Chapter 6:

Riddle #3

Riddle Night

   As soon as my alarm went off, I got out of bed. I wasn't particularly excited for school but I had to investigate. It's shocking how I was able to wake up early in the morning despite that I stayed awake until midnight; to see if I get a phone call, but weirdly enough, I didn't.  I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and wore my school uniform. I went downstairs.
"Mom, I'm leaving now," I said.
"Stay save!" My mom replied. " And have a good day!"

  While I was going walking to school I started thinking about the riddles again. The riddle has to be related to Sushi and Julies death! The fact that Julie's riddle said that she will be hit by a flowerpot and when it will be very hot, that day was actually burning hot! The murderer has to be someone from school! And they planned all this from the start? And why would they be doing this? What's their motive? I don't understand what the point of all of this is!! 

   When I got to the school door, I could see everybody looking at me. I started to feel very uncomfortable. I put my hands in my skirt pocket and started walking. 
"Is she that girl?"
"Oh! That poor thing!"
"I heard she was close to the girl who died" 
"She was the one who fainted when she saw the girl dying" 
"I heard they were friends."
"Why didn't she try to save her friend? is she a coward?" 
"She should have been more careful!"
"Do you think her friend died trying to save her?"
I could hear whispering all over the hall. It was so hard to bear; where ever I went they were whispering about me! Ignore them! Ignore them! I told myself. They don't understand what I've been going through! Ignore them! Honestly! They are all so insensitive and shellfish! I need to calm down, calm down. I took a deep breath, it was a little hard but I got through it. I started to walk to my classroom, and I took my seat. 

  Whenever a teacher calls for my attendance, they get shocked that I'm even there. I guess people really didn't think I would be going to school this time so soon. The teachers didn't even call out my name to answer any of their questions. I used to get so unlucky; the teachers would always randomly pick me, especially when I don't know the answer. I kept my eyes open to see if anyone was acting suspicious, but everything was normal.

   It was now English class, and for some reason, it's always the most boring class. Usually, in English class,  Julie and I would pass notes to each other. But this time around, Julie wasn't there, so I had to stay bored there. 

"Well, class is almost over. I need someone to collect the homework from yesterday." The English teacher said. "And since you didn't have homework because you weren't here yesterday, I need you to collect them, Katie." 
I jumped from my seat, "Me?!" Everyone started laughing. 
"Yes, you." 
"Okay, teacher!" I started to collect the papers. 
He gave me a dirty smile, "Katie, I realized you never called me by my name. I want you to start calling me by my name from now on." 
"Of course!" I said.
"Okay, try it now."
This dirty teacher! He knows I don't know his name! He's trying to humiliate me in front of the class!  
"Tea-teacher L-" I tried to remember his name, "L-Liam?" The class was full of laughter.
"Liam?" he said. "Oops, you didn't know my name? I'm sorry if I knew, I wouldn't have embarrassed you in front of your classmates." 
I started grinding my teeth, "It's no problem!" He knew! HE KNEW, HE KNEW, HE KNEW! What's this teacher's problem! 
"I am teacher Leo! Nice to meet you" the class started laughing again. 
I tried to put a smile on my face. "Nice to meet you, teacher Leo." 
I hated English class more than ever now! I don't want to see this teacher's face ever again! 

It was recess, my mom made me lunch, but I didn't feel like eating anything. Instead, I went to the rooftop, where me and Julie used to eat, to think. I sat down and looked at the view. The plants and the flowers were so pretty. I always liked looking at nature. Suddenly, I heard someone call out my name. 
"Katie!" I turned around, and I saw kai out of breath. He looked so tired that he could collapse at any moment. When he was finally able to take a gasp, he started walking towards me. 
"What's wrong with you? Are you not good at running or something?" I asked
"Yeah, don't you remember? I'm always in last place when we have gym class! Me and running don't get along." 
" That's true! You were always so slow!" I laughed.
Kai sat next to me, "How are you doing?" he asked.
"I mean... about everything." 
"You mean about the teacher humiliating me?"
"No, I mean... yes."  I understood what kai meant, but I didn't want to talk about it, so I pretended not to. 
" Yeah, honestly, I'm pissed about it! Why did he make me call him by his name in front of the whole class?!"
"Katie, just so we are clear, you know what my name is, right?"
I gave him a glare, "Of course I do, Kayden!" 
It looked like Kai was startled. "I'm Just kidding, Kai!" 
He stroked his hair, "I know."  It looked like he was blushing, so he stared at the floor.

