Chapter 5:


The Creator

"The art of Keeper Magic relies heavily on the illusion of the human mind." The Keeper of the Bridge, a prominent figure on the world stage, now has an unknown apprentice, that is JDG.

JDG is sitting on the floor on his knees and looking up as the Keeper of the Bridge paces around the room in front of him. They are in the same underground location that they met the day prior. The room is dimly lit with many primitive light bulbs that are caged against the concrete walls.

"The bridge that I protect looks to be nothing but a simple crossing over the River Thames," The man in front of JDG projected his voice as if he were addressing a crowd, "The Tower Bridge just to the east is much more prominent in design and stands out on the river. However it is this bridge which the most history has taken place in the short history of the Keepers."

JDG then raises his hand with a grin, "This bridge is the site of the final protection of London during the 1896 World Uprising."

The man looks at JDG with a grin as well, "Precisely, it was my father who stopped the 'World Coalition' from marching across this very bridge to destroy the system of peace which had been emplaced since 1815." The man continued to explain, "Now, with that history lesson out of the way, you better understand my prestige on the world state. I am not the most powerful person on Earth but I take my abilities very seriously." The man looks down at JDG's grin, "If you are to become my student you will address me as your master and you will respect my authority and commands without question."

JDG grins wider, "Understood, master."

"You may ask questions to me at any time about anything other than an order I may tell you. I will respect you as your own person, as long as you respect me as your guide in understanding the arts of my people." The man halted his pacing in front of JDG.

"I understand, I do have one question though." JDG responded.

"What might that be?" The man perks his head.

"When I have 'graduated' from your teaching, how might I refer to you on a less formal basis." JDG spreads his hands out as he speaks.

"As a Keeper, I go by the title of my occupation. Outside of close family and friends I will be referred to as the 'Keeper of the Bridge,' if you become a former student, our time here will decide what you refer to me as." The man then stands back and spreads his legs shoulder-width, "Now stand up, let's go over some basics."

JDG immediately stands himself up and dusts himself off, "I am ready."

"Good, now let's talk a little behind the science of Keeper Magic as a whole." JDG places his hands behind his back and keeps his eyes on the man before him, "Keeper Magic is based on Illusion, it's less supernatural more as it is wit. We all have souls, and our souls have abilities that can be unlocked with specific mental tricks that we can apply to ourselves and others." The man then lifts his chin, "The first step to learning any ability as a Keeper is to take the Oath of the Keeper which means you will hereby follow the 'Code of the Keeper.'"

"I agree to take this oath." JDG replied.

"Then repeat after me," JDG leans his head in to listen, "'I hereby swear on my life and soul that I shall never harm another person in the name of self-interest. Harming another human being with the abilities that I unlock within myself is a sin of all man. Upon commitment to such sin I shall forfeit my place on this planet and forfeit my paradise in the afterlife. My soul shall never rest upon such sin, and therefore I must work to use my abilities in order for a greater good. No other person shall learn the art in which I have achieved if they do not consent to the code of using such art. I am a Keeper, and a Keeper keeps the things they love safe at no expense to an innocent soul's prosperity."

The man speaks with passion and fire as he moves with purpose. JDG looks on with great admiration to such a person who has dedicated so much of their personal existence to respecting a form of beyond-human art in order to protect the things he cares about. JDG's eyes nearly gleam, the smile on his face unzippable. JDG attempts to repeat the oath with the same Charisma and even manages to place a small grin on the older man's face once more. JDG closes his eyes as he speaks the words with much passion and fire. 

The man smiles and puts his left arm out, he then turns his elbow so that his forearm sticks into the sky and points toward the ceiling, "I will teach you the very first thing you need to know, you have to unlock that inner spirit within you. You must unlock your soul."

JDG watches carefully toward each action of the man, the man continues to speak, "Young apprentice, as a Creator you are later in life to mastering such a thing. However, I sense potential in you, thus I will show you the first step to unlocking controllability of your soul and your soul's energy." He places his hand in a fist while maintaining the same arm position, "The first thing you must understand, is that your body is divided into many parts, accessibility to your soul lies within your limbs. You must use your arms with purpose as they are an extension of the vital section of your body which is your torso to head." 

