Chapter 0:

Prologue: The Other Tenants

The World Is Ending And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It

In the year of our lord, 200X, the planet designated as E-Arth achieved lasting world peace. For it was one day, a month ago to be exact, that the nations of the world decided to get along with each other, terrorist organizations disbanded due to a lack of pancakes, and Republicans realizing that they were actually the bad guys the entire time. Uncle Irvins came out of the closets and nobody cared less for them; Daves finally won the lottery, any and every lottery; Aunt Flow decided to never abruptly visit their nieces; and the Illuminati decided to be a public charity organization. Dogs and cats lived in the same house without mad hysteria; sex offenders brought themselves to justice; racists were willing to admit that they are in fact racist and made an effort to change their worldview. College education became affordable, university students no longer had anything to complain about apart from the fact that there was nothing to complain about, students of all ages no longer to worry about the wage of living as the minimum wage was always locally adjusted to fit the standard of living. The world was finally at peace, for about a total of 72 hours as an unrelated cataclysmic event that consisted of a buttered-up-armadillo and a lory decimated the planet; exploding it, then imploding it into nothingness. But due to the laws of physics, another planet named Earth took its place and were considerably worse than the previous tenants.