Chapter 10:

Open and Close

Every Side of the World

Kizou rushed at Ken without even thinking twice as it seemed that the hatred consumed him. He took out his sword from his waist and started throwing slashes at Ken who was able to block it with his hands.

“Whoa, kid’s got some energy!” Ken yelled out with a smile. Leon continued to stare at Kizou and almost seemed to be drooling.

What’s happening right now? Kizou thought to himself as he felt as if his body was drifting in an endless river. Did I die?

As his body continued to flow through the waters of his consciousness, he stood up. His body was naked as he waded through the waters and looked for an exit.

“Hey Kizou!” Ty yelled out to him. Kizou turned around.

“Hey Ty! What are you doing out there?” Kizou asked.

The atmosphere in his consciousness changed into a field of pure green. The sky was bright blue, and the horizon could be seen clearly on the other side. There were three figures standing under the only tree in the whole field.

“What do you mean? It’s picnic time!” Geet yelled as he started munching on all the meat in front of him.

“Geet, you gotta learn how to slow down!” Mya yelled as she snatched the food from Geet.

“Geet? Mya?” Kizou mumbled to himself as they both waved at Kizou to come with them.

“You’ve been acting so weird, Kizou,” Mya said as she grabbed Kizou’s hand and made him sit next to her.

“You’re mad, aren’t you?” Ty asked with a smirk.

“Mad? Why would I be mad?” Kizou asked, confused.

“Becush wi came on yor dayt,” Geet said with his mouth full.  Miya hit him on the head to which Geet chewed his food and smiled.

“Nah, why would I be mad about that?” Kizou asked with a laugh.

“I don’t know, I just feel like you have a lot of negative energy right now,” Mya answered with a sad expression. Kizou instantly felt everything turn black once again.

Outside of his consciousness, Kizou continued to fight Ken who was toying around with Kizou.

“Can’t get me!” Ken yelled with laughter as Kizou missed every strike.

Even with a horn, Kizou wasn’t any match for Ken due to the lack of experience in utilizing the full strength.

“The little baby is too slow!” Ken yelled as he laughed hard.

“Kizou, wake up!” Mya yelled as she shook Kizou. “What happened?”

“I-I don’t know,” Kizou replied as his thoughts seemed to be fading into the fight and his consciousness.

“Just relax with us, we’ve got all the time in the world,” Geet said with a smile. 

Kizou looked at him and smiled back, but flashes seemed to come by. It seemed that there were moments where his head was there, but then it wasn’t.

“You gotta know how to relax on a mission,” Ty said as he put his arm around Kizou’s neck. 

Kizou let out a smile until he felt his shirt become drenched. He looked down and saw a red stream splattering on his shirt from Ty’s body. He blinked rapidly, and it disappeared.

“Okay everyone, you’re clearly still scaring him!” Mya said as she pulled Kizou from Ty’s arm. 

She put his head on his lap and looked down at him. Kizou’s face immediately turned red from embarrassment as he was the one usually trying to flirt with Mya. He looked away and tried to avert his gaze, but he suddenly started feeling drops of water on his face. He looked up to see Mya crying uncontrollably and wiping her face. He got up and backed away from her and everyone else.

What’s happening?! Kizou thought to himself. Why am I seeing all these things?!

As Kizou continued to drift away from reality, Ken seemed to be getting bored of the battle.

“Hey, so can I kill him?” Ken asked as he nonchalantly dodged all of Kizou’s rage-filled attacks.

“No, we’re taking him to Master,” Leon answered while wiping away the drool from his mouth. “With something like this, we’re bound to satisfy him.”

“Sheesh, you really do have a weird obsession with Master,” Ken said. “Fine, I might as well wear him out a bit more.”

Inside his consciousness, Kizou continued to be rattled by the flashes and visions in front of him. They wouldn’t stop, it kept on replaying in front of him. Ty’s blood splattering, Geet’s headless body, and Mya’s uncontrollable sob.

