting is made from down the hall, by an unfamiliar voice to me.

"Hey, Ricky! Where you at man? I need your help with this stuff for the new guys." Hollers the unknown voice that I can assume is the male counterpart I have yet to meet.

"That loudmouth would be Moses. Drop by when you're ready, okay.” Rick shows me his thumb in an upward motion and then walks out.

“Yeah, Um… sure thing!” I found my earlier tension in me beginning to flee my body and ease up as I looked on to the mostly empty apartment of mine. I sat down on the plush carpet floor and dug into my purse pulling out my DAS, 3 missed calls, all three from mom. I hit the call back.

“Hi mom, I’m sitting in my new place and I think I’m going to need to have the stuff in my room sent here, I seem to be lacking a lot at the moment. No, I have been by to see Dr. Floyd. Mom! Mom! Mother! I'm doing great. Better than I thought actually. It's a big world out there and I'm just starting to tread water…."

Time passed and when I finally got off the call with her by promising to call her tomorrow with the measurements of the rooms, leaving a new uneasy feeling of my mom decorating my room for me again. I dread she will want to paint it pink and place frilly curtains on the windows if I let her have her way, but I have no energy to fight her. I turned to notice the light out the glass door of my balcony had started to fade with the dwindling sunlight. I brushed down my hair from where I pulled at it on my call and started to make my way out of the room to join the rest of the group in the meeting room.

As I walked in the hall I saw the formally blank white wall leading to the meeting room now had the words, Players gotta play, in one script and under that, D&D, in a different fancier script. The words had me slow my movements for a moment, and I begin to pass the elevators, and my mind races along with my heart telling me to hop in the elevator and flee. But my actions are quickly halted with Rick sticking his head out of the meeting room.

“Jamie. Come on, join us.” His enthusiasm shows through his wide grin on his face as another voice calls out.

“Yeah girl, help us end this depressing sausage fest, and join us.” Cries the voice of the one I know as Moses.

"I'm telling you, player, we are lucky to have a hot girl like that on our team.” From the wheezing voice of Gavin, I didn’t know if I should be in a complete panic or be honored with the idea that I was being thought of as hot.

I suddenly see the head of a tall dark-skinned shaved headed man, wearing tinted shades and a bright green shirt, stick his head out above Rick’s, showing he had either climbed Rick or stands pretty tall. “Damn you aren’t joking, LG.” boosts the man I can only assume is Moses.

“What did I say? MD.”

“Man LG, what did I say my name is, Master D.”

"Isn't that racist for you to call yourself that?" Rick retorts to Moses.

“No, it's racist if one of you, crackers had me call you that. And maybe sexist, if the girls call me that I guess.” Moses throws out a wide smile and a quick laugh at his response.

“It is his Street cred.” Gavin breathes with some nerdy connection

“See LG gets it.” Moses smiles and walks back to his seat.

"I thought you told me you got out of that mess." Rick looks up with a bit of concern on his face.

"Man I got out of the gang stuff, but can't take the street outa me till I bought it, man."

The group failed to notice in the time of their discussion on what to call each other that I have yet to move one bit. But Rick eventually snapped out of it and took notice. “You really are like a Deer caught in headlights aren’t you Jamie.”

"Where did you boys from the south get these sayings?" Moses replies

“It is how deer act when they see a bright light they just stop, it is an old saying.” Rick shoots back. I begin to start to shuffle my feet slowly moving me to the room since my plans for a hidden escape were already ruined by the notice of the party. Rick meets me halfway to take my hand and walks me faster to the door. The room opens up to a long table. Displayed on it are four baskets filled with things, two with things guys would like and the other two with girly soaps and books. In a quick view, I could swear one had a guide to European Castles. Getting a closer look at the other two team members, I could see Moses did indeed dwarf most people I could ever remember, and his bright green shirt displayed the words, Brooklyn luv’n. Clearly stating that his hometown to be none other than, New York City. Gavin, as he likes to be call changed his shirt, to one that is far cleaner, it that only seemed to house three stains of varying types and sizes, this one protesting how one sucks at life with the result of a 1 on a 20 sided die.

