Chapter 2:

The Calling Card

She Wants to Eat my Love?

There is no time to simply think about how one ought to have desires and take action when opportunity is amidst. Those who are to simply choose to 'think things through' for topics that have no real end except for cutting the line, are simply looking for another excuse to not do anything. After all, everyone always wants to but at the same time never wants to act upon their desires to do good. Doing what is right typically is without any immediate gains and sometimes no visible long terms ones either. It is almost like there seems to be no value in doing good in the moments of its necessity...

But surely good isn't just thrown to the side when considering advantageous pros and  annoying cons; this is the 'good' wen are talking about...But sadly this many times is the case; people all the time avoid doing what they think is right for the sake of doing what they want. And through that line of thought alone we know that humanity is not truly good nor as romantic as lovers of humanity would desire. You could argue though at the same time though that many who avoid the call to action are those who may no longer be human; if dreams and passion are what designate humans as humans, and assuming we all want a good world, then most do not follow their goals. They look towards the smaller things that invade their minds in the moment of the thought's conception. How human of humans.

But Sage is not under the same condition as he used to be; the pep talk has seemed to produce its money's worth

Sage's senses would begin to heighten and his thinking processes would accelerate. 'Where did that noise come from? Should I call someone? Should I be the one who help? Surely someone else has got it under control right?' But these thoughts would not sway him from his desires; by the time he was beginning to doubt himself, he was already on the move towards the scream.

He thinks to himself as a way to reason his virtuous actions, 'That scream was loud enough that the school's security probably heard it already, but if they don't get there early enough, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself'. He tries to calculate the the origins of the scream. 

Sage was in one of the further corners of the school's grounds as it was nice and quiet, so it is likely that he heard it more clearly due to that. Pass that he would only be able to find that it came from further north. He'd picture in his mind the mapping of the school's layout as he attempts to think of a place that would be sketchy enough that a girl could be in danger. Probably isn't the classroom; there would be help for her already so that is covered. By the rec center? People have practice for basketball right now so they'd definitely hear. Heck, this school isn't all that sketchyㅡso it would be on one of the further outskirts of the school. 

Sage would then take a sudden left as he realizes that the scream was probably not north but rather northwest at the backside parking lots. If anything is sketchy, it would probably be the area where there isn't as many people at this time of the day. 

He'd run through the halls and behind some buildings, surprisingly seeing very little activity by his peers. 

'Are they just ignoring that scream? What if she's getting attacked or something?!', he'd ask himself, and while he did wonder, he did not have time to think about the inaction of his peers. The only thing that really mattered right than was doing what he thought was right; if he wants there to be good in the world, he has to put it there. 

Over a stone bench and sliding across some of the wet grass, he continues to make haste. His efforts take him maybe a minute or two to get him over towards the backside parking lot. It appears that his guests were not wrong as he sees the scene play out. 

In front of him there is a trio, and the likely victim is amongst them. Sage cannot make out their appearances to well at first but obviously the groupings are too large men and one "girl"? These could be the wrong people that he was looking for, but maybe it isn't. From far away it is hard to tell if that is a girl or not; their hoodie and sweats leave it more to interpretation. But even if that isn't the girl who screamed, something seems amidst here.

Sage watches intently as the two approach the person more. The one in the gray hoodie and sweats takes step after step back as to keep some distance. They hold their hands out in a hesitant and fearful manner to express how they want them to stayaway. 

Sage realizes that this could get violent and should call the cops, but just as he begins to pull out his phone, he hears that voice again.

"I thought I had more time! My alarm was off and so I thought noon was a few hours later. I'll get you what you want, just let me finish things!"

Sage never expected to see what seemed to be a pair of thugs trying to recollect some goods, especially at this school. But he ought to help. 'Violence would most likely not be in anyone's favor as he is outnumbered and if they are thugs they probably will play dirty. But are they really thugs? If they are, then honestly, unless they have a weapon, I likely should be fine with my skills.' Sage feels slightly more confident and approaches to get a view from behind a car to keep cover. 

They did both look like a pair of large ruffians, but apparently they were wearing suits and were with rather straight and clean cut hair. 'These are the highest end ruffians I have ever seen.' The two were probably both around 6'6" and upon closer inspection it became obvious that they were hiding a threatening amount of  muscle under their suit jackets. Violence was likely if their group or gang or whatever they come from has sent them. 

The one with the softer eyes would take another step forward and say, "I am sorry miss, but the boss has made his verdict. You didn't get the goods in time and therefore we have to take you back. Rules are rules". 

"The second one with a scar crossing his nose seems to be the 'bad cop' or criminal I guess. He cracks his fingers and begins to add on to the other's words, "And don't you try any funny business miss, while you were a hot shot back in the day, I know that you currently aren't as fir for these scenarios anymore. So stop with the begging and get over here so I can get to the cafeteria early for a Pastrami melt".

Sage really begins to question whether or not he should take action, but he also knows that the world he desires has it so that people will stand up for girls in need. Sage approaches with a glare and a puffing of his chest; he is trying to seem intimidating to these large individuals. 

"What do we have going on here huh?", sage asks.

No answers are given but the two seemed rather, and I mean very surprised at his approach. 

"You know him ~~~~~~~?"

Sage would be bewildered with the odd silence that would occur and think, 'Was that a name he just said? I couldn't hear anything."

"No, ~~~ I have no idea who the guy is?"

The kinder-eyed one would pull out a weird stone tablet and look at it and me, repeating this process a few times as he scrolled down it. 

