Chapter 9:

Chapter 9- The Devoted Fool

The Husband and Hero

At the strike of dawn, as soon as the sun rises, Erebus and I set off on our departure to the city of Bomi. Holding the edge of my horse’s bridle tightly, I turn my head back one more time to look at our camping site.

Anxiety forms up inside me at the thought of leaving my station to Fern. Nevertheless, I have to follow her orders. I tug on the horse’s bridle to command it to move and Erebus and I set forth on our mission.

As seconds turns to minutes, and minutes turn to hours, the long and excruciating ride feels endless. Without taking any breaks, Erebus and I have reached the midway point between the camper grounds and Bomi.

The sun begins to fall, as the horses let out a small whine. No villages or city lights can be seen from where we are.

Erebus: “We’ve made great process. We should stop and camp for the night before we continue forth. Not to mention, I'm starving.”

Devilynn: “Agreed, the horses look restless.”

Halting my horse to a stop, I quickly jump down from them and stretch my arms straight up. Now that we are no longer riding the horse, all of the back pain from it flourishes.

Erebus quickly jumps down from his horse beside me, and begins to wrap his horse’s bridle tightly around a tree.

After a short while, the horses are securely tied off and fed and our home for the night is prepared. As we await for our meal to cook over the wooden fire, we snack on nuts and berries we found during our travel.

Glancing around the somewhat forestry plains, I finally notice how completely desolated it truly is. It’s the type of place where small microscopic sound can be heard.

Looking over at Erebus who is happily snacking, I feel as though it’s the first time I can relax since this war begun.

Erebus: “Hey Devilynn.”

The moment I try to relax, Erebus strikes up a conversation.

Erebus: “Now that we’re alone, I have something I want to say.”

Taking in a big deep breath, Erebus proceeds to look directly at me.

Erebus: “I believe you are a good person, and I will follow you in whatever path you want to follow…but...I do not believe in the Kingdom of Frosatla’s objective.”

My eyes widen as the relaxation in my body fades. Sitting straight up, I focus all of my attention over on Erebus. I can't believe what I'm hearing. 

Devilynn: “W-What do you mean?”

Erebus: “The objective 'bringing harmony without sickness'. What exactly do you think without sickness means?”

It’s something that’s been weighing heavily on my mind these past few days. I have an inkling of what undertones it stands for but, ultimately, I don’t know.

Devilynn: “I’m unsure…but that shouldn’t matter. Right now, the focus is on defeating those monsters that are running the Kingdom of Robal. Why should-“

Erebus: “You really have no idea what this war is about.”

Erebus let’s out a menacing laugh and then places the palm of his hand on his forehead. It's as though I'm talking to a completely different person. 

Erebus: “Frostala wants to eradicate anything that doesn’t stand for perfection. No sicknesses or diseases, no issues of mental health, no physical health problems, no mutations, and no injured.”

Devilynn: “Shouldn’t we all want to aim for that? People shouldn’t have to suffer through any of that.”

Erebus: “That’s one way to look at it. But what about the people that already suffers through it?”

Devilynn: “Then they obviously should get help, what’s your-“

Erebus: “Frostala doesn’t see it that way. To Frostala those people are monsters.”

Devilynn: “What?”

I begin to think back to our kingdom and realize there has never been anyone with a disability or sickness around me. 

Erebus: “That’s what the Kingdom of Robal is. All the people who are claimed monsters and disposable that don’t fit in to Frosatla’s objective.”

I can hardly speak as I am talking to Erebus. I want to retaliate and tell him that what he’s saying isn’t true, but when I truly think about it, his words make sense. Even time we've fought them, I can't help but think why are them claimed monsters where they're just like us? 

Erebus: “Frostala created their own enemies.”

Erebus bites his lip before he continues to speak. It is easy to see that this topic is one he is quite passionate about. 

