Chapter 1:

Dead(st) Friends Forever

A Reaper's Fate

"How long have we been friends for?"

Russ looked over to the slender pale girl beside him, "about 21, 22 years about, why'd you ask?" The pale girl pouts a bit and rests her chin onto her bounds knees, while she attempts to snuggle with Russ on the dingy, old, green love seat; in the bright white, highly sanitized, psychiatric hospital.

"I asked because we died 11 years ago, when we were 17, and you said we'd get married when we were legal! Neither of us has aged for 11 years, and so that means we'll never be able to marry legally, ever!" Sara was very upset about how things ended it up. She often complains about this.

Russ snickers a bit, "well even if we got married, I wouldn't be able to put your ring on with that straight jacket on you." That was a flaw, Sara used to be totally fine, until death. She lost all pigmentation in her eyes, skin, hair, everything. She used to have beautiful black hair, emerald eyes, and very warm colored skin. She is very bubbly and has fun going against the norm. After death, she became a bit overpowered and had to be confined to the likes of a straight jacket. "Plus you may get over excited and hurt me."

"Don't be like that! You know that I would never hurt you, you're too special to me."

"You say that, but..."

"Butt? Are you looking at mine?"

Russ looks away flustered, "n-no! I wasn't looking anywhere! Where would you get such an idea from?" Sara raises an eyebrow in amusement. Russ was always getting flustered like this around Sara, and it's Saras' job to pick at him.

"Really? Weren't you looking at my luscious rear end? Shame." Russ is red as a beet now. Before more could be said, the sound of a pixelated phone chime goes off, and Russ frantically pulls out a cell phone.

"Sorry Sara, I've got work to do. I'll come hang out after, okay" Russ hops up out of the love seat. and looks over his shoulder at Sara in a more serious tone. "By the way, those exorcists are coming this way, so prepare yourself for more bull shit."

"You really don't like them do you?" Whined Sara. "Why is that?"

"You really don't know? They were the reason you ended up like this after their stupid failed ritual. Not only that anytime they see me they try to exorcise me! It's annoying!" Russ whined back at Sara. "We'll talk about it later, 'kay?" Russ leaned in and gave Sara a peck on the cheek.

" Okey-dokey, see you later." Sara serenaded to Russ as he dashed out of the room.

Immediately after Russ's departure from Sara, an older couple walked into the sanitized, psychiatric hospital, in turn bringing gray clouds with them.