“Okay guys, go easy on her, Jamie is a bundle of nerves and it definitely can’t be easy being the only girl here at the moment.”

“Don’t worry, Rick my man.” Moses Sniffs and gives a smile to show off each and every one of his teeth. “Bout time to meet you beautiful, names Moses Dello.” He places out his hand which I nervously put out and we shake.

“And of course you met Gabe, aka, Gavin earlier. When you both arrived, I wanted to greet you all and welcome you to Team 47 of Onyx. I want to go over a few things as well with you all and explain what it is we are here to do. But I need you all here, and I got a message a little while ago that our last team member will be here in about an hour. So till then, I suggest we get to know each other a bit."

As time passes my nerves started to fade, I came to learn that Gavin actually is from the DC area and graduated from my college, but it was two years before I did. Moses explained he found a love for coding and used his passion to get him off the streets where he watched many a friend fall to drugs, and violence. Oddly enough the more he talked the less he seemed like a thug of the street, and more a nerd putting up a façade to keep from facing the damage that comes with the territory, of being able to quote much of the numbers in Pi. Rick, as it turns out, was on the staff of Blood pool, and it was designing an earlier game he met his wife who also was a programmer at the time. But now that the two of them are married she spends her time now teaching coding in junior college while caring for their four-year-old daughter Lily. Rick told us he originated from Macon, Georgia. But claims he escaped before acquiring the local accent. I even opened up a bit by talking about growing up in Miami and about my anxiety issue. The room definitely had a warmer feel when suddenly a knock on the open door caught us all by surprise, as a petite woman with curly brown hair stood at the door. She looked like she just came off a farm somewhere, and had a hat that spoke loudly to decide what part of the country she came from.

“Ah Ms. Brough, Welcome we were expecting you to arrive.” Rick proclaimed “Let me introduce you to the rest of the team, this is Moses Dello, Gabe Jones, Jamie Eve, and I am Rick Mathers. Team this is …” The woman halts Rick in his tracks, as she introduces herself.

“Melissa Brough, I am truly proud to meet y'all!” Melissa stated proudly. The others didn’t seem to notice much but I saw a sad look in Melissa’s eyes when we crossed glances. For someone to be so proud and open she seemed almost as closed, and nervous as I was maybe my issue wasn’t as unusual.

“So Ms. Brough, I take y'all from Texas.” Pronounced a poor Texas accented Moses.

“Yep, from just outside Dallas, Homie!” She shot back in a bad New York accent.

"I like her she knows how to snap back!" Moses says unable to keep up his poor Texan accent and a wide-brimmed smile.

“Um, Jamie since your Melissa’s neighbor why don’t you show her to, her room and then you two come back okay!" Rick asks and I reply quietly with a nod.

I begin to lead Melissa off to room B, and I failed to notice neither of us said a word along the walk. But when we arrive at the door the words open up. “Not much of a talker, are you.” She doesn’t even look at me just moves about inspecting the room.

"No, I'm not one much for talking, I'm kind of nervous in dealing with new things," I say with just a hint of shaky uneasiness in my voice at my new neighbor and teammate.

“You shouldn’t be, a pretty girl like you could run the world on a smile.” Her words had me give a second look at her. She didn’t look like she had much in her bags and her clothing looked torn and well-worn from days of wear. Then I saw it again, that look I thought I saw before, sad eyes. The last time I saw those same eyes was on the day my uncle passed and my Mom had those same sad eyes.

"Um, I don't want to pry but are you alright. Do you need anything?"

She sighs and flings her hat to the kitchen counter of her apartment. Her face now shows the early signs of wrinkles and baggy eyes from little sleep. “I will be alright sweetie. Just a little worn from traveling and saying my goodbyes, that’s all.”

I didn’t think of it before with Rick talking about how he moved his own family, I kind of thought that if one was married then surely they would move with their spouse. And while I noticed the wrinkles I could tell Melissa wasn’t that older than me.

“You had to leave someone in Dallas?”