Erebus: “The reason Robal is fighting us is to get back the rights every human being should have. I don’t see how I can support a Kingdom who doesn’t believe that those people shouldn’t be allowed to live like the rest of us.”

Pushing his feelings aside, Erebus looks up pleadingly towards me.

Erebus: “But as I said, I stand by you. I want you to choose what route we follow.”

Standing up, Erebus brushes off the dirt on his uniform. He’s wearing his emotions on his sleeves.

Erebus: “That is all I have to say…I just hope, you make a decision you don’t regret.”

Walking over to the camper, Erebus retires for the night. It looks as though he still has something left to say, but continues to keep his mouth shut. 

I feel as though I’ve been lied to by the Frostala Kingdom.

Shaking my head, I get my thoughts in order. There’s no way what Erebus said can be true, right? This Kingdom that I have stood beside for years would never be so cruel. Fern would never be so cruel. 

Despite trying to re-adjust myself, I can’t. I decide that the best way to handle it is to first talk to Fern about it. 

After making this decision, I grab a bucket of water from my right and diminish the fire.

I open my eyes to a bloodbath that has taken part in the middle of a battlefield. My hands are tightly grasped around my stained sword. The blood of a soldiers is still dripping from it.

???: “Why did you do this to me?”

Although my eyes are shaking, I find myself looking down at the voice; I know too well.

Soaked in her own blood, Eri is lying right below me. There is a gash the same size of my sword in the middle of her chest. Her eyes are hollow and her lips are chalky.

Eri: “Why did you make this choice?”

Devilynn: “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Tears weld up inside my eyes as I begin to panic. I stab my sword into the ground beside me, and bring myself to my knees. Grabbing Eri’s hands, I can’t help but cry.

Eri: “Why did you do this to all of us?”

Shaken by her words, I look around to find Erebus and Crowriff lying on the ground close by. Just like Eri they have sword gashes on their bodies. And just like Eri they are very close to death.

Devilynn: “Eri! Please, I never meant for this to happen. I don’t know how this happened, I-“

Eri: “Yes you do.”

Using all the strength she has left, Eri reaches out to my face and grazes it.

Eri: “You chose her.”

As her arm drops heavily onto the ground, I continue to scream her name. After some amount of time, two cold hands begin to entangle themselves around me.

Looking up, I see Fern standing over me. She has a hellish smile on her face; her face has the blood splatters of nameless victims over it.

Fern: “You’re our hero Devilynn. You’re the savior of Frostala.”

Fern squeezes tightly onto my shoulders. The pain from a previous wound exhilarates through my body.

Devilynn: “Everyone died because of me.”

Fern: “Don’t worry, you’ll forget about them with time. And who cares when you have me?”

Fern brings her face closer to mine and then leans in. Forcing her lips on mine, I feel like screaming. A cold sense of desperation rushes through me, as tears run down my face.

Devilynn: “This isn’t what I wanted.”

Fern grabs my chin and brings me in closer.

Fern: “But this is what I wanted.”


In a cold sweat, I jump out of my sleeping bag. A dream. A horrible disgusting dream. I quickly stand up out of my sleeping bag and make my way to the nearby river.

Cupping my hands, I pick up a handful of water from the river and slaps it on my face.

I want to erase my dream from my memory, but no amount of water can help to distinguish it.

Grabbing ahold of my arms, I start to breathe heavily.

Why in the hell did I have that dream?

“You chose her”

Eri’s words sting into me like a knife. I feel a sense of dread rush over me as I find my stomach slurring.

Erebus: “Devilynn, are you okay?”

My eyes dart over to Erebus who is wearing a very paled expression. Thinking about what Erebus said last night, must have been why I had that dream. He was convincing me that I was on the wrong path by battling with Frostala.

Thinking about what was wrong and right and whether to betray the kingdom I have called home caused this to happen.

I have to make a choice. 

And I know exactly which one to make in order to protect all of the people I care about.

Devilynn: “Erebus, we will fight with Frostala.”