Chapter 4:

Bonus Chapter ~ The cast!

PowerPlay! ~ The odd tale about awesome powers, quirky personalities and why they make for an awful mix.

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Author here. Yeah, your friendly naighbourhood author!
Hope you're enjoying Powerplay! so far, even though my uploading schedule has been kind of wild. What can I say, I'm a full time videogame developer by day and a dumb sarcastic writer by night!

Things are bound to get hectic.

The game's called tERRORbane, go check it out if you want!
I won't be posting links cause it would be rude to the good patrons here at Honeyfeed.

Anyway, here is a sort of bonus content chapter to apologize for posting a bit late this week. Enjoy!"
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~Character Bios~Bookmark here

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♦The Crossroads♦Bookmark here

Dust LuminasBookmark here

Race: Human
Height: 5,7 ft
Age: 24
Occupation: Proud dish washer and trouble magnet.
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Motto: "Uh?"Bookmark here

Dust is our unfortunate protagonist. He leads a simple life and enjoys getting late to work in the morning and playing with the orphanage kids in the evening. He was orphaned at a young age and never knew his parents, so he grew up with a broader definition of what it means to "have a family".Bookmark here

He enjoys reading and listening to all kinds of epic tales and legends, as he finds such narrative to be fascinating. In his youth he used to play out such fantasies with his childhood friends but now, he's mostly just content to tell his favourite fables to the small children at the orphanage in the form of good-night stories.Bookmark here

He has a noble and generous soul but, at his core, he's just a profoundly run-of-the-mill and ordinary guy. He has a penchant for drawing trouble despite not being a particularly brazen or corageous young man. He is, however, incredibly observant, witty and gifted with a natural disposition for dealing with people, so much so that many have pointed out that he could make a living out of his silver-tongue alone.Bookmark here

Dust, however, downplays such rumors as gross overstatements. Besides, "there's more to life than coin", he would say.Bookmark here

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Romon RadcliffeBookmark here

Race: Human?
Height: 6,6 ft
Age: 48
Occupation: Retired adventurer now innkeeper.
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Motto: "My instincts never lie..."Bookmark here

Romon is a stout and brawny man who long ago surpassed the limits of his human body to become something more. In his youth he used to be a professional adventurer specialized in hunting dragons and other enourmous beasts. He later settled down with his wife, another accomplished adventurer and alchemist, and bought the Crossroads, an old and respected Inn right outside the capital city of Epoch.Bookmark here

His wife was always the more business capable of the duo and after her death he has took it upon himself to both lead his enterprise to financial success and grow his daughter into a proper adult. With varying degrees of success in both cases.Bookmark here

As a natural-born hunter and survivalist, he struggles to embrace the intricacies of the more urban occupation he now finds himself thrust into and as a single parent in a world full of very complicated things to explain and understand, he strives to be that parent who is always there for his child.Bookmark here

He manages nonetheless to be a decent boss and a doting parent. A testament to his resilience and will of iron.Bookmark here

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Enrietta RadcliffeBookmark here

Race: Human?
Height: 5,4 ft
Age: 17
Occupation: Works as a maid at the crossroads.Bookmark here

Motto: "...idiot!"
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Enrietta is a passionate and dedicated young woman. Having barely grown out of her teens into what is considered to be adulthood in a medieval-fantasy world, she spends her days helping out his father by working as a maid at the Crossroads inn, taking in orders and devising ways to attract new clients.Bookmark here

She is fairly well-beloved by the habitual patrons who have taken a liking to her bright personality and dedication to her work. Having inherited her father's unnutural strength and endurance, she finds herself at odds with the mind and common sense of a completely normal, and somewhat sheltered, girl she possesses at her age.
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The two things combined can be both a curse and a blessing in disguise as she and her father can manage to effectively keep the Crossroads running almost by themselves on one hand, and still be unable to completely relate to the problems normal people find to be unsormountable, on the other.Bookmark here

In all of this, Enrietta finds some solace and counsel in Dust, whom she regards as something of an elder brother. A clumsy, clownish but somewhat down-to-earth elder brother.Bookmark here

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♦The Visitors♦
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Nero Cicero SeveroBookmark here

Race: Human?
Height: 6,4 ft
Age: 26
Occupation: The immortal knight, sworn paladin of the church.Bookmark here

Motto: "...nothing better than some warm goat milk!"Bookmark here

As the Highest ranking knight of the Paladin order Nero serves as the commander of the Church of Resonance's army. Feared and loved, at the same time, as the "Immortal Knight" capable of true miracles, this noble soul is also hailed as the right hand of her grace, the pope.Bookmark here

Rising to prominence through a life of constant rigorous and riveting training, he advanced to the rank of First Knight Paladin all by himself, by shaping his body and mind into what the precepts of Resonance commanded him to be. Gaining the trust and admiration of most of his peers.
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As such, Nero would appear to be the epitome of Knighthood, but reality is often more complicated than that. Tall, regal, with a penchant for etiquette and discipline, he stands above all of his faithful servants as a paragon of virtue and selfless sacrifice...Bookmark here

And yet there's something profoundly childish about his act. His naivete just as big as his unshackable faith. This purity of heart and intent tends to polarize the people's opinion of him, who either view him as a fool or as a saint.
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Although, he might just be a bit of both.Bookmark here

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Jezebell Graham
Bookmark here

Race: Human?
Height: 5,6 ft
Age: 22
Occupation: The Bloody Queen of the wastes, bandit berserker.Bookmark here

Motto: "...don't anger the queen of the western wastes."Bookmark here

Jezebell is young but her eyes are sharp like a dragon's. Her mood swings like a kid's but her rage is fierce like a demon's. A true queen among thieves, she is recognized as the scourge of the western wastes, where she commands a wild ensamble of bandits and vagrants from all walks of life.Bookmark here

The legends tell of a single lone girl appearing from nowhere and challenging the strongest in single combat. They tell of how alone she would confront the chieftains of the thirteen tribes of the wastes. How she would demand their obedience as the reward and put her life on the line in such a gamble. Only to win with so much overwhelming force that none could dare dispute her claim.Bookmark here

They don't, however, tell of where she comes from or why she does what she does. They don't tell of what she's like or what she likes to do. To make it simple, they never tell of when the axe rests in its scabbard.Bookmark here

To be honest, they don't tell much about her, at all...
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They just call her a demon.
She has horns, so they might as well be right.Bookmark here

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