'Some weird case for a phone?'

"I don't see him in the records ~~~?"

"Then how can heㅡ"?

Interrupting the meaner one's thoughts, the hooded figure speaks up as they see an opportunity, "Obviously you don't see him in the lists yet. We haven't made our contract yet. Right Mr.?" 

She presents an air of desperation that urges Sage to go along with her little scheme. Seeing as it is probably the only way to give her some more time, even if it is at risk to him, he goes along. 

"I don't know what you two are going on about, but me and my client were discussing terms of our agreements so if you two would please give us time, we have a lunch to get to."

The meaner of the two would seem to not buy this at all. "Now hold up there. Even if you have something in the making, you can't guarantee that the deal is going to go through. And even if you could, rules are rules! And that is the motto of theㅡ"!

As the meaner ones raises his voice, a small beep is heard from the kinder-eyed. He reaches back into his pocket to pull out his stone tablet phone again and looks at something that appears upon its surface.

'A message?'

"ㅡgrand association ofㅡ"

"Hold your tongue there ~~~", the kinder one hold his arm out in front of the meaner-eyed one. "It seems that the boss is making an exception".

"But Rules areㅡ"

And with a more serious tone the kinder-eyed one interrupts. "And the boss makes the rules ~~~! And if they say that they are making an exception, then they are making an exception!"

He didn't look so nice anymore. The meaner-eyed one backs down and his chest becomes hidden.

"Well miss, the boss said it is okay and therefore you are off the hook for now, but remember to get your deadlines dealt with or else we will be coming to take you back."

"Will do ~~~~~~~!", she replies with a gleeful holler. She waves goodbye to the two in such a friendly matter that it makes sage wonder the truth of this situation.

'I thought that she was in danger, but she seemed to know them well and was rather overly kind to them. Also, who were those guys; I haven't heard of really any criminal activity in this area. Were they even criminals? What have I gotten myself into? At least things have resolved themselves...

'Wait a minute, things really did resolve themselves with me hardly doing anything; how and why?!' Sage ponders on how he had succeeded and realized that actions outside of his own have apparently changed the tides, but what was off. 

After a few moments, it hits him. 'That's it! it was their boss who gave her an extension. But why did he give an extension right then? I didn't see the guys send in a report or anything. Was it just luck? Is he watching us??" Sage looks around to see if there any cameras or people watching but sees nothing but the two individuals walking away. He calms his breathing as he reassures himself that he just gave her enough time for luck to take effect.

Seeing as he had done his moral duty, sage decides that he ought to get going. Without saying anything at first, Sage walks behind the parked car that is not all that far away and grab his briefcase. He takes a look at his phone and see's that it is 12:30, his next class will be starting soon. Sage turns around and puts a few wise words upon her. 

"Well, that was close I guess miss. I am glad to see that everything is now fine. I do recommend though that you probably do not hang around or make dealings with such sketchy people; you might get yourself into danger like that again. On a different note, I need to get going so maybe I'll see you around...miss?"

With his back turned he get's no reply initially, even though he waits for a good few seconds.  He doesn't mind too much though, he doesn't need a reward for doing what he thinks is right, even if it would be nice... But as he begins to walk away, he feels a small tug on the back of shirt. He looks back to see her hiding her face again.

"Um, uh, thank you. You really save my butt there."

Sage had not been really thinking about her voce until now, but it was honestly really pretty. Like very, no really pretty. Sage was lost for words, he felt a blush coming on. He wondered if he suddenly was attracted to this chick just because of her voice. He couldn't believe it; he felt so shallow, and so out of character. He'd put one of his behind his hands behind his head and rub to ease the embarrassment. 

"Oh it was not problem; I was just doing what I thought was right". He really wanted to talk more, but he felt like that would be insensitive towards the situation, as well as his own morals as a punctual student. So he tries to walk off, but he couldn't. She was still holding onto the back of his shirt.

"Umm mister, about that lunch thing you said.."

In flustered thoughts he would think, 'Is she asking me go out on a date right now, or is she accepting the idea I brought up. Maybe I should talk to her a bit more; no one would mind if I were to take class off to work on my intersexual communication skills. Right? If she is brining it up, she probably would want someone serious right; I got to take control of the situation!'

"Ah the luncheon, yeah, I was serious about that. Let's go somewhere close by; my treat!"

'I need to call Michael about this, he is gonna be so surprised!'

"Oh that is great! I was scared for a bit that you may have not been that serious!"

'Sounds like she really is into me'

"Oh yeah I am serious about this luncheon; we have lots to talk about". 

'I hope she is pretty; like she doesn't have to be if she is a good person, but we all desire good looks.'

"I agree we do have lots to talk about; contract making usually is an annoying process"


Sage would turn around and see her face for the first time. Rubies and citrine in a beautiful swirl; her eyes were jewels that drew him in. Her hair was of a monotonous design that gave airs of perfected balance; split right down the center she had long white and black hair that united in the back where she currently had it all in a messy bun. Her skin was fair and her cheeks looked soft; the lips looked sweet like cherries, and cheesy like the...Cheeto or Dorito dust that is smeared on left side of her cheeks. The disconinutiy brings him back to reality as the girl finally introduces herself. And his new life. 

"My name is Lily and I will be making a contract with you for your soul!"

Sage didn't know what to say, but it wouldn't be until later that he'd appreciate saying nothing right then.

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She Wants to Eat my Love?