Chapter 19:

Kazuma's Next Prey

Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

"Don't screw with me! Who do you think you are?!"Bookmark here

[Heh. You know exactly who I am.]Bookmark here

Whereas Kazuma and Yui were hanging out, Ken was in his spacious and luxurious living room of his family's mansion while he wore an expensive looking bathrobe.Bookmark here

At the moment, he was on a phone call with Shinya.Bookmark here

Bang.Bookmark here

"I paid you to get rid of that piece of shit! So why is he still attending school so happily?!" Ken asked furiously as he hit the table in front of him.Bookmark here

[Don't know. Don't care. If you want your money back, then come and get it. We don't care about your requests anymore.] Shinya answered disinterested.Bookmark here

"Want another stack of money!? Just get rid of him!" Ken tried to negotiate.Bookmark here

[Nah, not needed.]Bookmark here

"What do you want? State your desire!" he slowly began to get desperate.Bookmark here

[Why are you so fixated on him?]Bookmark here

"I-I'm not obliged to answer that! Just do your job and you'll get rewarded!" he began to sweat nervously.Bookmark here

[Kirisaki Ken.] Shinya's voice turned serious.Bookmark here

"W-what?"Bookmark here

[I already told you that we won't do it. Do you really think you can change my mind?] his voice was threatening.Bookmark here

"..." Ken gulped his saliva down.Bookmark here

"Tch. Send me the location and I'll come Sunday." Ken gave up.Bookmark here

[Okay.] Shinya's voice turned into a more carefree one again.Bookmark here

Then, Shinya ended the call.Bookmark here

"That damn bastard! How can Tokyo's almighty gang not get rid of a single person?!" he shouted from the bottom of his lungs.Bookmark here

The next day.Bookmark here

Kazuma was currently in class as he looked at the cloudy and gray sky.Bookmark here

"Ichinose-kun?"Bookmark here

"!"Bookmark here

He flinched after he saw that his teacher was right beside him.Bookmark here

"Y-yes?"Bookmark here

"Could you please solve the problem on the board?" the teacher pointed to the front.Bookmark here

Kazuma looked at the board and analyzed the problem.Bookmark here

Then, he stood up and walked to the board. He took the chalk and began to slowly solve it while he explained how to do it.Bookmark here

"That's correct, Ichinose-kun! Magnificently explained!" the teacher praised him.Bookmark here

Kazuma went back to his seat.Bookmark here

"?"Bookmark here

He noticed that someone looked at him. Therefore, he looked around and saw Yui who rapidly turned back to face the board again.Bookmark here

His face became warmer.Bookmark here

The two ignored each other the whole day. The reason was because of yesterday. After they had time for themselves, they realized how embarrassing their conversation was. They could not bear to watch the other one without blushing in embarrassment. Hence they did not even walk together to school today.Bookmark here

During all the lessons they had, they would occasionally and unconsciously look into the direction of the other one without being found out.Bookmark here

Then, the bell rang.Bookmark here

It was Kazuma's time to strike. After all the time, he wanted to finally confront Emma. And there was no better opportunity than lunch time. Therefore, he stood up from his seat and made his way to the rooftop where the three of them always ate together back then.Bookmark here

But before Kazuma actually exited the classroom, he quickly glanced at Yui. This time, she was sleeping as she rested her head on the table.Bookmark here

"?"Bookmark here

Kazuma was slightly confused because it was odd that Yui would spend lunch time like that. Usually, she would either eat lunch with him and Emma or she would hang out with her other friends.Bookmark here

However, he had not the leisure to waste more time there. He had to hurry up.Bookmark here

Thus, Kazuma walked in a fast pace to the roof.Bookmark here

Then, he arrived at the door. He only noticed it now but he was extremely nervous. How should he approach her? What should he say? Was she still mad?Bookmark here

He had several questions. But those questions only made his nervousness greater.Bookmark here

Kazuma was sweating bullets and his body was shivering as he reached out for the doorknob.Bookmark here

Holding the doorknob, he gulped his saliva down and finally opened the door.Bookmark here

"!"Bookmark here

"!"Bookmark here

He was startled after he opened the door because in that moment, another person was about to leave the roof.Bookmark here

"Kazuma-san..."Bookmark here

"Emma."Bookmark here

Right now, Kazuma and Emma were standing at the entrance of the roof.Bookmark here

Each one of them averted their gaze. Kazuma was not the only one who did not know what to say.Bookmark here

"D-do you want to talk?" Kazuma suggested as he scratched his cheek nervously.Bookmark here

"S-sure."Bookmark here

The two  went to the bench where they would normally sit. This time, the atmosphere on the bench was rather gloomy than joyful.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry!" they apologized on the same time.Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