The man closes his eye, "Your limbs are an evolutionary step to attempt to bring prosperity to your brain and heart. Blood flows here as it does anywhere else, and this is the opening end for your spirituality. This is where your soul can be unlocked from." The man lifts his right hand holding each of his fingers straight, "Your dominant hand is the key to unlocking the spirit within you. Take it as the extension of your personality and use your other hand as the extension of your soul." He places his hand against the part of his wrist facing toward him. 

The back of his right hand rests directly under the palm of his left. The man's arm stays point ninety degrees upward and the mans left hand stays in a fist, "I will be moving my right hand slowly down the lengths of my forearm until I reach the very bottom when I touch the inner side of my elbow." JDG nods as he listens in, the man soon follows with the motion he describes. 

Sliding his right hand, which the back is facing his forearm, down from the bottom of his left hand's palm to the bottom of the right angle that he created with his arm. The man soon lifts his head, eyes still closed, and points his face toward the ceiling.

"I have unlocked my soul," the man announced while looking upward, "I must treat my soul with diligence, I must respect the wishes of my soul." The man speaks to himself.

The man then slowly moves his right hand back upward and brings his head back down to where it is facing JDG. The man opens his eyes to see JDG's face, his grin is not there, but his eyes are wide. 

"I would like you to give it an attempt." The man expressed to JDG. 

JDG then brings his left arm out in front of him in the same fashion that the man did before him. Pointing his forearm and hand toward the ceiling and forming a right angle with his arm at the elbow, JDG puts his left hand in a fist. JDG closes his eyes and thinks to himself for a second before lifting his right hand. JDG takes a deep breath. 

The man places his left hand on his chin as he watches closely. JDG takes his right hand and places the back on his left wrist right under the palm of his left hand. JDG takes another deep breath and seems to close his eyes more tightly. JDG begins to slowly slide his right hand down his forearm and toward his elbow. As he slides his hand, he slowly faces his head toward the ceiling and takes another deep breath as his hand reaches the bottom.

"What do you feel?" The man questioned.

JDG sits there for a moment trying to focus on the task at hand, "I am not sure," JDG opens his mouth, "I don't know if I feel anything yet master."

The man stands up straight, "It's alright if you can't get it the first time, let's reset and try it again. Focus on opening a door, imagine as if you were unlocking a large door toward an unknown room that shines bright light through the crack of that door." The man explained.

JDG opens his eyes and resets the positions of his arms. "I can do this." JDG motivates himself.

JDG then takes two deep breaths as the man watches with great caution at all of JDG's body language, "You're a little too tense, no need to be so nervous about the ordeal. I don't mind how long it takes." The man assured.

JDG then takes another deep breath and lifts the tension of his mind off of his body. As if steam was lifting from a hot meal, JDG seemed to seep more comfortably in his school dress shoes that he was still wearing. 

JDG repeats the motions earlier, this time keeping a steady focus on the imagination of opening a large door to an unknown bright room. That beautiful dark oak finish on the large door with metal beams surrounding the edges. He imagines as he slides his right hand down his arm as if he was placing a key into the keyhole of that large door. JDG is able to turn the key once his right hand reaches the bottom of his forearm.

"Woah," JDG whispered as his head faces the ceiling.

"I think you got it." The man concluded, "Your soul is unlocked, that door is unlocked, now it's time to open the door. All you need to do is flatten the your right hand so that the palm faces your biceps and your pinky finger is the only thing touching your forearm."

JDG then takes a deep breath, still imagining that he is at the mysterious large door, JDG turns his right hand as the man described. In JDG's mind he imagines opening that door where the brightness of the room flashes in his face.

JDG let's out a breath as he opens the door mentally. Inside the door, JDG sees a room filled with nothing but sky. The deep blue sky with clouds all about. A room that can almost be described as paradise. JDG's mind enters the room to reveal the floor is a reflective mirror with a thin layer of water on top. The entire room represents a level of inner peace that JDG has never understood before, not until now.

"You've done it my apprentice." The man chuckles, "You've done it faster than Merlyce did when I taught him."

JDG slowly runs his right hand back up the forearm with the back of the hand facing the arm and opens his eyes. He depresses his head to look at the man in front of him, "That was incredible."

"It is a jarring experience the first time," The man wipes his forehead, "It's the beauty of unlocking the inner depths of your soul. Now you are ready to learn more about what it is to be a Keeper. I am glad to teach you." The man smiles at JDG, and JDG shares a grin back at the man.