Chapter 17:

Interrogation And Celebration

Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

“Say 'Aaah'...”Bookmark here

It was a sunny day and the chirping of the birds were heard in the hospital. Days passed since the incident in the factory.Bookmark here

Kazuma, who was injured heavily, still had to stay in the hospital. His entire body and face was covered with bandages like a mummy.Bookmark here

“S-stop it, it's embarrassing! I can eat on my own!” he blushed a little.Bookmark here

Currently, Yui was visiting him. She brought sliced apples with her and tried to feed him.Bookmark here

But Kazuma still had his pride and grabbed her hand which she used to try to feed him.Bookmark here

“Gosh, don't be so stubborn. You're injured so let yourself be spoiled.” she applied more force on her arm.Bookmark here

“H-hey, stop!” he struggled to push her away.Bookmark here

“Just open your mouth already!” Yui did not back down and pushed her hand further.Bookmark here

“Ah, fine!”Bookmark here

Finally accepting his fate, Kazuma let himself get fed.Bookmark here

“Hehe, good boy.” she patted his head as if he was a child.Bookmark here

Kazuma sighed.Bookmark here

“And? Why are you here today again? Don't you have to study?” he asked her with crossed arms.Bookmark here

Starting next week, students at Tokubetsu High had to take the final exams of their first trimester. Therefore, many students would usually spend the days or weeks before the exams to prepare.Bookmark here

“I'll manage somehow. After all, I took the 19th place in the midterms!” she puffed her chest.Bookmark here

“I-I see...”Bookmark here

“And what about you? Did you at least prepare a little?” she asked.Bookmark here

“Not really. But I'm confident that I'll still place somewhere in the top 5.” he shrugged his shoulders while he had an arrogant expression.Bookmark here

Since he entered high school, Kazuma never failed to achieve first place in any test or exam.Bookmark here

Knock. Knock.Bookmark here

“May I come in?”Bookmark here

“Hm? Ikari-san? Ah, yes, sure!” Kazuma replied to the carefree sounding person.Bookmark here

Then, a middle-aged man entered the room. His long brown hair, whose color resembled the eyes, reached to his chin. In addition, he wore a police uniform.Bookmark here

“Yo, how are you doing? Oh, did I disturb you two?”Bookmark here

“Oh no, it's fine. Hey, Yui do you remember him? He's the police officer who accompanied us during that time. His name is Ikari Yousuke.” Kazuma introduced the man to Yui.Bookmark here

“Ah! I remember now!” she stood up.Bookmark here

“Thank you everything, Ikari-san!” she bowed to express her gratitude.Bookmark here

“Oh, it's fine. It's my job after all.” he said.Bookmark here

Yousuke proceeded to stare intensely at Kazuma.Bookmark here

“Is something?”Bookmark here

“Ahem. Could I talk to you for a minute?” Yousuke cleared his throat as he switched his gaze between Yui and Kazuma.Bookmark here

“Oh, I forgot! I had to buy some things for mom! See you later, Kazuma!” she nervously packed her things and left the room after she took the hint.Bookmark here

After that, he took the seat beside Kazuma's bed.Bookmark here

“To be honest, I don't want to do this yet but the authorities pushed me into this...” he took a recorder out of his pocket.Bookmark here

“I see... Well, it's no problem. After all, I've almost recovered completely.”Bookmark here

Kazuma knew what the recorder meant. It was time for the interrogation.Bookmark here

“I'm truly sorry... How about I treat you to dinner after you get discharged?” Yousuke suggested nervously.Bookmark here

“That sounds good.” Kazuma smiled slightly.Bookmark here

“Alright! Then, let's start.” his tone became more serious as he started to record their conversation.Bookmark here

Thus, the interrogation began.Bookmark here

It was a long interrogation. Hours passed and the sun began to set when they were almost done.Bookmark here

“... I see, so it was true that they were not involved with the kidnapping.” Kazuma said pensively.Bookmark here

The police took the 11 people, who were knocked out by Kazuma, into custody and were also interrogated when they finally regained consciousness.Bookmark here

During the talk between Kazuma and Yousuke, the testimonies of each party were identical.Bookmark here

“Yes. The main suspect in this case is therefore Kanzaki Shinya.” Yousuke stated.Bookmark here

Kazuma gripped the blanket tightly as his body got tenser after hearing his name.Bookmark here

“However, the problem is that we have no clues about his whereabouts.” he added.Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

“Well, this concludes the interrogation. Thank you for your testimony.” Yousuke stated and proceeded to stop the recording.Bookmark here

Then, he put the recorder back in his pocket as he prepared to leave the room.Bookmark here

“I will solve that problem.” Kazuma said.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?” he asked puzzled.Bookmark here