“What do you want?!” Kizou yelled. “What do you want from me?!”

“Admit everything that happened,” an unknown voice said.

“I’m a disappointment to the Kingdom,” Kizou answered while putting his face on the ground. Flashes of the King and Queen looking at him in disapproval appeared in front of him.

“What else?”

“I got my friends killed,” Kizou continued to answer. The visions of Ty and Geet dying continued to repeat in front of him.

“What else?”

“I’m about to make the girl who I wanted to be with cry,” Kizou answered with no hesitation. He could see Mya crying in front of him.

“And what’s the final thing?”

“I’m weak.” Kizou answered as tears started to fall.

“Bingo!” the voice said excitedly.

Kizou looked up to see a white outline of a man who was dancing after hearing Kizou answer all his questions.

“Who are you?” Kizou asked.

“Call me Haru,” the man said with a smile. “But don’t get too comfortable, we won’t see each other for another decade.”

“Another decade?!” Kizou yelled. “Why are you here now?”

“Because I’m going to help you,” Haru answered. “I’m going to activate that eye of yours.”

“Eye? Wait, you know the Prophet?!” Kizou yelled.

“That’s my sister,” Haru answered casually.

“What?!” Kizou asked as he scratched his head.

“I know, I know. You probably have a lot of questions, but you can ask me in a decade,” Haru answered. “However, I’ll let you use the power of my eye.”

“Power of your-”

“Hey,” Haru said as he put his finger to signal a quiet noise. “Questions in a decade.”

Kizou stayed silent and stared at Haru.

“By the way, there’s also another secret that I should tell you,” Haru said. “But I don’t know if I should tell you.”

“Come on, tell me!” Kizou pleaded as he clasped his hands together.

“Hmmm,” Haru said as he continued to mess around with Kizou. “Okay, I guess it’s alright!”

Kizou looked intently at Haru who seemed to be enjoying himself too much.

“It’s not like you’re going to remember about it anyways,” Haru said as he shrugged. “You’re actually one of the rare demons to possess two horns.”

“Two horns?! Does that mean I’m strong enough to kill them?!” Kizou asked excitedly.

“Nope,” Haru said with a smile.

“Nope?” Kizou repeated confusedly.

“Nope, as in you’re going to lose this fight,” Haru replied with a smile.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Kizou asked. “Wait, did you just say I’m not going to remember about this?”

“Yeah, you won’t remember any of this at all,” Haru said without even changing his expression.

“I’m confused!” Kizou yelled as he started scratching his head.

“Like I keep saying, in a decade!” Haru yelled. “But it’s going to be pretty sad. Anyways, I’m going to activate your eye now, and you should be able to use the effects even after what’s going to happen in this battle.”

“Wait, I still want some answers!” Kizou yelled towards Haru.

“Too bad, I’ll see you soon, Hero,” Haru said with a laugh before disappearing. 

Kizou’s consciousness faded away, and everything turned black once again. Pain struck him uncontrollably.

“Okay, time to capture him,” Leon told Ken.

“Finally,” Ken said with a sigh. 

Kizou’s rage-filled body threw a sword strike that Ken easily grabbed with his hand.

“Grab him and let’s go,” Leon said.

Immediately, an ominous presence seemed to encompass the area. Leon and Ken were even frozen at the sheer pressure that seemed to be coming from one specific area. Ken immediately dropped the sword and backed away from Kizou.

“Hey, this isn’t the same change as earlier, is it?” Ken asked.

“No, it’s even better,” Leon answered excitedly as drool dripped down from his mouth.

“Ahhhh!” Kizou yelled out. Black energy could be seen emitting from Kizou’s body and increasing at a rapid rate. Kizou tilted his head up, and two horns were visible on his head. In addition, his right eye was green while his left eye was blue.

“This is it! This is it!” Leon yelled out with pure excitement. “We’re going to use him! A two-horned demon, one of the rarest demons in history.”

