Chapter 7:

Vol.2 Will this year be same?

Daily Life of a loner

The year 2013 was very difficult for me. I was transferred to an unknown section with unknown people. A year has already passed and I have passed my class 5. This year, I am in class 6. I didn't think anything will change. I will be a loner and pass this year too in silence. That's what I wanted but troubles never leave me. Bookmark here

It was the first day of class 6. I entered my classroom and my classmates were sitting with the same person that they sat with, in the previous class. That's means I have to sit with... Youtskei? I sat on an empty desk. Few students didn't arrive at class yet that includes Youtskei. I was looking at the class entrance, waiting for Youtskei to come. The rest of the class was talking to each other. I don't have anyone to talk to, it's not like I wanted someone to talk with. Not talking to anyone was fine with me. Bookmark here

Talking pointlessly is just a waste of energy and I don't want to waste that energy. But I also don't have any other thing to do, where I can spend this saved energy. So, saving energy like this was also pointless. While I was making a pointless theory on the pointless energy of conservation, a girl entered the class. Everyone in the class went silent and were glaring at her. She was Himari Yui. She was searching for an empty seat to sit. While her stares were wandering around the class, our eyes met. Noticing that she gave a warm smile at me. She started to walk towards me. Bookmark here

"Taruo, you are sitting alone. Right? Can I sit with you? " Bookmark here

'Did she just casually called me by my first name?' Bookmark here

Many students weren't able to believe what they heard. I was also surprised.
'I don't care with whom I gonna sit with. It's not like, I want anyone particular to sit with. But sitting with Himari is a problem. I will be the centre of attention, which I want to avoid at any cost.' Bookmark here

"Actually, I-...." Before I could say anything to her, she already sat next to me. Noticing that I wanted to say something, she asked, Bookmark here

"Is there any problem with me sitting here?" While making an innocent face.
"" Bookmark here

She was already sitting. So there wasn't any point in saying her to leave now. Many students were whispering about me, I could feel other students staring at me. But I tried to ignore them. Himari looked very relaxed. Maybe, because she is always the centre of attention everywhere, so she doesn't feel unusual, people staring at her. Bookmark here

'Come to think of it, there isn't any empty seat left. Where will Youtskei sit? Why hasn't he shown up yet?' Bookmark here

It was about time for the class to start. However, Youtskei was nowhere to be seen. Soon after the bell rang, a female teacher came to our class, while carrying few maths books. I knew her and she knew me, I guess. She was Akari Kazu. She taught us maths in our previous class and for some reason, she has a good impression of me. Bookmark here

We gave her our usual greetings. I won't say it greeting it's more like a song. That's why everyone sings it, I guess. Regardless, we completed our ritual of greeting her. Bookmark here

"Ggoooodd mooorning, ma'am." After hearing our wonderful song, the teacher replied,
"Good morning everyone, sit down." After we all sat down, she continued," You all already know me but still allow me to introduce myself again, my name is Akari Kazu. I will be your class in charge and will teach you maths this year." Bookmark here

Everyone in the class knew her and she knew everyone. I think that was the reason that there wasn't any self-introduction speech. It was good for me because I don't want to introduce myself anyhow and I am not interested in anyone, that I need to know his/her name or something. The class proceeded further. Bookmark here

"Let's first assign the tasks, that the students have to take care of. Shall we?.... " She was talking about the positions like class monitor, cleanliness in charge etc. After watching the reaction of every student she continued," let's start with the class monitor. Who were the class monitors in the previous year?"Everyone in the class pointed towards me and Kushida. Bookmark here

"Then let them be the class monitor this year again... Is that fine with you all?" Asked teacher.
'What the hell? Why does this job love me so much? Was the previous year not enough that this year too...' Bookmark here

Everyone seemed like they didn't have any issue with this. Kushida looked happy and was glaring at me constantly. I ignored her glares. As I was thinking of a strategy to avoid being the class monitor, Himari stood up for some reason.
"Ma'am, I think the monitors should be someone different this year," she protested.
Hearing Himari the teacher asked," Do you want someone else to be the monitor?"
" Not someone else..." She shot a side glance at me and said," I want to be the class monitor." Bookmark here

'You want to be the class monitor? You can take my position if you want to. No, you should certainly take my position.' Bookmark here

I was feeling a little relieved that now I don't have to be
the monitor anymore. However, my happiness didn't last very long. Kushida stood up and said, Bookmark here

"Ma'am, I also want to be the class monitor and I have more experience than her. So being me the monitor should be the right decision." Bookmark here

She got a point there. Kushida and Himari were the same in most aspects. So, there won't be any difference if anyone became monitor. But there is only one factor where Kushida outranks Himari, that is experience. She has more experience than Himari. That factor alone was enough for Himari to not became a monitor and Kushida to become one. Bookmark here

