Chapter 41:

The New Castle Kelsey

The Children of Eris

When David returned to Castle Kelsey after talking to Kella, he was surprised by the renovations that had been made to the castle. Bookmark here

He knew that his forces were painting the walls, but he didn’t know they were planning to completely paint them black and then add spikes to the battlements and towers.Bookmark here

God, this is the sort of thing an edgy teenager would find cool, David thought, cringing a little. This is meant to be the Demon Emperor’s bastion of evil, but this is just too much. Bookmark here

“Master, you’ve returned!” Mania eagerly called, bowing to him. “How was your trip to Themis?”Bookmark here

“…Tedious, as expected,” David muttered as he glanced around the castle to see whatever else was being done to the castle. “Mania, whose idea was it to renovate the castle this way?”Bookmark here

“This was the combined efforts of all of us generals, your majesty,” Mania happily replied with a bright smile. “We all thought hard together about what would help transform Castle Kelsey into the bastion of evil you envisioned!”Bookmark here

This was agreed by all of you? Even by Mímir?!Bookmark here

“What do you think of the Dread Keep, Dark Lord?”Bookmark here

“…Dread Keep?”Bookmark here

“Ah.” Mania blushed a little in embarrassment and giggled nervously. “When we were in Stonefall, I asked Mímir if we should think about renaming Castle Kelsey and giving it a more suitable name. I suggested the Dread Keep. W-what do you think?”Bookmark here

I think it’s very edgy and very cringy, David wanted to say, but he bit his tongue. It’s what you’d expect the last level to be in an old RPG. In that sense, it’s perfect for a Demon Emperor.Bookmark here

With an internal sigh, David loudly proclaimed, “It is a fine name, Mania.”Bookmark here

“Thank you for your kind words, Master,” Mania replied. “Is there anything you wish to ask of me or for me to report?”Bookmark here

“Hmm, perhaps. Raven.” One materialised from the shadow of the gates and knelt before David. “Has there been anything out of the ordinary around the castle since I left?”Bookmark here

“Not yet, your majesty.”Bookmark here

“Excellent. Then-”Bookmark here

“Your majesty, might I make a quick report about the situation in Stonefall?” The Raven asked.Bookmark here

“I will hear the full report from Mímir later, so keep it brief,” David replied. Bookmark here

“As you wish. I just wanted to say that the plan is progressing as per your orders and that Stonefall is on the breaking point.”Bookmark here

“Excellent. Then-”Bookmark here

“The brutal murders caused the intended pandemonium that your majesty wanted, and the whole city believes that it’s a part of the Great Disaster, just as you said it would be.”Bookmark here

“…Just as I said it would be?”Bookmark here

“Yes, your majesty.”Bookmark here

“Who told you that I ordered those murders?”Bookmark here

“Sire?”Bookmark here

“Answer the question. Who told you that?”Bookmark here

“…Lord Mímir did, your majesty.”Bookmark here

“Funny,” David said with a snide laugh, turning to Mania who was cowering in fear. “I don’t remember ordering that.”Bookmark here

“Y-your majesty, I-Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Raven. Summon the generals and the rest of the Ravens that aren’t occupied to the throne room. Now.”Bookmark here

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