“You could say that. Now if you don’t mind I don’t want to talk about it much. Besides today is a day of greetings and making new friends.” She wipes her eyes and places a big grin on her face as she turns to face me. “So let’s go show these boys up shall we.”

I quieted up about the issue and the two of us return to the meeting room where Rick hands us both the girly baskets. I was proven in my thoughts about the baskets seeming to be tailored to each of our personal tastes. Once greetings are made Rick turns to us and addresses the business at hand we as a group are set to face.

“Well now that we that had the chance to finally get to know each other, I have to discuss the company's planned project for this group." Rick pulls out a manila envelope with a small stack of papers inside, the words Onyx 47 – Noiox appears on the outside, as Rick pulls out our group's instructions. "Group Onyx forty-seven has the duties to create the complete and full environment of a capital city Midin, complete with a collection of NPC townsfolk. It is also their responsibility to create a working government system for the Kingdom Noiox."

“So wait we need to create a sitting system of government and an entire city.” Interrupts Moses

“Capital is what it said!” Wheezes Gavin

“So Five people to create a massive city, what about the people who rule over the land, do we create them as well?" I add.

"It said just the Townspeople!" Melissa added.

Rick coughs "Are we done, It continues. The seats of power by the top creative team chosen for that place are provided to each Kingdom. In the case of Noiox, this is Team forty-seven.”

“We just became royalty?” Questions Moses

“At last Lord Gavin will rule!” Proclaimed Gavin.

Rick looks at the guys and returns to reading. “The team leader will maintain the seat of power for the kingdom, and the capital will be designed around their decisions with the aid of their team. The first project is for each member to claim a personality and role from the software already installed to begin the startup of each unit. This will also aid in the staff's ability to craft to scale, with the ability to use concepts of character sizes in each given race for each reason. Please make sure to make things to fit the largest of races and have ways for the shortest to access things as well. Manuals of races can be found in employee packets that will be delivered to you the day after your check-in. The first task slated at this time for the team is to build a fully functional Castle to include the following rooms, and to have hidden access for HNPC (Human Non-player characters) to meet and discuss issues that will affect the gameplay out of the prying ears and eyes of players. More on the tasks will be discussed with the staff at a future date, for now, your group has 3 weeks to build your castle for inspection from the game staff at central. Take the time after reading this to discuss what roles each of you wish to play. Each team will consist of three team leaders, the Team lead coder, Team lead designer, and the Team lead coördinator.”

"Hmm, looks like the lead coder is you, Rick." Moses sighs in a huff. “But who is the team Designer, and Team Coordinator."

“That’s simple it's Melissa and Jamie.” Rick pulls out two smaller envelopes with both mine, and Melissa’s names on them.

“What I’m older, I have more experience!" Gavin makes in sudden loud wheezing!

“Yeah, I mean why me. He has me beat I’m sure.” I reply

“You were chosen by Master Masaru, for your art style and your vision. It’s what he wants for the Kingdom. Thus Jamie is the Design leader, but I do think Gavin maybe should hold an equal level with you to help break you in.” Rick Rationalizes to calm the building argument.

“I got no problem with my choice, but I won’t have much to do early on. So I guess, I will just be an extra set of hands for you all." Replies Melissa. She seems to have great confidence in her skills as a Team coordinator.

“Yeah, you will help out the best you can with the design team. Till we need to handle a greater amount of info. Then it will be your task to make sure things are working correctly. For now, I think we should focus on the type of government we want, for Noiox, and our characters any ideas on where to start.” The room is silent and each person looks around for the others to speak up. Rick breaks the silence “Okay, I guess let’s start by creating names for our characters.”

“That’s an easy one, Lord Gavin!”

“You’re not the one in charge though, Rick is.” Moses sighs causing Gavin to grumble something under his breath.

“Herbin, then that was the name I gave my… level 14 wizard.”

“Okay Gavin Herbin, Moses how about you and don’t suggest your nickname. They want us to sound like a name, not a title and letter." Melissa looked puzzled as she had yet to learn the title of Master D that Moses boasted earlier. Rick awaited his answer.