Kazuma and Emma stared baffled at each other.Bookmark here

"N-no, I'm sorry for badmouthing your fiance!"Bookmark here

Despite the pain he felt by admitting that Ken was her fiance, he still insisted on apologizing to her because it was his fault.Bookmark here

"Not at all! I must apologize for raising my voice! I knew that you just tried to cheer me up but I was just... just a little moody on that day..."Bookmark here

Emma was the same. She thought that it was her fault. Therefore, she also insisted on blaming herself.Bookmark here

"What? No, I..."Bookmark here

Thus, they wasted ten minutes to argue who was at fault.Bookmark here

"... hey, how about just deciding this with a game of rock - paper - scissors?" Kazuma suggested with an exhausted voice.Bookmark here

"... yes, let's do that..." Emma was as exhausted as he was.Bookmark here

Then, they stood up and faced each other.Bookmark here

"Rock!" they took their stance.Bookmark here

"Paper!" they were about to launch their arms.Bookmark here

"Scis-"Bookmark here

"Kirisaki?!" Kazuma shouted.Bookmark here

"What?!" Emma turned around.Bookmark here

However, Ken was not there.Bookmark here

"Huh? He isn't there, Kazuma-san." she turned back to Kazuma.Bookmark here

"I won." he said with a mischievous smirk.Bookmark here

"Huh?" she was in shock.Bookmark here

Emma chose scissors whereas Kazuma chose rock.Bookmark here

She did not realized it but she already unfolded her hand while she turned around.Bookmark here

"B-but this is cheating!"Bookmark here

"Cheating? Do you have a witness?" he teased her.Bookmark here

"That's unfair!" she sulked.Bookmark here

"Hehe, a win is a win." he nodded his head.Bookmark here

And yet again, another 10 minutes passed as they argued about their match.Bookmark here

"So everything back to normal?" Kazuma asked with a faint smile as he faced her.Bookmark here

"Yes." she nodded while she wore her usual smile.Bookmark here

Now, 15 minutes were left until the bell rang.Bookmark here

"Kazuma-san... ehm, there is something I need to tell you." her face turned stern.Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

Kazuma did not know what to expect.Bookmark here

"It's about that night."Bookmark here

He had now an idea how serious the talk would be. He almost forgot it but he also had some questions to her concerning that incident.Bookmark here

"Promise me to stay calm, alright?"Bookmark here

"Alright, I promise." his expression turned serious.Bookmark here

Emma took a deep breath before she started.Bookmark here

She talked without a break until the bell rang. Kazuma did not interrupt her while she was talking and remained clam just like he promised. However, it was clearly perceivable how enraged and disgusted he was. To calm down, he had to bit his lip and clench his fists despite blood flowing out.Bookmark here

"... and that was everything I had to tell." Emma concluded her story.Bookmark here

"Thanks for telling me." Kazuma said as he stared at the ground.Bookmark here

Kazuma stood up and was about to leave as he did not want to be late for class. Emma followed suit. Bookmark here

"Uhm, if I may ask, what are you planning to do?" she asked him shyly while they walked to their respective classes.Bookmark here

Currently, Kazuma walked ahead and was typing something on his phone.Bookmark here

"My plans? I will just bring justice." he finished typing and faced Emma.Bookmark here

His eyes were void of any emotions.Bookmark here

Not knowing what he exactly meant, Emma tried to predict his actions.Bookmark here

"You better hurry up or else your teacher will arrive before you." he said as he started walking again.Bookmark here

"Y-yes..." she stuttered as she was sill in thoughts.Bookmark here

She did not expect that Kazuma would be still calm after she finished telling her story. She thought that he would storm enraged to Ken or the others.Bookmark here

But those eyes of him were making her shudder. What did he plan? She could not know as much as she tried to.Bookmark here

"Emma?" he turned to her for the last time before entering his classroom.Bookmark here

"Y-yes?"Bookmark here

"Could you do me a favor and convey the following message to Kirisaki?"Bookmark here

"I suppose I can..."Bookmark here

"Then, tell him this: You are next."Bookmark here

It was just a few words and yet they were so intimidating that Emma could only gulped down in fear and nervousness.Bookmark here

Slam.Bookmark here

Kazuma entered his classroom as he slammed the door open.Bookmark here

"!"Bookmark here

Due to the slam, Emma snapped back to reality and also returned to her class.Bookmark here

The lessons started again.Bookmark here

This time, Kazuma did not only notice the confused gaze of Yui but also the nervous gazes of other people. However, he did not pay them any attention.
Bookmark here

With the stage set, he only needed to wait for his turn.Bookmark here

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