Chapter 3:

Opportunity of a Lifetime

The Creator

The next day JDG finds himself curious about the Keeper that he met at the library. Merlyce, the strange Keeper who is the son of the one of the more famous Keepers in the entirety of the world. What if JDG can use this as his chance to achieve greatness? He already established a friendship with him, what if he tries to use that friendship immediately.

Entering the library again for the second time this week, JDG makes his way toward the same door that he found before. Upon opening the door, he discovers the same damp stairwell that was presented to him yesterday. Beginning the ascent with less hesitation, JDG soon reaches the second floor.

JDG knocks on the door, "Merlyce." He called.

Soon the door swings open in the same violent fashion as before, "Good afternoon JDG." Merlyce is taken aback at the sudden reappearance of JDG, however he greets him as a friend remembering their exchange the day prior.

"I would like to learn more about your father." JDG cuts to the chase of his intentions for being there.

Merlyce cocks an eyebrow toward JDG, "What is it that you want to learn?"

JDG grins at Merlyce, "I want to learn the art of Keeper Magic."

Merlyce leaves his mouth gaping and focuses his eyes toward JDG, "You really want to learn Keeper Magic?"

"I do." JDG continues to hold his grin while breathing heavier than normal.

"Is it against the rules for a Creator to learn Keeper Magic?" Merlyce looks around the room and then once again stares with lifted eyebrows toward JDG.

"It does not matter if it is against the rules or not." JDG continues to hold his grin as he denounced Merlyce.

Merlyce looks at JDG in the eyes, "I have to read the 'Magical Doctrine' before I let you see my father." Merlyce looks to his left and right frantically before leaning toward JDG, "I'm going to grab it right now, wait here."

JDG then nods in agreement with his grin. The door is temporarily closed in front of JDG as to prevent him from entering the second-floor in case it was all some sort of ploy. However, JDG had no intentions on learning the content of the second-level of the library. He had a great source of information at his disposal as is.

Merlyce opens the door again and this time he holds a book, "Sorry, I keep it in my bag and I leave my bag near the employee entrance." Merlyce explained. Merlyce then opens the book to stare intensely at the table of contents.

"What is the 'Magical Doctrine?'" JDG asked as Merlyce continues to scan for the right section.

"It's the rulebook and handbook for all magical users," Merlyce takes note of a page and flips through the book to find it, "it's almost like a contract that you have to abide by, any rule broken by this doctrine could result in punishment from the Council of London themselves."

JDG perks his head and raises an eyebrow at Merlyce, "The Council of London themselves?"

"Yeah, my uncle has told me stories about Wizards who get in trouble for violating the Magical Doctrine," Merlyce then points at a page, "This is the section I wanted, hang on," he skims the content of the page, "Section seventeen, Article fifty-six; 'A Creator is allowed to attempt to learn Keeper Magic, however a Keeper is never allowed to use Creator Magic, Sorcerers have the right to learn any form of magic as long as they abide by all rules of the doctrine. Violation of a single rule will result in the change to the title of 'wizard' and violation of another rule will result in a forced seizing of all magical abilities and tools.'"

"Pretty heavy stuff," JDG grins and he leans toward Merlyce.

"It's so rare for a Creator to learn Keeper Magic, many Creators say that Keeper Magic is inferior to their own." Merlyce looks JDG in the eye, "Are you sure you want to learn Keeper Magic first? What if it messes with your ability to learn Creator Magic?"

JDG grins, "I am confident that I am capable of learning all forms of magic, I've wanted to become a great magic user for many years now and if this is my chance, then anywhere is a viable start."

Merlyce then gives a miniscule sigh, "You have a different aura than any other Creator I have met." Merlyce points at JDG, "There is something different about you."

JDG looks up at Merlyce with a wider grin than before, "My friend I am simply a man who is curious about the world." JDG looks at Merlyce's pointing hand until he drops it back to his side, "They hide too much from us; they hide magic, they hide politics, and they surface it with meaningless subjects." JDG paces around with his hands behind his back, his feet marching in tandem to twice the speed of his heartbeat, "It's about time I take initiative for a change." JDG points his left hand at Merlyce.

Merlyce looks at JDG once more, "My shift ends at five, meet me here." Merlyce points toward the ground.

Devonshire is quite a distance from London, however, being an employed Keeper, Merlyce is able to afford a car, "I thought Keeper's were poor." JDG commented, pointing aggressively toward the car that sits parked on the other side of the road.

"Not if you are the son of the 'Keeper of the Bridge.' I told you, I lived in an estate." The two are walking outside of the school grounds and heading across a dirt road to Merlyce's vehicle. 