“This should be an interesting fight if he-”

Ken was interrupted by a fist of a little 5 year old boy. Kizou’s speed was untraceable and even Leon had his mouth open due to the pure surprise. Ken’s body was sent flying through the forest as trees started to fall for a few meters. 

Kizou looked at Leon who still had a smile on his face. Kizou rushed towards him and threw out a punch to deal the same blow. Leon stood there with his smile growing even larger when coming up close. Just as Kizou’s punch was about to connect, a hand grabbed Kizou’s arm.

“Well, that definitely caught me by surprise,” Ken said as he held Kizou’s hand and lifted him up. 

Ken released his horn during the punch and managed to reduce the damage significantly. Kizou kicked Ken in the face and weaseled out of his grip.

“You actually left me a cut,” Ken said, visibly angry as a cut was on his chin. “You better do something now Leon, or I’m going to kill him.”

“Don’t worry, just make sure you grab him again,” Leon said excitedly. “Do not even think about killing him!”

Kizou always prided himself on his speed and now with the power of his horns, his speed evolved to higher levels. He rushed towards Ken who barely managed to keep up with Kizou’s movements. Kizou threw a barrage of punches at Ken with some connecting and some being dodged.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had to use my horn,” Ken said ecstatically. “More! More!”

Kizou punched Ken in the face which sent him back a few feet. Ken spit blood on the ground and looked up with a smile just to find Kizou’s foot already at his face. As Kizou’s foot connected, he continued with an avalanche of punches to hopefully weaken Ken.

“That’s the sheer power that Master is looking for,” Leon said aloud.

“Can I finish it up now?” Ken asked as he put his hand to his face to block all of Kizou’s punches.

“Go ahead, but no deaths,” Leon said again to remind Ken.

Ken grabbed Kizou’s leg and threw him in the air to which Kizou was able to land a few feet away.

“Time for me to get serious!” Ken said as he bashed his fists together. Just then, flames emitted around his fists.

Kizou’s rage-filled state couldn’t assess the situation, so he rushed straight towards Ken who threw a punch at Kizou. Kizou’s shirt charred and his skin became exposed.

“They call me Ken the Burner,” Ken said as he hopped back and forth in place and continued bashing his fist. Kizou stared at Ken and decided to mimic what he was doing. Suddenly, flames emerged on his fist but was a bit smaller in size compared to Ken.

“Wait, he’s a flame attribute?!” Ken looked at Kizou with excitement. “I’m the only one within our group, maybe I can train him when we capture him!”

Inside Kizou’s consciousness, he woke up after having to deal with the pain that was in his right eye. As he opened his eyes, he saw Ken in front of him. However, it almost felt like he was looking through the eyes of someone else.

Is that me fighting right now? Kizou thought to himself.

Kizou rushed towards Ken and threw punches that were met with Ken’s punches. While Kizou managed to land some hits, it didn’t do as much damage as when Ken landed hits. Ken threw a punch that sent Kizou flying back and hitting a tree. Kizou’s clothes were burned and tattered while Ken didn’t seem to suffer any burns.

“You’re still too raw,” Ken said. “With the proper training, you'd definitely be stronger than me!”

Just then, Kizou’s body emitted green energy, and he was instantly healed from all of his burns.

“Wait, is that a nature attribute?!” Leon yelled with even more excitement.

“This kid is really special, isn’t he?” Ken said with a smile after even realizing that Kizou was different.

Kizou pointed his hand out and a burst of water could be seen gushing out straight at Ken. Ken was surprised, but he put his hands up and managed to evaporate the untrained water with the fire in his arms. As the smoke disappeared, Ken saw Kizou point his hand straight, and ice shards were sent flying. However, Ken easily burned them and couldn’t stop laughing.

“I see what you see now, Leon,” Ken said with a smile. “This kid really is a prize!”

I can’t tell what’s happening, Kizou thought to himself as the battle continued to happen in front of him.

“I have to go all out, are you fine with that?!” Ken yelled towards Leon.