"Well, I played an RPG and had a character called, Nevlir Tates, a total badass man. So that will be my handle.” Moses grins with enjoyment while Rick turns to face Melissa.

“Can’t I just use my name?” she asks

“Well I wouldn’t suggest the full one, but I guess Melissa is fine.” Rick States

“Guat! Then Melissa Guat, will do.” Melissa affirms.

"Okay, that leaves you, Jamie." Rick turns his eyes on me.

"Me. What about you?" I reply in haste to drop the spotlight off me.

“Man, Rick your right she’s a total deer in the headlights.” Moses laughs, as he tries to insult my unwillingness to choose.

"Hmm, that might work. Okay, how about Fawn, Jamie?" Rick asks

"She does sort of act like an unsteady newborn, I say it's fitting of you, sweetie." I stand in shock as now Melissa is throwing insults at me as well. I almost am ready to blurt out about her feeling homesick, but hold back and unconsciously find myself nodding in agreement to the name. “What about a last name for the young girl?”

“Well Jamie, if you don't want the spotlight too much I think I have a solution for you." I look at him halfway between rage and crying. “You could play the lesser role of a family member under my power. You’re young enough for the role, and we could share the same last name. Plus it would help set up the Kingdom as a monarchy.” The idea upsets me at first but the more I think it through. The more I realize this is the very thing I dreamed about for so long as a child reading the old stories. I would be a fictional princess. Once again I failed to note my head nodding in agreement long before I give my answer.

“I would like to be a princess.” I humbly reply.

"Well then it is set, you will be my character's in-game daughter, the daughter of King Valspur Midin, Fawn Midin." He proclaims, the name and it struck a chord with me Fawn Midin, my virtual self, the new me. Princess Fawn Midin.

Not too much longer, we decided to call it a night and each headed to handle personal tasks, and settle in for the night. I pulled a blanket I had packed that my grandmother made so long ago for me, and rest my head on my softest bag. For the night, I was taking note that I was in desperate need of at least a bed for tomorrow. I fell into a slumber, envisioning the look of the new me, my second chance to live a new life as a princess. That night I saw the princess I drew in my coloring books years ago in a new light, and I for the first time saw she would no longer be a dream. Uncomfortable and a bit cold didn’t bother me as I slept with a smile on my face at my vision of, Princess Fawn.

File source End

Accessing Linked Files

Employee Email: Kinchrou Masaru

To Black Clover – K11 Staff

From Central Control - K11 Staff

Subject: Team projects

I would like to thank you all for taking part in my latest vision in crafting a new way of gaming for the world. Each Division I have designated for you all will fully be involved in its creation. While I can envision such a grand scale it will take many skilled artists, coders, and great minds to help truly making this project work. Here is a bit of what I can first explain about the game process. Each of your current divisions will be responsible for its look and feel and will play on a game setup that we here at central are creating.

Your task is to create Kingdoms that reflect the greatest in fiction and reality. For some of you I have given directions on what I am looking for in the environment from you, but the game's interaction of people and places, its dungeons and monsters are all the creation of the staff at each Division.

Each division has a tower that stands at 50 floors, 2 lower floors housing basic personal needs and entertainment for the staff that live on the floors above. The top floors are for the staff outside of the division to use. The rank of each Kingdom’s chosen talent is based on the floor they stand. The higher up the person is ranked the higher level floor the staff member is placed on.

Each floor is equipped to handle a staff of a minimum of 10 members comfortably with others able to live off-site.

Each team will be divided into three and each will have a leader that holds the greatest skills or promise. Code, Graphics, and Testing, the leader of all three groups are chosen from their experience in crafting games mainly this is granted to experienced employees of Black Clover.

The Top teams will upon the completion of the game for the market, will carry on their tasks along with select other members to show changing events and crafting new changes to the game upon launch. They will also maintain a personality as the leaders of that division’s kingdom, and rule in a form of power that they have decided on. More on their in-game roles will be revealed closer to the launch of the game.

I look forward to the world you all create and will be in touch and might drop in to overlook a project you are working on at any time.

Kinchrou Masaru

K-11 Head Game Developer

Black Clover: Kyoto Branch

Report end

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