“Kanzaki Shinya and 'The Owls of Tokyo'. I will find them and take every last one of them down.” Kazuma stated with a determined eyes.Bookmark here

“Geez, you just had a fight against more than 20 people and now you want to beat the entire gang up? Stop the nonsense and leave it to the adults.” Yousuke heaved a sigh.Bookmark here

“Ikari-san, I ...”Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

"I-I am-"Bookmark here

Swoosh.Bookmark here

In that moment, a strong wind blew through the open window. The curtains flattered strongly causing a loud noise.Bookmark here

“...What?!” Yousuke was more than just shocked after he heard what Kazuma said.Bookmark here

“...” Kazuma's facial expressions remained serious.Bookmark here

Yousuke rubbed his forehead with his finger as he tried to process Kazuma's statement.Bookmark here

He sighed.Bookmark here

Then, he took out a piece of paper and a pen and began to write something on it.Bookmark here

“Here, be sure to keep it.” he handed Kazuma the note.Bookmark here

“Is that your number?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Call me if you have new information.”Bookmark here

“Alright, I will keep it in mind.”Bookmark here

Yousuke stood up again.Bookmark here

“I guess, I will leave now.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, goodbye.”Bookmark here

He opened the door and was about to leave until he remembered something.Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry again that I interrupted your hospital date with your girlfriend.” he remarked with a playful grin.Bookmark here

“W-w-what?! We're just friends! Now leave!” Kazuma reddened and threw in rage his pillow against the now closed door.Bookmark here

It was once again silent in the room after Yousuke left.Bookmark here

“That damn old man... Yui and I? No way.”Bookmark here

Kazuma spent the following days with check-ups and preparing for the exams after Yui brought his materials over.Bookmark here

Then, the day, when Kazuma finally got discharged, arrived.Bookmark here

“Ah, finally! How long has it been since I was home?” Kazuma stood in front of his front door.Bookmark here

He was in a good mood. After spending many days in the hospital, he was eager to finally go home. The only thing he would miss were the nurses but it was nothing compared to his longing for his bed.Bookmark here

Kazuma opened the door.Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

He saw three pairs of shoes at the entrance. There were black boots, pink and glittering shoes with the size of a young child and then there were a pair of black low heels.Bookmark here

“Have I seen those somewhere before?”Bookmark here

No lights were on despite people being there.Bookmark here

Kazuma carefully walked in the house and checked every room he passed by.Bookmark here

“Must be the living room.” he concluded after he checked the other rooms.Bookmark here

He slowly opened the door of the living room and turned the lights on.Bookmark here

Bang. Bang. Bang.Bookmark here

“!” he raised his arms to guard himself.Bookmark here

“Congratulations on getting discharged!” three people shouted.Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

Kazuma let his arms slowly down and realized who the people were. In front of him was the Nagisa household. They all smiled brightly at Kazuma as each one of them held a confetti cannon in their hand which they already fired off.Bookmark here

“We are really glad that you are back.” Nagisa Shizuka, the mother, said.Bookmark here

“And? Surprised?” Yui commented with a huge grin on her face.Bookmark here

“Kazumaaa!” Nagisa Rika, the four year old daughter and therefore the youngest member of the family, yelled as she hugged his leg.Bookmark here

“Y-yeah, I'm really surprised...” Kazuma admitted while he pat Rika's head.Bookmark here

Yui grabbed Kazuma's arm.Bookmark here

“Come, sit down! We've prepared lots of food and a cake for you!” she said happily.Bookmark here

“T-that's really a lot of food...” Kazuma began to sweat after he saw the amount of food on the table.Bookmark here

It was more than enough for at least six people.Bookmark here

“I-I see, surely your father will join us, right? Right?”Bookmark here

“Dad? No, he won't join us sadly. He's at work.” Yui answered.Bookmark here

“And who will eat everything?”Bookmark here

“No need to hold back!” she smiled as she slapped his back.Bookmark here

“I really appreciate your sentiment but you didn't have to make a big deal of my discharge...” he scratched his head.Bookmark here

“No need to be so humble! Today, we are going to celebrate!” Shizuka raised her arm energetically.Bookmark here

“Celebrate!” Rika imitated her mother.Bookmark here

“Yay!” Yui was also full of energy.Bookmark here

“Y-yay...” the same could not be applied to Kazuma.Bookmark here

Thus, they joyfully celebrate, ate, talked and laughed together until it was dark outside.Bookmark here

At some point of time, Kazuma went to the bathroom while was musing about his current situation.Bookmark here

The house he lived in was quiet most of the time. Having such a lively atmosphere in this very house was something that rarely occurred.Bookmark here

“Not bad at all...” he muttered to himself with a slight smile on his face.Bookmark here

This was something he yearned for since a long time.Bookmark here

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