“Fine, I’d rather have him back in one piece for Master, but I guess Terra can heal him,” Leon said without even averting his gaze of Kizou.

Fire developed around the area as Ken seemed to be charging up all of his energy into his next attack. The fire around his hands seemed to grow around three times in size.

“Sorry about this,” Ken said. “But you might be on the verge of death after this attack.”

Wait, did he say death?! Kizou thought alarmingly to himself. Wake up!

“Ahhhhh!” a loud, concentrated groan could be heard from Ken.

Wake up!

“Inferno’s Kiss!” Ken yelled as he thrust out both of his hands. A huge stream of fire bursted out and came at Kizou with alarming speed.

Wake up!

Kizou finally opened his eyes from his rage-filled state and saw the fire in front of him. However, it was frozen in place. Everything was frozen into place. Kizou looked at both Ken and Leon who stopped moving.

“This is like the Prophet’s power?” Kizou said as he looked around. 

It must’ve been the power of the right eye that he was able to stop everything. Without even thinking, he went to grab his sword to rush towards Ken.

I can barely move in this state, Kizou thought to himself as he felt the overwhelming pressure on his body. How did Prophet easily move?

As he managed to get his sword, he reached up to Ken. His body was limping, and his vision was starting to fade in front of him. He coughed out blood and realized that he must’ve reached his limit.

Please, let me just get my revenge for Geet and Ty! Kizou thought as he lifted his sword and tried to slash Ken’s head.  As he raised it up, his vision started blurring. Please, not now.

Kizou’s body fell, and his sword scraped Ken’s chest and left a huge cut from his right shoulder down to his right hip. Time continued once again.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ken yelled in pain. 

Instantly, the flames disappeared as he grabbed his right shoulder and fell on one knee. Leon ran straight towards Ken and kicked his side which sent him tumbling to the floor easily.

“What are you doing?!” Ken exclaimed in anger.

“You almost fell on the boy with your big body,” Leon said as he crouched down and picked up Kizou by his charred shirt from the back.

Kizou’s body seemed to flail in Leon’s hands as if it was a ragdoll. Kizou lost all of his energy and strength during the fight.

“Hurry up and Mind Lock him already, I want to get treated,” Ken said angrily.

Leon put Kizou back on the ground and put his hand over Kizou’s head. Within Kizou’s consciousness, all of the past events started replaying.

“You’re a disgrace,” uttered the castle residents.

“You’ll never be one of us,” said the members of Hell’s Group.

“Why were you even born?” said the King and Queen.

“You’re our friend,” Geet and Ty said as they waved at Kizou.

“I’ll be waiting for you,” Mya said with a smile.

All of a sudden, the memories faded away. All that remained was his name.

“It’s done,” Leon said as he looked down at Kizou. “We’ll finally have the strongest demon in the Kingdom.”

“Winds of the Heavens!” a familiar voice yelled out faintly.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind swept through the forest and launched Kizou’s body into the air.

“What?!” Leon exclaimed as he turned to this side.

Go forth, Prince, thought Ty to himself. I believe in you.

“You should’ve made sure I was dead! I bet you didn’t know that I learned a bit of nature magic as well,” Ty said as his body lay on the floor bleeding out. He started laughing out loud after realizing that he won in the end.

“I’m tired of this, I’m heading back,” Ken said as he lifted his foot high and pushed it down on the floor. The laughter faded away.

“Ahhhhh!” Leon stood there angrily after realizing what just happened. “Burn it down.”

Ken launched fireballs out of his hand and set the forest ablaze as they both left the area. The dead bodies of Geet and Ty slowly were consumed by the wretched flames as their stories both came to an end.

As Kizou’s flail body flew in the air for a long period of time, a body of water was right under him. He landed in the water and started sinking in slowly. Another body could be seen diving in and grabbing Kizou. The person managed to bring Kizou above the water and drag him towards the coast.

“Grandma! Grandma!” the voice of the little girl yelled out. “I found someone in the water.”