Chapter 29:

She wants to say something

The Sequence of Kai

“Hey Trish.”Bookmark here

No response. I can see the top of her head peering over the couch, so it’s not that she’s not there or that she can’t hear me. She’s just sulking because I didn’t come over yesterday.Bookmark here

“Anything to do?”Bookmark here

Nothing.Bookmark here

“Will I go ask Paul for something? I’m sure he can find something worth doing.”Bookmark here

As I’m about to turn around and do that, Trish stands up and marches over to me, grabs me by the wrist and drags me towards the door.Bookmark here

I’m taken aback. I know Trish can be assertive, but she never is with me. The silent sulk is her go-to when I’ve done something to piss her off.Bookmark here

“You’re coming with me.”Bookmark here

“Where?”Bookmark here

She won’t answer me, she doesn’t even look me in the eye. She just keeps a firm hold of my wrist as she barges out the door.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

It’s an awkward walk to Marina Square. Bookmark here

I wish she’d just told me where we were going but she said she was worried I’d say it wasn’t important. That’s why she didn’t let go of my wrist the entire way there. It didn’t make the stares and giggles retroactively more comfortable though.Bookmark here

She still hasn’t told me what we’re doing at the Marina yet, but she did at least let go of my wrist when I promised to not leave if she did.Bookmark here

“Here we go.”Bookmark here

She stops us in front of a shop that sells all sorts of things for ocean-related activities. The important products for Trish, I assume, are the wide range of swimsuits they have displayed in the store windows.Bookmark here

“You brought me with you to buy a bikini?”Bookmark here

“Of course.”Bookmark here

“Does your old one not fit?”Bookmark here

“Of course it does! I just want a new one.”Bookmark here

She walks in the entrance but stops when she notices I’m not following her.Bookmark here

“Come on.”Bookmark here

Trish grabs me by the wrist again, sensing my apprehension at the thought of entering a store like this. Bookmark here

As soon as we reach the swimsuit section, I slip my hand free. She looks a bit annoyed but quickly turns her attention to sifting through the swimsuits.Bookmark here

“Ooh, this one is cute.”Bookmark here

She picks one off the rack and holds it against her body before draping it over her arm. Immediately she’s back to searching through the offerings.Bookmark here

I keep scanning the shop with flicks of my eyes. I’d hate to see someone I knew here, I’m sure a few of the invitees have had the same idea as Trish.Bookmark here

“Kai? Are you listening?”Bookmark here

I snap back to Trish’s bent over form; she has 4 bikinis over her arm now.Bookmark here

“No, I zoned out.”Bookmark here

“Seriously?”Bookmark here

What’s with her today? She knows I do that; she’s never gotten annoyed before.Bookmark here

“I’m listening now, what was it?”Bookmark here

“I asked if you had anything to say to me.”Bookmark here

She’s not turning around to face me but her back has clenched up slightly. She’s angry for some reason.Bookmark here

“Nothing in particular.”Bookmark here

“You sure?”Bookmark here

“Should I?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know.”Bookmark here

“Then why are you asking?”Bookmark here

Trish sighs as she picks another swimsuit off the rack. She turns around and grabs my wrist again with her free hand, bringing me over to the changing rooms.Bookmark here

“Wait out here, I’m going to get changed.”Bookmark here

She parks me outside one of the booths and leaves her stuff with me, apparently, I’m needed for a second opinion.Bookmark here

Every couple of minutes the curtains are drawn back, and Trish appears modelling one of the swimsuits. Bookmark here

A sleek black one, a white one with frills, one that’s a striking red, one that’s a subtle pink. In truth she looks good in all of them, if there were any boyfriends in here right now, I’m sure I’d be seeing jealous girlfriends. Not that I can say that to her, she doesn’t need more people stroking her ego.Bookmark here

I cut to the chase when she asks which one suits her best.Bookmark here

“The last one.”Bookmark here

“The turquoise and green one?”Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“It’s colourful. It suits you more than the rest of them.”Bookmark here

“OK, turquoise it is. That was my favourite one too. I’m gonna change, I’ll meet you outside to pay”Bookmark here

She closes the curtain over and begins changing back into her clothes. I head back into the shop proper.Bookmark here

I find myself standing in the swimsuit section. I don’t want to think about it but I am. Even if I wanted to go to Trish’s party, which I don’t, I don’t have a bikini that fits me. I haven’t worn one since I was 16 and I’ve grown a bit since then.Bookmark here

I’m not like Trish, I can’t just wear anything and have it look good on me. I used to wear a plain white two-piece but now my hair is white too, it’d be too much. Black clashes with me. I’ve never looked good in blue. My mother’s favourite colour was green. Pink is too girly for my body. Yellow is an ugly colour. Red…..Bookmark here

Maybe I wouldn’t look good in red but red suits me.Bookmark here

“You like the look of that one?”Bookmark here

The instant I hear her voice I let the red swimsuit I was holding fall back into place on the rack.Bookmark here

“You ready to go?”Bookmark here

“I just need to pay for this.Bookmark here

She says that but she doesn’t move towards the tills. She’s angling for something.Bookmark here

“Do you want to try that on? We can pay together if you get it.”Bookmark here

“I was just looking at it, I thought it might suit you.”Bookmark here

“Red? That’s more your colour.”Bookmark here

“I’ll be outside whenever you’re done.”Bookmark here

“Kai…”Bookmark here

I don’t want to hear her protests, so I walk quickly through the aisles and out of the shop.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

She found me outside a little while later with a paper bag on her arm.Bookmark here

“There you are.”Bookmark here

She has a soft smile on her, the one that she puts on when she wants to be angry but can’t.Bookmark here

“Want me to carry something?”Bookmark here

“No, it’s fine.”Bookmark here

By the time we start walking back to Paul’s the sun is beginning to set. I arrived over later than I normally do so we went out pretty late. Bookmark here

The shop was waiting for Trish to finish so they could close up, it’s a good thing they stay open late on Friday. Seems odd to have left it so late if she wanted a new one but things like that slip her mind all the time.Bookmark here

“This is my turn, if anything comes up you can call me.”Bookmark here

My turn was at the marina, not the turn just before her house, I think we both know that. Bookmark here

She wants to say something to me. I’d like to apologize for what I said to her. She’s not shy about saying things, I’m not good at apologizing but I’m not above it either. Neither will happen this time anyway, neither of us will say what we want.Bookmark here

If I apologize, she’ll ask if that means I’m coming to the party, which I won’t. What she wants to say is the same thing but without an apology, she’s not going to expect a different answer.Bookmark here

“I’ll see you on Sunday.”Bookmark here

“See you Sunday.”Bookmark here

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