Chapter 8:

Vol. 2 Friend...My first friend? Part 1

Daily Life of a loner

I was really happy after I was free from Himari. That's what I want to say but the circumstances don't allow me. I was sitting with an unknown person. I don't know a thing about him and he says that he wants to sit with me. Why does he want to sit with me? That was the first question that came to my mind. Because every human has something behind their action. Thanks, Loner's monologue. (Lol) Bookmark here

So, him sitting with me, there must a reason. Was it an act of pity? Is he just kind that he doesn't want anyone to suffer sitting with me? Is he a bully?.... Numerous questions were coming to my mind. But none of them leads to any conclusion. I let out a tired sigh. Catching a glimpse of my sigh, he said, Bookmark here

" You look tired today. Did you get enough sleep?"
'Why are you concerned about me? Just pay attention to the teacher and don't speak out of nowhere, that freaked me out.' Bookmark here

Without saying a word, I nodded to him. He looked convinced and started listening to the teacher. Bookmark here

'I guess he is not a bad guy at least...' Bookmark here

I wasn't able to focus in class. I observed his every movement. He attentively listens to the teacher, he doesn't make unnecessary small talks, if someone calls him he speaks with them cheerfully. I saw everything still I wasn't able to deduce why he wanted to sit with a loner like me. Bookmark here

Soon it was break time. That means Himari was about to come. The student who was sitting with me was eating his lunch with his friends. So, I was sitting alone as always. Watching that, Himari stood up from her seat and was about to come my way. Kushida noticed her, she said, Bookmark here

"Himari, where are you going?....." Himari stopped and turned towards Kushida.
"Well, you see~..."
".... Why don't you eat with me? " Kushida asked.
"With you? " Kushida was smiling the whole time.
"I....." Before Himari could speak something, Kushida held Himari's hand and pulled her to sit back in her seat. Himari was sitting now, she won't have a choice but to eat with Kushida. Himari took a moment to realize what just happened. But it was too late for her. Bookmark here

They both started eating lunch. I was observing the class as always. So, I saw the whole incident. I was grateful for what just Kushida did. I didn't know the reason for her actions, but I didn't need to know it either. After lunch, the boy came and sat back with me. He didn't speak with me. The day passed and it was time to go home. Bookmark here

Although, mobile phones weren't permitted in school. But we students bring it every day and the teachers don't even find them. I got out of school. I don't have friends so I usually walk alone on my way home. I pulled out my earphones and connected them to my phone. I have collected all my favourite songs, made a playlist and all I have to do was push the play button. I named my playlist 'the loner's playlist'. Damn cool. Right? Bookmark here

There was a reason why I do it. My house is just 5 minutes walk away from the school. So there shouldn't be any need for me to listen to music and distract myself. It's thanks to my ears, that I have to do it. Many students walk their way back home. They talk about the stuff that happens in school. If my ears hear it, my brain starts processing it and after putting every piece together that I hear from different students. I can see what's going on in school. what's wrong with that? Nothing's wrong here, the only thing wrong here is that I don't have control over it. It just happens and after deducting everything my brain provides me with the result, even if I don't want it. So to avoid it, I force my ears to hear music, not student's gossips. Bookmark here

While I was thinking about why I listen to music. Someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was. It was the same boy who sat with me today. He smiled at me. He said something and I realized I couldn't hear him. Bookmark here

"Wait for a second..." He stopped and started watching me. I pulled out my phone and pressed the pause button. He saw the whole thing and understood why I stopped him. Bookmark here

"Please continue..."
"I was asking that Is your home this way? Because my house is also this way. We both can walk together. If it's not a problem to you." Bookmark here

His intentions were good, I knew that. But there is a problem today I couldn't walk home with him, even if wanted to. So I have to deny his request for today at least.
"We can... But today I can't do it."
"Ahh. Can I ask why? "
"The thing is we are standing in front of my house." Bookmark here

'That's why I can't go with you. I am sorry. I really am.' Bookmark here

"Oooh... I understand. No problem there, we can walk home tomorrow." Bookmark here

I nodded to him and smiled at him. He was staring at me very intensely all of a sudden. Bookmark here

"What's wrong?" I asked.
"It's just... You don't smile in class usually."
"Is that so?"
"Yes, it's my first time that I saw you smiling. I think, no I am sure about it that no one in the class has ever seen you smile." Bookmark here

'I already have full control over my emotions that all. You mortals couldn't understand it.' Bookmark here

" You should smile more often. You look good while smiling."
" If I smile more often, wouldn't my smile be no different than others?"
"What do you mean?"
" I mean I smile rarely, that makes my smile different and special than others. Wouldn't you agree?"
"Ya, you got that right."
"It's getting late. See you tomorrow at school."
"Ya, see you tomorrow. Bye."
"Bye." Bookmark here

I waved my hand while saying goodbye. What does he want, I still don't get it. That's how life is, not everything has a perfect answer and not everything is discovered yet. Holding those thoughts, I went inside my house. I got straight to my room and laid on my bed like a dead body as always. I was thinking about him. Bookmark here

'Again I don't even know his name. I should learn my classmate's names at least. Tomorrow first thing I will do is learn everyone's names. ' Bookmark here

I don't know when but I fall asleep. Nothing special happened after that. I did my homework, played video games, ate dinner and went to sleep. It was the next day, I was on my way to school. Someone called me from behind. Bookmark here