"... She is right. She has more experience than you. So, she should be the monitor." Said, teacher.
"But to get the experience you need to do the work. How can someone like me get experience, if I am not allowed to?" Himari argued. The teacher thought about something and said,
"Himari, I know that you want to become the class monitor. Let's do this then if you find that Kushida is not doing her work properly, then you can become the class monitor in her place. Is that reasonable?" Bookmark here

After what the teacher said, there was no way Himari could complain now. So, she has to accept the teacher's decision. "....yes, ma'am." Bookmark here

Kushida also seemed satisfied with this. Regardless, whatever the conclusion was, I was still the class monitor. Other posts were filled with students I didn't remember the names of. After everything was done, the teacher went into a deep thought like deciding something. She said, Bookmark here

" There is one more thing that is needed to be done." The teacher said in an intense tone," we have to make changes in seating plans." Bookmark here

Listening to the teacher, everyone gave a disagreeing gaze. They didn't want their seats to be changed. But I want it… I literally want it. I can seat with anyone but not Himari. So, I was in support of the teacher's decision. The teacher ignored the stares of the students and started to alter everyone's seats. Bookmark here

I didn't know that the teacher was this cunning. She already knew who was friend with whom. She made everyone sit with someone they didn't know very well or someone they don't like or something. Bookmark here

Liking someone and disliking someone are both members of the same species but have different gender. So both are important in one's life. No one can like each and everything, there's always something that a person dislikes. Well, it's not a bad thing. This is how we humans are. The problem is when someone deceives himself, to like something which he doesn't even like or dislike something which he likes very much or disliking/liking something which is not even true. What makes a person like someone? Think of it as charges, positive charge for liking someone and negative charge for not liking someone. If anyone of you studied science, then you might know that there is nothing like a positive charge, if something is lacking a negative charge then another, it is counted as positive. Bookmark here

In other words, it's positive with respect to others. A charge has something that makes it negative if it lacks it is counted as positive. That means there's nothing like liking someone if you don't find that something in a person, you like that person if you find it then you dislike him. But question is, what this ' something ' is? It's the thing that you don't want in a person. You don't get it. Do you? Bookmark here

The teacher made everyone sit with the person they don't talk to. If that's how it was going to be, I should sit with everyone. (lol ) Bookmark here

I don't know why the teacher did it. But only two reasons were coming to my mind. First, to deepen bonds between everyone. Second, to avoid everyone talking during lectures. It didn't concern me because I don't know anyone and I doubt that anyone even wants to sit with me, except her of course. I glanced towards Himari, she was very calm about this. Bookmark here

'What's going on in her mind? I can't get a read of her. .. if everyone's seats are changing, then ours will change as well. Why is she so calm. Did she has a plan?..' Bookmark here

Seeing her carefree attitude made me uneasy. In the end, I was worrying about nothing. The teacher called her and she freaked out. Bookmark here

' What you weren't expecting it? ' Bookmark here

She stood up instantly and looked in the teacher's direction.
"You go and seat with Kushida?..." Said the teacher. Even Kushida was caught off guard by the teacher. I guess even she wasn't expecting this. Himari glanced at Kushida and then towards the teacher. Bookmark here

"What? You don't wanna sit?..." The teacher said in an angry tone. Himari immediately took her bag and sat with kushida. Bookmark here

'Finally, I am free...' Bookmark here

Only a few students remained, whose seats weren't planned yet. I was one of them. The Teacher was looking at the students who were left. Then she noticed me and made a smile. Bookmark here

'That's not a good sign...'
"You....." While thinking about something she said, "you can sit with whomever you want." Bookmark here

'Seriously?..with whomever I want? Wait... What am I getting so excited about? There's no one I want to sit with, I should probably sit alone.' Bookmark here

"So with whom you wanna sit?" Bookmark here

I glanced at my classmates. I can see jealousy in their stares. Life is so unfair you know. I don't have anyone to sit with, still, I have a choice to sit with anyone. They all have someone they wanna sit with, but they don't have this privilege. I sighed. Bookmark here

' I have decided I will seat alone.'
"I-...." Bookmark here

Before I could say anything, a boy cried out
"Teacher, I want to sit with him. " Bookmark here

Everyone in the class glanced at him. Again who was he? He had black hair and a few of his features were the same as Yamada. I only knew he was my classmate, a commoner. He has few links with nobles. (By links I mean they were friends.) He was an average guy. Bookmark here

"I don't have a problem with that, anyone can sit with him."
'Why am I getting this treatment? Is the teacher mocking me? Trying to say that sitting with me is the same as not sitting with anyone?'
"You can sit with him. right?"
'Why are you asking me?'
"...Yes" Bookmark here

Soon, everyone's sitting plans were made. The main aim of changing the seating plan was to ensure that everyone in the class remains disciplined. When a person is with his friend, he somehow starts being mischievous, even if he doesn't want to. That's why the teacher cut off the root before the plant can bear fruit, which is separating everyone. I guess this was effective. The class was more disciplined now. Which was a good thing, if you consider the fact I was the monitor.Bookmark here

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