"There you are, Kai!" a familiar voice said. 
"Rio, what are you doing here?" 
"I've been looking for you everywhere, so- Oh, you're with that detective girl!" I forgot that Rio knew about my detective dream because someone TOLD HIM ABOUT IT.  I looked at Kai.
"What is it, Rio?" 
"Oh, nothing! I just wanted to know where you were at, turns out you're with detective girl, who knew you guys were so close!" Rio teased
Kai looked annoyed, "Shut up! I'm coming right now. Do you want to come with us, Katie?"
"Kai, no need, you don't have to come. I'm going to sit with you guys instead." Rio sat in between us.
"Detective girl, it's funny how you didn't know the teacher's name." Oh, no! he's talking about the most embarrassing thing!  "Are you stupid or something?" 
 "Don't call her stupid!" Kai said 
"What's wrong with you?" Rio asked
Kai gave him a death stare. 
"Okay! Sorry! Stop staring at me like that! Detective girl, do you have a problem with names?"
"Yes, I'm having problems with memorizing names here."
"Really?" Rio chuckled, "That's really weird!"
 "There is nothing weird about it! She just moved here, it only makes sense!" Kai defended.
"What's wrong with you? You are usually the one who talks like that to other people?! Why are you defending detective girl?!" 
"Will you stop calling her that! Her name is Katie, KATIE!"
"Whatever! Detective girl, let's go sit somewhere else; this guy is in a bad mood." Rio grabbed my arm.
"Hey!" I said. Kai split our hands apart. 
"Leave her alone." Kai went in front of me. 
Rio was confused at first, but when he looked at Kai then at me, he smirked. "Oh, I see what's going on now! You and her? Really, dude, you couldn't do better?" 
"Katie, let's go downstairs." Kai said
"Okay." I didn't really understand what was going on, but I just went along with Kai.
"Hey! I wasn't done talking yet!" Rio screamed.

We started running down the stairs, and Rio started catching up to us. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, Rio held my shoulder. He looked at me looking from up to down.
"You really think so, dude? She's flat from the top and the bottom!" I could tell Kai was losing his cool. He lifted his hand and gave Rio a huge bunch. 
Rio fell to the ground, "You're really this serious about her!" he got up and gave Kai a bigger bunch. They started bunching each other more, more, and more. I tried to stop them. A crowd started forming,  "Hey, guys! you should stop!" I went in front of Kai, and I felt a bunch on my arm. I fell to the ground. Kai held my arm, and said in a worried voice, "Are you ok, Katie? You went too far now, Rio!" Kai went harder than before with his punches. "Kai, I'm fine! Would you guys stop!" I yelled the hardest I could. Their fight became more severe. The English teacher came in between them, "That's enough! You guys go to the principal." I could hear the crowd whispering. "NOW!" 

Kai and Rio didn't attend any of the other classes. They were probably in trouble or in the nurse's office. After classes were over, I went to the nurse's office to check. Behind the curtains, I saw Kai sitting on the bed. "Are you ok?" I asked.
He ran over to me, "Are you ok?! How is your arm?" 
"Kai, I'm fine! I'm asking about you now." I noticed his bruise, "Oh god! You have a huge bruise on your face!" 
Kai smiled, "It's fine! It doesn't hurt at all!" I touched it, he screamed, "OW!" 
"Don't lie to me!" I said, “ I appreciate that you were defending me, but don’t do that again.”
"I will do it again! I don't like it when people make fun of you!"
"Kai, stop it! It's not worth getting hurt for." 
"It is worth it! I don't want to see you hurt more." 
I stayed silent; I didn't know what to say.

Kai suggested that we walk home together, and as we were, I saw the trash place where Sushi used to hang out.
"You miss her too?" Kai asked
" Oh, yes I do miss her” 
"Would you like us to visit her?"

Me and Kai went to the playground, where Sushi was buried. We sat on her grave, and kids were playing on the playground. We had a good silent moment where we were viewing the kids. "Katie, tell me the truth, how are you doing?"
I looked at Kai, "Do I have to tell you the truth?" 
Kai gave me a serious face, "Yes!" 
I sighed, "I'm not doing so great. Whenever I think about it, I want to cry. I don't know what to do now." 
I was too nervous to look at his expression. I made sure to keep my head down. Then my stomach growled. 
Kai let out a laugh, "What's the problem with you and food? Did you eat anything?" 
I blushed, "No, I didn't." 
"Why aren't you eating? come on, let me take you somewhere to eat." 
"No, you don't need to. I'll go home and ea-" 
"I insist!"
" I mean if you want to. I won't say no."

We went to a cafe near our houses. Kai ordered me a croissant, "Thank you! I'll pay you back!" 
"No need."
 I stared at him, "Why do you keep doing that? Just let me pay." 
"No, It's my treat. Think of it as your gift" 
I sighed, "Fine, But next time I'm treating you!"
"Katie, just let me do this for you, okay?"
I glared at him, "Fine." 
After the cafe, we went home and as soon as I got home, I went to bed.  

I woke up from my phone ringing. 
Ring, ring. I reached for my phone, and after I looked at it, it was the same odd phone number. Finally, it was about time! I'm gonna find out who you are. I answered the phone.
"I am a tree but in this case, I'm not.
I run and run, but I don't stop. 
Make sure I stay away from what I am.
Or I will be dead like ham."

-End of chapter-