"Taichi!!...," it was so loud that students around me also started looking at him. He was the same person and was continuously waving towards me. Bookmark here

'I don't know him, my name is not even Taichi.' Bookmark here

I acted like I don't notice him and started to walk away. Observing that I was walking away, he quickly jogged towards me. When he caught up to me, he asked, Bookmark here

"Hey, are you ignoring me? That's rude you know." I turned towards him, removed my earphones and behaved like I was listening to music.
"Oo, where did you come from? I didn't notice you. Did you say something?"
" Never mind."
"By the way, do you know why Youtskei didn't come to school yesterday?" I started the conversation.
"Ohh, the milkman?" Bookmark here

'Milkman? Do they call Youtskei milkman? What's logic in that?' Bookmark here

"I thought you would probably know it."
" Know what?"
"He didn't make it." Bookmark here

' Is he dead? ' Bookmark here

"I mean he failed class 5, so he didn't make it to class 6. Weren't you two friends? How come, you don't know it?"
" We weren't friends or anything. We were just seatmates. We never even talked with each other."
"I see.." Bookmark here

Soon we reached the school. We sat on our seats and the day proceeded the same as always. Boring lectures, monitor duties and other stuff. As I decided yesterday, I will learn every student name today. It was the P.E. period. Yamada was showing his skills as always. Everyone was playing football. I gave an excuse for not feeling well and was watching them from the sidelines. It was about time for me to execute my plan to know everyone's name. Bookmark here

This was the first time, I felt happy to be a loner. No one will notice me if I am not there. I used my stealth mode and avoiding everyone's gazes, reached my classroom. Bookmark here

' as expected, no one is here.' Bookmark here

I went to the teacher's desk and started searching for something. While I was searching, someone came from behind and placed his hand on my shoulder, Bookmark here

"What are you doing here?" It was a familiar female voice, I froze in the position, in which I was searching. I turned back, only to get even more shocked. It was Kushida. Bookmark here

'What is she doing here? Is P.E. period already over?' Bookmark here

She was looked straight at me with eyes like a baby got a new toy to play with. Bookmark here

'I need an excuse.' Bookmark here

" I wasn't feeling well. So I came to class."
"I see... Then what were you finding there?"
"....Rat." Bookmark here

She was dumbfounded by my reply. She was staring at me like asking what I was saying. Bookmark here

"There was a Rat. "
"Rat!? Seriously!?"
"You don't need to worry. It's gone now."
"Ooh... So there was a Rat." She didn't convince though," I thought you were looking for this." Bookmark here

She was hiding something behind her. I didn't notice it at first because I was too busy hiding the truth. She brought it in front. I was surprised to see what it was. Bookmark here

'How did she?...' Bookmark here

It was the student's attendance register. That's exactly what I was looking for. Seeing my expression she understood that it was the thing I looking for. Bookmark here

"So, you were looking for this, after all."
"No, I wasn't."
"What do you want from this?" Bookmark here

She wasn't even listening to me. She was convinced that I was searching for this.
" I said I wasn't searching for anything!" Bookmark here

Saying that I started walking towards the class exit. I let out a sigh.
'Damn, my plan failed. I have to come up with something else.' Bookmark here

"You can have it if you want. I won't tell anyone. I won't even ask why you want it. " She said from behind. I looked back at her. She was giving a sly smile. Bookmark here

"Are you sure? "
" See, you were looking for this. "
'Why did I even believe her?' Bookmark here

"Anyway here. You should have told me from the very beginning." She placed the register in my hands. She closed one eye, tilted her head at around 30 degrees vertically, placed her index finger on her lips and said," This is our secret. Okay?" She started to leave. Bookmark here

"Wait.." I called her from behind.
"Why do you have it? " I asked.
"Teacher told me to keep it."
"What? "
"She told me whenever the class is empty, I should keep the register so that someone like you won't take it."
"Then why give it to me?"
"As long as it's you, it's fine. I know you won't do anything thing bad at least. "
"How can you tell that? "
"I just know it."
"One last question."
"There is more?"
"How did you know I was here and was looking for it?" Bookmark here

She paused but her smile wasn't gone. A student's attendance register has every single piece of information about the students in it, from his name and address to his blood group. So, it's hard to get our hands on this register. The teacher must trust Kushida too much that she allowed her to take it. But the question is how did she know that I was gone? Bookmark here

"The thing is you weren't down there. So, I came here looking for you. When I reached here. I saw you finding something at the teacher's desk. What else could you be finding there, if not this?" Bookmark here

'She noticed that I was gone? She is an even bigger bitch than I thought she would be.' Bookmark here

"I see..." Bookmark here

I sat on a bench and was about to open the register that I noticed Kushida was still standing there. Bookmark here

"Is there anything you need? " I asked.
"You asked me so many questions, at least show me what you are doing." Saying that she sat next to me. Bookmark here

'There shouldn't be any problem if she saw what I am doing. Right?' Bookmark here

I opened the register and there was the list of students from our class along with their details. Bookmark here

' If I remember correctly, the student sitting next to me has roll number 5.......... Kogen Oji. ' Bookmark here

The student on number 5 was Kogen Oji. Bookmark here

' So, Kogen Oji what do u really want from me?'Bookmark here

Bookmark here

To be continued in part 2...Bookmark here

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