Upon entering the vehicle, Merlyce seems to relax his arms much more than it seems when he is on duty, "Have you ever been to London?" Merlyce looks over the JDG as he enters the passenger side of the open-top car.

"Not in a long time, and not without my parents." JDG seeps into the comfortable leather seating of the car.

Merlyce shifts the car into drive, "This is a boarding academy right? Do you have a dormitory here?" Merlyce focuses his eyes on the road but speaks loud enough over the engine.

"Yeah, I have a roommate and everything too." JDG waves his hand as if such information meant nothing to him.

The drive through the English countryside brings many sights and smells that cannot be experienced in the confines of a school. JDG's infamous grin does not surface throughout the drive as he is so focused on soaking the surroundings that the two come across. To Merlyce, a commute like this is rather arbitrary, however for JDG it's been a long time since he's been able to leave the campus with a valid reason.

"My father is a traditionalist guy, I don't know how he'll feel about a Creator asking for the secrets to Keeper Magic." Merlyce keeps his eyes on the road, "However, I do know there is nothing he loves more than sharing his culture. It is my father though who complains the most about the upper caste."

"I don't blame him," JDG has his hand in a fist and supporting his head as he leans it outside of the door, "I have issues with the Creator Caste as well."

Merlyce let's out a chuckle, "I never heard that from a Creator before."

JDG lifts his head and grows a micro-smile, "I don't agree with the ways of the upper caste, everyone is too restrictive and nobody is allowed to do anything fun or unlock their potential without a million trivial steps."

"I hear you, too bad many Creators think they are superior to Keepers, I don't think I met a single Creator who wanted to ask me questions about myself." Merlyce chuckles once more.

"I am a man who simply wants information." JDG crosses his hands in front of him making an 'x' motion.

"'A man who simply wants information,' you are pretty odd I must admit," Merlyce smiles toward JDG, "that's probably what makes you so interesting."

"I never even met a Keeper face to face before you." JDG returns the grin.

"Really? I guess I'm the only Keeper in Devonshire." Merlyce looks back to the road and shrugs his shoulders, "Did you grow up here JDG?"

JDG stares onto the scenery that runs past them, "No," JDG speaks over the engine and wind, "I come from Harwich."

"Harwich is a long way from here in Durston, Devonshire." Merlyce chuckles once more, "I was born and raised in London." Merlyce continues, "You'll find the most amount of Keepers in large urban areas, I know there is a Keeper settlement in Bridgewater."

"I haven't been able to visit the larger towns of Bridgewater and Taunton yet, this is my first time leaving the academy campus since I've come here." JDG grins, "That's what makes this journey better."

"Being stuck at that academy seems quite tedious." Merlyce leans over to JDG.

JDG puts his hands behind his head and stretches out his elbow to his sides, "Indeed."

The green fields that the dirt road passes through showcase the nature of Southwest England. Small dots of trees grace the landscape as buildings are spread throughout. The cloudy skies and open fields remind the world that there is something more out there than what is initially perceived. What a pleasant sight for all to see.

What a pleasant sight.

Arriving the the great city of London, the two must drive through the many roads of the greater outskirts of the city. Being the son of the 'Keeper of the Bridge' Merlyce lives with his family live near the center of the entire city along the river Thames.

"My family owns an estate in St. Saviours, it's nearby the London Bridge and the Parliament Square where my uncle and father work. Parliament Square is the home of the Council of London." Merlyce said as they drive into the initial sections of the city.

The first section of the city are the many smaller homes packed together on the outside of the urban center. These are homes of non-magic users, those of the lowest caste which are the 'Populi.' They live in quite suburban places and take no part in the politics or greater workings of the 'World Federation,' in which the planet is subject to. London is the capital of the world, the home of the leading body of the entire planet's government; the Creative Council of London.

"I don't know why I have to go through so much schooling before I am allowed to delve into magic." JDG speaks with his eyes glaring at the many houses that are passed by.

"It's probably some elimination system, Creators are so strict about their demeanor and they don't want anybody learning their powerful magic. They themselves barely use it," Merlyce puts his hand to his chin, "I don't believe I've ever seen a real example of Creator Magic outside of Wizards and Sorcerers."

"I never even met a Wizard nor a Sorcerer." JDG stated softly.

"Nobody really has." Merlyce says with a more serious tone, "They keep to themselves for the most part and live in either towers or estates in the middle of nowhere. I hear many sorcerers are also nomadic."

"Nomadic..." JDG says to himself. Staring at the many houses the two are whizzing by can be an overwhelming sight to some, but for JDG it represents something grand.